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My top 5 favorite pc gaming services!

There are lots of services that do lots of things including friends,achievements,offers,content downloads,and more.

But these are my favorite gaming services on pc...


1.Games For Windows Live

I like this service because it is like Xbox 360 but its on PC.This service includes achievements,gamerscore,friends,LIVE parties,cross-platform play,voice chats,spectating,add-on content,messaging,and other features that are also on Xbox Live.


This service is free so if anybody wants to give it a try,download it off the website.This service includes achievements,games on-demand,friends,clouds,chat rooms,and voice chat.Onlive even has a app on iPad and Android devices and their own game console!If you want the system,it requires Ethernet.


Everybody who plays on PC should be playing games from this service.It includes achievements,friends,chating,gifting,level editors,workshop,and captions.DOWNLOAD IT NOW if you are a PC gamer.


This service has little to offer because it has no achievements,messaging,or any of that stuff.But I like it because it is available on PC and Apple devices!


This service is cool because it has the awesome games that most people do not make.It also includes 89 percent of the things you can do on Steam.

16-bit paradise

Back in the beginning of the 1990's,8-bit was getting boring because of Sega's Master System.16-bit was a rumor in the end of 1989 and Nintendo & Sega were having factories full of letters saying that will say When are you making a 16-bit console?They knew one would survive this battle,so Sega and Nintendo went to development.The consoles have announced at the 1989 E3.Sega's new console was called the Genesis.There was also the Mega Drive.The competition started in 1991.Genesis was the only console to own until the SNES was released.It was a battle and Genesis was winning.:!:

I really want a Sega Dreamcast

Yeah,I know,the Sega Dreamcast.We all loved it until PS2 came out.Please tell me about the Dreamcast.If i get one and all the things i find about it is true,you get a special prize,my OnLive email and password!

I want a Playstation Portable so badly

Yes,i know.The new PS VITA.I can't get it because it's like....$300.I still want a psp because it's fun,just like the PS3,portable,and Playsattion Network.:?Just want it so bad.I'll get Little Big Planet,Modnation Racers,Spider-Man 2,Spider-Man FoF,andLego Star Wars 3,The Clone Wars.:]

I have to save Sega!

Sega shut down and well...it didn't impress players who liked Sega and their gamers.So i set a idea.Ever heard of Sega Channel?I love that game system.So im going to make the new gaming via console,Sega Channel 2!It's the only way to get Sega Back in bussiness.If you have any ideas about how the system can be better,please leave a comment.Information About Sega Channel 2[Cost to play:less then $30 a month][Value:All games ever made for any Sega console][Players:4][Online Players:100]Best Router or Modem connection to:Linksys][Games:1,000,0,000,00,0000][Accounts?:Yes][System Cost:$190]Special Editions[Celebration Pack:Comes with a free prepaid card to play all day long for year,a extra controller,and a coupon of 100% off any controller or adapter][Sonic Days Pack:Comes with a free to play card to play all Sonic games for free without payed membership,4 controllers,a adapter,and a music USB for listening to music][Platinum Player Pack:Comes with a prepaid card to play all games for 3 years,4 controllers,a adapter,a Sega newsletter,and a free Sega Profile.]

About the WiiU

WiiU is a hit.Once it hit in the E3,billions of people got addicted to it.The first app to discover is Nintendo Land.This app has a variety of games just waiting to play with you.The first game you should discover is The Legend Of Zelda.In this game,you are dressed as Link and you go in mysterious caves and dungeons.Fight enemys,and complete the temple's objectives.You start out with 5 hearts and a sword and shield.Use the Wii remote plus to swing,aim,shoot, and throw.You should also discover the Luigi's Mansion mini game as well.3 players are dressed like Mario & Luigi.Those players have flashlights and the person with the WiiU is the ghost.To discover more information about the Nintendo WiiU,go on www.nintendo.com,WiiU

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