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Keep Up With Me... if you want

Well, uh, hey guys! :P Once again, im kinda back, but not really, and im 110% different than before. But if you wanna still keep up with me and see what holligan whippersnapper activities im up to, follow me on twitter:


Im not gonna close my account here, but i doubt ill be on it much. Once again, on twitter:


As i said, im 110% different now. Probably 114% by now though. But bye guys! Thank you for the memories here, ill probably make one last actual blog in a while explaining whats been happening and a few other ramble-ish things. Alright, bye guys!



^ on twitter. Not facebook or youtube, TWITTER. dont forget the @ sign.

Apologies for my spelling/punctuation. but my grammar is the way it is. :)

Red Buys a Jet!

WAZZZUP! Once again, I know, I know, i've been on and off here for a while, but I feel like making a blog to update those of you who still care :P

First of all, I bought an FC Twin!


There it is, on the top! Below it is my weekend car, the crappier one.

Nah, i'm kidding, I didn't buy a jet. But I DID buy an FC Twin. If you don't know, the patents on the NES and SNES are expiring, or something, so there are an abundance of quality third party systems on eBay that play NES and SNES games. So for $30 (minus shipping) I bought this:

FC Twin

I got a different color though. But one of the few complaints i've heard about it is that the D-Pad on the controllers aren't the best. And believe me, I do NOT like bad D-pads, *coughxbox360cough*. Luckily, my grandmother still has the box of my uncle's old SNES in her basement, and she said i'm welcome to take it, so i'll she if there's any working controllers I can salvage, because the FC Twin is compatible with SNES controllers.

But I couldn't buy a system without any games, so I bought:

Metroid NES

For $1.29 minus shipping!

Super Mario World SNES

For about $10 minus shipping, and...

Super Mario All Stars SNES

For about $25 minus shipping!

I'm still waiting for them to come in the mail right now. They should start arriving Monday. I've made a list of NES and SNES games i'd like to get my hands on, and I may order Ice Climber for NES soon, it's about $5. I would really like to get a copy of Earthbound, but unfortunatley, they go for about $100 cartridge only, and i've seen sealed copies go for over $1,000! I would just like the game itself.

If you have any suggestions for NES/SNES games, please leave them in the comments below, thanks!

Anyway, thanks for reading, i'll have another blog up soon updating on the FC Twin and NES/SNES games, and sometime after that, i'll post a blog with my first reactions of the original Resident Evil on PS1! Maybe you, the master of blog reading, would find it handy! (reference)


Gaming Again

HEY! What's up? It's Red, Maroon, Dark Pink, whatever you wanna call me. I have some good news today!

I've been gaming again! A little. Here's what happened.

A friend of mine asked me if I had a 360, and I said, "Yeah, but it's locked away somewhere in my closet." He suggested that I hook it back up, but I said nah. Or something like that. I don't remember, it was lunch and I was eating my KFC chicken strips, don't distract me while i'm doing that. But a few days later, I was bored and I decided to find my 360. So I mentally prepared myself to go in my closet. I hesitantly opened the door and a bunch of cans of axe and random boxes fell on me. It hurt, but at least I smelled good. I began searching, and in the process I found my formal looking khakis that I never wear, my American Eagle members card, and a plastic puffer fish. After a few more minutes that seemed like weeks, I gave up. So I went to the basement to go grab my headphones, and I found my 360 sitting in its box under the coffee table. After angrily muttering a few choice words, I brought it upstairs. I dug through my bin of wires, controllers, and cables to get my extra HDMI cable, and my 360 was hooked up! But the exact moment I held the 360 controller I fell in love once again. I just love that controller so much. And I proceeded to find my 360 games. They were in a cabinet with a bunch of DVDs, and I looked at what 360 games I hadn't sold. I had Oblivion, Fable II, CoD 2, Morrowind, and the original Halo. I played Halo for a few minutes and it was awesome. But I had cravings for a newer shooter to play with that wonderful controller. So 2 days later I went to GameStop and I got...

Call Of Duty 4 for $10

Gears of War for $5

Left 4 Dead for $10

I love playing CoD 4 again, GoW is alright, and L4D is sick, in the fun and addicting way. The next day another friend of mine was over and he told me that it

I stopped typing for about 15 minutes because a song randomly popped into my head and I had to find it. When that happens I need to find the song or else I will spontaneously combust.

But anyway, my friend told me that he finished Dead Space, and he asked me if I wanted it! So I said yes, and he brought it over. IT IS EPIC. It's creepy, and honestly, I was a little scared to play it at first. The part i'm at creeped me out so much I had to turn it off for a while. Hah....

And convienently for me, Dead Space 2 comes out the 25th! So I may get that soon.

That's it for today, i'm still working on that "project" I told you about.


Remember Me?

To anyone reading this, then hey, what's up? I don't really use GS much anymore, but to everyone here, I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas, and happy holidays.


Help + A message to AMFC members

Hey guys. I'm still alive.

Def Jam Rap Star came out and... well, me and my friends really want it :P I have a microphone, and even though it's a Disney Sing It! one I took from my sister, i'll just pass on getting a new one. So now I just need $60. Any donations? :P

Also, does anyone know of any free video editing software I can download online? Nothing illegal, I don't do that but if you know, help would be verrrrrry appreciated :D

And I hate to say it, but... I think the AMFC union died :cry: I don't know what I'll do yet, but Project Revive Aidan is gonna be launched soon, so yeah. Probaby a week or so if I procrastinate :P


Back By Popular Demand!

Not really. But hey guys, and anyone who's still aware of my existence. I've been gone for about....


15 days now, and it's for four reasons.

1. School

Yes, school. I've been kinda busy with the work, and the projects, and the hanging out with school friends, and the drama, and such.


I've been working on a... thing lately. It's not involved with school. But it's coming out pretty good, and if it picks up... then :D

3. Sleeping.

A lot.

4. Wild Turkeys

Not really.

This was pointless.....


Never Forget

I just want to say R.I.P. to all of the innocent lives that were lost on this day 9 years ago. Never forget.

Party Up!

Cause it's the weekend! :D School was Thursday, and it's gonna be a long year. My schedule makes the day seem pretty long. And I had the urge to break something and yell WTF IS WRONG WITH AMERICA?! when the person on the intercom said it was "September 30th". :| But cause of labor day, we get a three day weekend! :D

Me and a friend went to my cousins' because they lived on a smooth cul de sac with a nice driveway and a huge hill, and I finally realized the possibilites for skateboarding there. But the hill was a little TOO large :?. I ride with somewhat loose trucks, so as I was going down, I got speed wobbles, and to advoid wiping out, I jumped off, and ran. I don't think I have ever ran that fast in my life. But I was starting to lean forward too much, and I ended up falling. According to my friend, I tucked in like I was doing a cannonball, and I did at least three somersaults. I was laying there on the street with both of my knees bleeding, my left forearm covered in blood, and my shirt where my left shoulder was was SOAKED in blood :(. And i was laying there in pain, my skateboard came down the hill and hit me in the back of the head :x. And now i'm gonna have a scarred up arm, knees (with a scar to go right next to the one from the end of last october... -_- ), and shoulder. And palms, if they scar. So yay. And I was limping around that next day at school. I think i'm gonna have bad knees when i'm older. But my shoulder probably got it worse.

And that's all i'm gonna write for know. My knees hurt, so i'm gonna lay down.

Thanks for reading!