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Retrospective on last gen

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I didn't purchase a PS3. This will be one of my greatest regrets entering this new generation of consoles. Looking at how Sony is servicing the PS3 this late in the gen upsets me. I entered this one late. Buying a 360 slim on release, which i've hammered (wish it was more, bloody kids and work) and enjoy the experineces its given me and continues to. But then, when I think about the games hitting the PS3 now, and how its matured, I feel that I've missed something. I've watched the game reviews, read the reviews and longingly wished I'd been able to play Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us and now puppeteer.

Would I have asked that of the 360's catalogue? Maybe Gears of War, but other exclusives... probably not. I've had the most fun with Vanquish (Mikami is a God), Dark Souls, Rage, Ghost Recon and many others. And they're all multi-platform!!!

This time I've weighed up the offering and going for PS4. I desperately want to access PS3 back catalogue and hoping beyond hope that Gaikai delivers. I'm in the UK with a good fibre optic 2mb/s connection. 

That said, I've loved my 360 and gold membership - Games for gold is a weak offering this late in the game - even though I rarely play coop online. The online service and interface is great. Yes I bought Kinect and the ONLY game I invested any time in was Child of Eden. Kinect is an excellent tech demo for a few hours but then I quickly realised that when you have more than one person in front of it or speaking to it then it fails. Whether the next iteration overcomes this remains to be seen. however, having a regional UK dialect gives it probelms with voice recognition.

As we enter this next phase of electronic box purchase, I am reminded of past consoles and gimmicks - I even bought the laserscope for my megadrive -and looking forward to my PS4. Now all Sony need to do is launch a Vita revision that allows me to SEAMLESSLY stream PS4 games to it and I will moo like the best of them.


Damn, I wish I had more time to play games.