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Who exactly revived this thread ?
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Why would he walk there in the first place ? Weren't you supposed to be locking the door ?
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20 years is a long time period so i guess PCs and laptops will dramatically change, i do believe that in the next 3 years Blue-ray writers will be in every home , not to mention USB 4.0 , and maybe a Multi-Quad 2 Duo processor.
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If I had a spaceship capable of moving along 99% of the speed of light, then I could find out. Of course, this information would be privy to me alone, as I would be unable to come back to the here and now to let you know what's going to happen tomorrow at noon.


The keyword there is IF ,and until now, not you, me, or even NASA can invent something like that.

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Easy, you learn how to get there and do it. You can travel to a destination without knowing anything about it. If I want to travel to a neighboring town, all I need to know is which direction to point my car and how far is it. Now replace "neighboring town" with "future" and swap out the car with a spaceship capable of near-lightspeed travel, and you've got everything you need.


Man you make it sound so easy, let me ask you this : Do you know what's going to happen to me tomorrow at 12 pm ?

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[QUOTE="red_x2004"]No my friend there will never be a Time Machine on this earth simply because no one knows the future.Oleg_Huzwog

You can know the future, all you have to do is travel there. Of course, you can't know YOUR future, as you're stuck in a relative present. You can, however, know MY future.

Well you see that's the question , how am i supposed to travel to something i know nothing about ? you just can't.

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What do you think ?

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No my friend there will never be a Time Machine on this earth simply because no one knows the future.
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Yes , i do believe there will be an after life either in Heaven or in Hell.
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Well my friend , i would never change my name ,every one should be proud of there name.