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My Band is Infamous

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 Yup a billion fans, 3770 stars, all four band members at Platinum status. I'm officially done with the tour mode.

Man thats a long list of DLC

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Some people were asking what songs I had for Rock Band, and its such a pain writing them down since I never save the document with what songs I have so for the curious:  Sorry for the small text.

A Few Gaming Updates and Art

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Finished Dead Space: 100% Trophies w00t! Finished LittleBigPlanet Story Mode, now to beat every stage w/o dying. The damn level creator is sucking up my life, I put at least 20 hours into it and I'm still not finished. Finally got to play Rock Band 2 at Wal-Mart. Played on both the new guitar and drums, and they feel hell of a lot better. Now since my next game is going to be Rock Band 2 bundle, I'm not sure what will be my next game for the year will be. Here is what I'm thinking: Resistance 2 Mirror's Edge Motorstorm Pacific Rift Bioshock On that note check out my newest art piece.

What's that smell?

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 Smells like a new game. Haven't gotten a new disc PS3 game since X-Mas last year. Out...

WipEout HD = Awesomeness

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Just got WipEout HD on Friday, and man this game is a blast. Yeah 8 courses is a drag and their from previous Wipeout title but hell its still fun. Plus it has trophies and Custom Music as well, which is awesome! Only downside is no online for me, and i'm not able to get online trophies :-( ..and of cousre you know I cant go without one blog talking about Rock Band, so I got 2 new tracks Under the Bridge and Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Making my DLC Tracks to 106 + On disc songs 58 = 162. - 3 songs removed from RB1 + 84 RB2 Songs + 20 free DLC = 263 songs to play for when Rock Band 2 comes out. Bi t chin