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Bioware vs Blizzard ?

Already having a great reputation, Blizzard just abused their customers trust and realeased a half finished, repetitive, short, unbalanced, simplified game that won them a ton of money. The instability of the service was not a mistake. They knew that after a few weeks at least half of the players will stop playing and an investment in servers would have been a waste. So, by this time they did not optimize anything. It's just that people stopped playing so much.

Updates ? Read the change log latelly ? How is this good design ? In SC2 updates fine tune the experience, while in D3 they change important aspects like CRAFT COSTS, DROP RATES and GAME LOGIC!!! Released when it's ready ? It's still not ready, and it has already been realeased. Now we just have to lower all monster health and damage for acts 2,3,4 on Inferno, add more items and lower craft cost so people don't get too frustrated.

Another Issues is the "NOT REALLY DRM", DRM protection. They wanted "pay us money for stuff" functionality, and to ensure that people don't hack the game offline and make uber items, they moved items, location, drop rates, spawn locations and drop logic to the server. So because they wanted auction house they had to move most of the SINGLE PLAYER GAME to an ONLINE format. F**K YOU GAMERS AND GIVE US SOME CASH!

Then, there is Bioware. They also realeased the 3rd installment of a game, that was criticised, especially for day 1 DLC (which was an actuall add-on to the story and could be skipped/not bought). The game itself is a master piece, that has offline single player and online multyplayer, as it should. Then they realeased two free DLC's, then they listened to people's opinion and explained the ending. How is this possible ? Stuck under the umbrella of EA, the most despised publisher ever, they still gave free stuff and wanted fans to be happier about their purchase. So they invested some man hours/money for the satisfaction of their customers ? I can hardly believe it!

In conclusion I will always buy Bioware games. They might not be perfect, in fact they will probably have their flaws but considering the previous experiences they will be great games, with a great story, lenghty gameplay, a lot of details and (most of all) a dedicated developer that cares about fans. On the other hand Blizzard has fooled me for the last time with their nice cinematics. When they launch something I will wait for realease, review and critique then I will consider buying a Blizzard game when pricess go down.

PS: Six months of just watching, and the first thing I write is a rant...

Finished Skyrim's main quest...

I just finished Skyrim's main quest in about 27 hours. There are still a lot of things to do, but the main story was kind ofdisappointing. I didn't realize I was doing the main quest until I was getting ready to fight the boss so it had no impact on me.

Anyway the game is awesome,definitelythe best game of the years and Irecommendit to anyone who loves RPGs. I also had some problems wtih the achivements after playing offline as 4 of them don't show up in Steam :(.

BTW this is the 39th game I finish in 2011 and the 290th since I started playing video games.

A lot of gaming updates...

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in more than a month but i've been very busy.


This game is awesome. While the story is simplistic and ludicrous at times the game is very fun. There are a lot of things to do aside from the main story like side missions, chalanges and collectibles. There are still some bugs and glitches but I haven't found anything serious. I really appreciate adult humor but sometimes things are really taken to the extreme and might offend but if you can ignore those moments this game is actually great. I also liked how easy the vehicles were to drive.


For me this is a serious contender for teh title of Game of the Year. everything from sounds to story is just perfect. Combat is fun and addicting and aside from the main story there are really a lot of things to do. I finished all major side stories I still have a lot of Enigma puzzles to solve and chalanges to play. I also really liked graphics and characters models which are awesome. Another aspect I really enjoyed was playing as Catwomman, but I could not help but feel she was somewhat overpowered, or maybe I play better with female characters. Anyway I strongly recomand this game to anyone even remotely interested in video games.


This is my top contender for the most disappointing game of the year. If you played any of the previous games you will find that this game is the same in most aspects. Everything that was good in the previous instalments was kept the same but everything new that was added is a complete mess. Bombs are fun but I used them only two or three times so they have no actual value for gameplay. The hook is ok but does not change the game in anyway. And we arrive at the bad things:

  • chariot races are just retarded and the control is awful, bot when you drive then or when you are tied to them.
  • there are an infinity of bugs that mess up the game. You get stuck in everything, some jumps are made in another angel to to where you are facing, sometimes you miss finishing moves and get stuck in the animations and the lsit can go on.
  • the story is stupid. It actually is stupid for all 3 characters: Desmons, Altair and Ezio. While the other games had intrigue and were interesting this story jsut proivdes a lame explanations for everything that has happened to this point.
  • Altair segments are to short and you get to enjoy the power he gains only for a couple of minutes.
  • environement puzzels are uninspired, easy and suffer from a multitude of bugs.
  • in the second half of the game you can kill everything that moves using only assassins. Recruiting them is lame and repetitive and provides only little rewards.

There are still a lot of bad things to say but I played it because I had already played all previous games so I wanted to see how it ends. As my final impression, this game was released riding the hype of previous games and was just intended to get the developer more money. I my opinion this franchise is compromised, but maybe thats just me.


