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I've enjoyed pretty much all the games I've been able to get from ps+ except for dont starve that game kinda sucked. And actually I really like mercenary kings too its fun and I like old school games so I have no complaints.

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Call me crazy but one of my favorite games was L.A. Noire which I would love to play on the ps4

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This has been a topic on my mind for awhile and after watching a video about it I would like to see a few opinions. How many of you out there enjoy and strive to get trophies? To me, as I have gotten older and games have become not as hard to beat, the trophies give me a new challenge. It gives me a reason to play the game longer and work towards something more than just to finish the campaign. Any thoughts?

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I actually feel the opposite with the fact that my hands are bigger than most. The ps4 controller actually fits nicely in my hands.

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My PSN ID is RealCamBam add me

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I know it's a little late at night but was wondering if anybody was on to play co-op dead nation @RealCamBam is my psn name add me if youre down.

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Even though its not for playstation I've played more Gears of War 2 online more than any game.

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This is good news to hear considering this is a game I hope and think will turn out really good

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Rainbow six used to be my shit I would love to have a new one come out

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I haven't seen a lot of people talk about thief coming out. Personally after playing through dishonored I'm actually really excited for this game. Is this a game anybody is looking forward to?

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