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Shits all over tomb raider announcement.

Looks great

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I have this pre ordered from zavvi and not heard anything.

I'll have to pull a sickie in the friday now

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Very happy it is now official - have never owned PS3 after using my 360 last 4 years.

Now I want Ni No Kuni on it.

Then get some decent apps on the Vita and a better browser and all gripes are removed

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I recently bought a Vita for remote play as a primary reason. As I have PS4 and plus account the games immediately available are pretty good, Guacamelee for instance. I have kids and they often wander in when I'm playing. Outlast isn't something I want them to watch and as the PS is in the bedroom then the missus gets slightly annoyed if I'm on it. Good set of in ear headphones and its a perfect solution for lying in bed or on sofa not getting on anyones nerves. I haven't got it to work over the net yet. Can;t seem to configure controls on it either to make for a tailored option. No real problems when in game - its impressive to think the latest games are being played on a handheld. All in all it works well for me.

The app selection on the Vita is poor - I would have thought that is best expanded to include some more - although it cant compete with a tablet for that.

As the new slim has a micro USB port why it can't be used as TV out like tablets... Sony missing a trick there.

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Dark souls. over 200hrs into it.

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I've searched web - my post in the forum comes up in the top five

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Been looking quite a bit at the Vita as have a PS4.

What I want to know is -

With my Android HTC one handset I can now buy a micro USB to HDMI cable for about £5 which allows me to connect to a large TV. The new slim has the micro USB as standard. Will this be able to feed the game action to a big TV? Will wait for a slim in the UK if so.

Any ideas?

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Enjoying warframe quite a bit. However, explanations in how to play are lacking. Especially the system for upgrading, transmuting and the like.

Any good tips or sites that can explain this element, please?


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