A must play for any JRPG fan, this was just an amazing experience. Similar to the previous games Disgaea 4 offers a lot of extra content and a lot of things to do. I easily spent 80 hours aside from main story and there are still a lot of things I haven't done yet (X-Dimension, Land of Carnage etc.) I reached level 9999 with 3 characters and 3-5K with several others and I have unlocked 48% of the trophies.Graphics is much better, and fighting pirates/reverse pirating is better implemented now.


A friend of mine gave me this game and I was impressed by it. I is a really good game, even now that the third parts has been released. While the graphics looks old (and they are) it is still pretty good. On the other hand, compared to the other two games this one is hareder especially in the last few chapters when there are a lot of enemies to fight and the ammo is kind of rare. Overall I really like it and am really glad I got to play it.


I'm a great fan of the Tekken game so I had to have this especially since it comes with the movie Tekken Blood Vengence which is just awesome. The ramake of Tag Tournamnet is good, considering the time it was originally made but it's not really a game worth playing if you are not a fan. Tag Tournament 2 Proolog is good but only has 4 characters. I like how easy to make the tag combos are, and the devil models look great, but the "game" has almost no replay value after you finish it once.


I recently started playing DARK SOULS but this game is hard and requires a lot of patience. I'm not really sure I have what it takes to play it, but i must say it is a great game and the fighting is very satisfying.I also preordered SKYRIM and it hasn't arrived yet. It was probably lost by the post office since it has been more than 30 days since it was sent and it's not here yet. The worst part about this is the fact that there is a lot of attention paid to this game and the web is oferflowing with movies and reviews and it just makes me want to play it even more.

This is about everythin i did in the last month.

BattleField 3 Review - No spoilers

The review is HERE.

As a personal opinion this game is not optimised in any way just so you have to buy a better graphics card. Like other previous games that pushed the graphics standards BattleField forces new graphics cards with no actual new tehnology, just more ram and more bits... which is lame.

Reviews in progress...

BattleField 3 - got a bug in single player and i can't finish a mission :(. MP is also very buggy but i reached rank 13. Review is pending but first impression is "OVERHYPED + DISAPPOINTING".

Bleach Soul Ressurection - still got a lot of grinding to do but the review will be finished before I get tired of chasing trophies.

PS: can't wait to get Disgaea 4... one week till i get it.

Disgaea 3 Review - no spoilers

Hi everyone. I've been busy these last few days playing Disgaea 3. I also wrote a review (HERE) for it.

Got 37% of the trophies and I still have 2 weeks until Disgaea 4 is launched in Europe. I will try to get anopther 11 trophies which are more acesible but i'm nore really sure if I have the patinece for it.

Space Marine, Dead Island and other stuff...

Space Marine:

I've played Space Marine for about 14 hours and I can say it is awesome. The campaign is good but it concentrates around killing touhsands of enemies and less on the story. It is great to play as a Ultramarine. If you zoomed-in in any of the previous games to see a finishing move and though how it would feel to be one of the marines than this game will offer this great experinece. The controlls are good and the fighting is satisfying and you always feel like a bad a** even when your health is low. While the game is not really hard there are moments when you will die if you are not carefull. The pace of the campaign is good but the location seem a bit repetitive and thre isn't really that much variety in the world of the game. Weapons are unique and relly play differently and you can customize the loadout that fits your preferences. The jump pack is awesome and while there are only a few levels where you have acces to it it is still a great addition to the game.

Multyplayer is probably the strong part of the game. There have been moments where I had some lag but overall the game runs smooth. You gain EXP for kills and you unlock weapons, iteams, gear and perks which alow a great degree of customisation. There are only several maps but they are very well designed with many alternate paths to fit every loadout yuo chose. No weapon feels underpowerd and you can win with any weeapon equiped but some require more skills than other. Overall the game is great and offers a lot of things to do especially in multyplayer.

Dead Island:

I played a few hours of Dead Island but I was not impressed. The story is very weak and you feel just like in an arcade game where you have to bash zombies. In all the time I played my character said only "Yes", "No" and something regarding "S**t". It is very bothersome that your character does not have a personality and there is absolutly no reason to get emotioanly envolved. Mission ar veried but they still require one of 3 things: fetch item, find person or reach objective. Most weapons feel the same (either bat or knife and guns are very poorly implemented). Upgrading a weapon to max does not offer any satisfaction since the stats are raised for only a little. Some unique or rare drops are welacomed but still feel weak. You always have the feelling that this game is meant to be played more than once to enjoy it to the fullest. Zombies respawn after a while and you have to fight them over and over again for certain quest. Other zombies are very hard to kill especially with the limited durability of your weapons. It does look nice especially when fighting and when you navigate the world. Loading times are great and can fast move between base locations. I might continue playing this game but i'm not sure.

Other stuff:

Played Army of Two 40th Day. It's kind of simple and easy but it's fun to play and fighting is satisfying especially with the agro mecanics. Weapon customisation is kind of nice but it does feel a little forced (maybe only at the begining). Also started playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift but this game is such a bit time consumer. In contrast with SF4 it does reuqire strategy and you can't spam a single move to win since the opponent has a lot of alternatives to counter.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Review - No spoilers

There are only a handfull of games I actually consider to be masterpieces. After playing 30 hours of Deus Ex I can honestly say that this game deserves to be placed along side StarCraft Brood War, Fallout 2 or Balldur's Gate in the "Best of all times" chart.

