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reavin81 most anticipated xbox 360 games 2011 2012

well hello out their to all cyber land this is my most anticipated games list for the xbox 306 for 2011/2012 well lets get this started.

first off I would have to say Skyrym, if you have played any of the Elder Scroll games in the past, from the looks of this one it should not disappoint from the breath taking visuals to the open world sand box this is going to set the bar high for all the rpg,action,adventure games that are on the market right now with multiple storys and choices this is going to be one of Bethesda best. the story is set around the return of Dragons and this prophecy that you are dragon born some one who is bourn with the soul of a dragon which gives you the abilities to reave the souls of the dragons of the world and enhance your own magic abilities. with over 360 hrs of game play and the clasic abilitie to custom your race and characters to be bale to smith and upgrade your own weapons and armor the fact is Betesda has set the bar high.

The next game that i am excited for i would have to say is Deus ex its set off in the future and centers around the the mechenical orgmentation of people and the two companies that provide the technology to do it sarif industrie that want to use it to help their fellow man and tai youg medical that want to controle the market for them selves, with tones of interactive coponets from hacking checking data pads for new leads gives the game a hole detective feel to it set 20 odd years befor the past games and a new lead character but having said that they still stay loyal to the ame it self, this game is going to be awsesom

Now the last game that i think will be the greates of the three is mass effect 3 the final instalment to the trillogy with amazzing grafics and more powerful omni tool, And the abilite to now pilot different varitie of vehiclesalong withthe return of some of your favorite charactors from the past games you are set to give the reapers a run for their money, the game is set to kick off with the reaper invasion of earthjust atthe same timeshepperd is on trial for his actions in the past two gamesand thats wheir the game kicks, If you enjoyed the first two the third loks like its going to blow us away

well thats it guys thats my list short but sweet reavin81 sinning out