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New music video coming soon.

hey what's up guys just wanted to let ya know that i will be coming out with my fan made music video for Fable 2 soon, so please be free to check it out when i upload it or check out my other videos i've made, thanks guys later.8)

The Dark Knight...WOW!!!

yeah saw it on the midnight release and wow:o it passed all my expectations, a work of art by the director and all actors especially Health Ledger R.I.P.:cry:

10 out of 10, 5 out of 5 stars for me.

so what did you guys think of the movie?


yep i just graduated from highschool yesterday it was pretty sweet! party all last night with my boys8) that's way i didn't make this post yesterday but anyway just want to let ya guys know, peace.

WOW back to lvl 26!

Back to lvl 26 for just posting one bad forum topic, wth!:evil: come on give me a break but no we all have to follow these different rules within rules. Well i'll probably get more points taken away for this also but whatever it's cool.

Been down with the flu.

Just my luck i caught the flu over the weekend and man is it brutal i feel like crap:?. Just wanted to fill you guys in that's why i havn't been on in a while well anyway catch ya guys later, peace.