Story: while the story is not the most original out there it does a perfect job at applying old ideas on a very possible future. In a not so distant future, where corporations run the world and private military corporation do their biding, humans can augment their bodies with cybernetic implants. The story is concentrated around this theme and puts you in the role of Adam Jensen the head of security of a major corporation. After a terrorist attack in which his girlfriend is killed and he is left for dead, he gets augmented and begins looking for those responsible. While this is seems simple enough as you play you find yourself in the middle a intriguing net of lies, treason and shadow warfare. nothing is as it seems and in the end you learn the incontestable truth the "everybody lies".

Gameplay: after experiencing most of what the game has to offer i have divided the gameplay into 4 categories: hacker, explorer, stealth specialist and combat specialist. For almost all main missions, and all side mission any of the above types can be used to reach the same outcome. They can either be combined or you can play almost all the game as only one of them.

The Hacker uses the hack ability to open doors, safes, laser grids, disable turrets and robots or to turn them against their enemies. They still rely on stealth but if they can hack a terminal they don't have to take the long way around.

The Explorer is a born pacifist that relies on finding that one hidden path that takes you around danger. You spend most of the time in vents and rarely see other enemies. They still rely on stealth to get around in some cases but most of the time they are invisible to enemies.

The Stealth Specialist plays as if you were in Splinter Cell or Thief. You take cover behind boxes or corners, learn the guards movement and the silently take them out or sneak past them. Radar and cloak are your best friends.

The Combat Specialist kills everything that moves. Still uses a lot of cover but this time alarms will go on. While combat is very well designed and very satisfying, ammo is sometimes hard to find and you feel like a bad-a** only in late game where you have powerful weapons and the appropriate upgrades.

Since you have the freedom to play however you want, and there are so many possibilities when combining all of them each solution for a mission will really feel like your own. It's true that on some occasion you are forced into fewer options and that is were you really need to combine the types to be effective.

Quests: main missions are standard. they respect the plot and bring new elements to the story and drive it forward. This does not mean that they are linear, in fact main missions are very well designed and are incredible fun to play. Of course, there are several bosses which you have to fight, but they are normal to kill even if you have never fired a gun until you reach them. Side mission are great, fun, interesting and varied and only help to make the universe of Deus Ex more enjoyable and believable.

Level Design: it's been a long time since developers have actually thought about different ways to create levels that test your ingenuity and are fun to play. Even after 20 hours into the game you will still find levels with unique design and new path to use (balconies, thin walls, sewers, ramps and so on). Each new mission or location is original and has specif aspects (back streets, rooftops, sewers etc.) that will always tempt you to explore new possibilities. Secret areas around explorable areas and in mission are a blast to find, some holing unique and rare rewards along some experience.

Graphics: the graphics engine is not the best out there, but this doesn't mean that the games does not look great. Facial animations and some cut scenes look a little to rigid and robotic but aside from this small problems the game looks great. The colors and textures are very will selected and do a wonderful job at depicting the futuristic renaissance of human kind. The color pallet stays true to the original Deus Ex game and the dominating combination of golden yellow and gray perfectly fit in the steam punk universe. Weapons, robots, and clothing look incredible and will always catch your attention. After the first 2-3 hours into the game the small flaws will no longer bother you and you will completely be absorbed into the Deus Ex universe.

Sounds: great music always accompanies you in your adventure. Weapons sounds are great as well as they are for falling, knocking things around and melee knockdowns. The only problem is the voice of the main character that sound so unnatural and the repetitive lines you will hear when talking to some random NPC's. But as with the graphics these minor problem you seem in-existent after a few hours.

Overall: there are o lot of great things to say about the this game, but they are better experienced on your own. While there are a few little flaws you might notice this game is actually worth the money. The gameplay is satisfying and can be adapted on the fly to fit the situation and your favored playing type. The multitude of paths and way to finish missions give a great amount of satisfaction and great replay value. Characters have strong personalities and there are even ways to persuade them into changing the obvious outcome of the discussions. Some subtle possibilities wait for your discovery, as you can change some subplots according to you action. While the original game has long loading times, the latest patch will fix that, as well as some minor control problems you might encounter. Overall Deus Ex provides an original experience that no gamer should miss. It provides 4 distinct approaches to almost all situations and a lot of satisfaction in gamplay. This game has been developed to fit the great standards of the original Deus Ex and it does not disappoint.

As a side note: GS has given the game a score that is to low justifying it by the fact that it has long loading times and old facial animation, but neglected the fact that everything else is far superrior to almost al games released in the last few years. Also AI is not that bad. It has several degrees of awareness that allow you a small window of time to run away before you get spotted. This does not mean that the enemies are stupid. If you rush between 3 or 4 of them you will die. Also they take cover, throw grenades, circle around, call for backup, they never run with their backs against you while you shoot them etc. But it's true that they are not the smartest enemies either.