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Bye Bye Avtar

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well i had this great avtar and now six moths later i get moded by gamespot... What changed?

I don´t see a reason for these

Reason for moderation: Sexually explicit/racist/hate speech and threats

I'll now havo to find a new one:(

Giving a 2nd chance to BF2

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Well a new patch just came out, i'm going to reinstall the game and add the new patch, maybe this time i can play the game online without being kicked all the time by punkbuster.

Rainbow Six ??? (Lockdown)

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Sory to inform yous but this game is an INSULT to all R6 Fans,
it´s not more than a simple arcade shooter for Kids.
U guys of Ubisoft SUCK, i´m going back to play my raven shield 2 more years.

Batlefield 2 = Deitar dinheiro Fora

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A unica coisa que tenho a dizer é que dei 50€ pelo jogo e simplesmente nao consigo jogalo por um erro ke nem é minha culpa. A merda do jogo dame um erro no Punkbuster e kikame do servidor. mas ke grande tanga.

Finaly ADSL at Home

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Ok, so after 2 months without Internet at Home ( Due to Some unexpected problems $$$ ) i finally convinced my parents to let me instal Adsl 2mb at home, Yeee i can now play battlefield and other games online. I normally just used internet at work (boring:?) and my chief doesn't let me use MSN :( . but now all is OK YEEEE.