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RIP Eyedea

I know its pretty late but you havent heard yet, Eyedea aka Michael Larsen has recently passed away i think about 2 days ago,

reasons are still unknown, but it is reported by his mother. let god bless one of the greatest lyricist of all time in my opinion, when i was young i used to lock myself in the room, listening to his albums and rap battles. i used to look up to him growing up

my favorite eyedea battle is down below :(

My review going to be up soon?

I just want to let everybody know that my review for one of my favorite games this year: Battlefield Bad Company 2 is going to be up really soon

Just fantastic single player and multiplayer campaign mode, and imo a true contender for goty :) . If your into fps games like i am do yourself a favor and pick up bfbc2 if you havent already

Merry X-mas

Long time since the last time i put up a blog huh!? :o , well without further due i hope everyone has a merry x-mas, even though im muslim and dont really celebrate christmas i still hope everyone has a blast :)

wanted to get some jordans 11 space jams but that doesnt seem to turn out well, ah well though:lol: , regardless as i stated before merry x-mas everyone 8)

My final blog for a while.

This would be my final blog for a pretty long time, im just going to be pretty busy with basketball prac, 4 courses, a job ( bestbuy) and maybe a girlfriend :o. i wont leave this site i promise i would visit it from time to time 8)

peace out every1, its been fun :(

Just came back from g/s.

Just walked from my house to gamestop- and picked up my copy of madden 2010 :D

my local gamestop has midnight openings so yup :P, of course it wont do no good seeing my system is in repair mode. but im still happy, im also going to see district 9 today as well, just got find some girl who wants to go with me lol. i usually never watch movies alone especially in threatre's :P. well the big q so far to me is, what you all been up to :)

This summer really **** for me.

I was wondering if anybody else's summer is running bad like mine, recently someone has been up to my apartment and took some of my stuff all because i forgot to lock the down by accident, darn me and my forgetful locking door tactics :(.

stuff i got stolen


Air max griffey 1

two video games ( mgs4 and killzone 2 )

and two blu ray movies

almost 400-500 dollars worth of merchandise, all i have to say is thank god my system broke in time , thank you sony for breaking down my system or other thats gone as well :lol:, im alright though, just going to have to repay my stuff and most of the apartment damages. these are truly the days thoughi really want to go back to school, i dont mind myself studying and cramming for hours :P

Are you serious?

Well its official

My playstation 3 (40 gig) has been recently exposed of the ylod otherwise known as the yellow light of death, it was pretty much overheating when i was playing resistance 2 and killzone 2. thing is though i cant even get a replacement for free because my warranty has expired so im going to have to spend at least 150 dollars on a replacement system, i saw somebody who fixed the ylod on youtube but its kind of complicated and i dont want to take a risk. i just dont get what is up with all these new geneartion systems tend to break and **** i payed 400 dollars for my 40 gig ps3, i expect it to work and function properly damn it :x. my friend just got his second 360 about a month ago and it breaks down two weeks later, i actually had to convince him not to throw his 360 out through the window :lol:. really though new generation systems other then the wii tends to break very easily, i might go with the wii next time seeing that its the most reliable system available . i heard barely any compliants from people who are experience the wii, so i might go with that system next time.

the moral of this story is that you payed a large amount for a system whether its the 360 or the ps3 and it just dies on you. i mean come on, whats up with these new generation systems dying nowadays. like seriously this is beyond crazy :|, its **** like this that gets me really tick at times. i payed 400 dollars for my system i expect it to work and function properly as i stated before.

Whats good everyone :D

My bad for me taking a long long time posting a blog, been pretty caught up with college and such.

anywho what have you all been up to my g/s buddys , today is my b-day and im excited officially 21 lol. i might go on vacation this weekend. hope you all is enjoying life and having a good time. :D

Im very relieved.

I thought i was going to spend some jail time, because i owe some1 money for 310 dollars, so i was jus curious when does the irs check usually come after its filed, he said by a few weeks. so thanks to his response, im at least a bit worried now- much betta position than before at least lol- all i can hope for is it to be before april 1st, or im screwed haha. reason i did interest was because i used to work @ footlocker but i got fired since i arrived kindah late by accident lol. so i thought earlier i could get tha money in a jiff. but now its really challengin especially without a job. never gon do that again haha, i most def learned my lesson,so all i can say is that i hope my irs check comes in pretty soon haha, *crosses finga'z* :D. I hope i give a really good teachin lesson about never doin pay for later or any type of **** plan again :lol:

Eh, just felt like gettin that off of my chest, so anyways my g/s buddies, what have you all been up 2, how was ur new yearz :D.