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New bass day x2 cause i already have a nbd blog xD.

So yeah i bought a new bass today and i've decided to post it here cause im so bloody happy i finally own myself a decent looking bass and its a Fender :D very very happy with it.

Tonally its amazing and its a jack of all trades aswell...All i need now is an Ampeg SVT and i can finally get my dream tone but that wont happen as those cost nearly £2000 for a decent fridge setup nowadays :( anyhoo this cost me £450 and its MiM.

Gigs!!! :D

Well kinda activity dip and a weird love for system wars has been taking away from me posting in unions :o also im going to see a few bands in the coming months hopefully ;D and supporting some of the local bands round Falkirk woop especially ones from ma town :P

Also got a few gigs coming up yay

Bad Religion (02 abc hopefully i gett a tix)

Bury tomoorrow (2nd time in Ivory blacks last time was just amazing and i was waay to drunk and stagedived good times)

Cancer bats (Drummonds in Aberdeen @audioprison you should go like xD)

Never say Die tour (parkway drive,comeback kid and a feew other bands in the ABC ;P)

Yashin (Local guys but are just brilliant live)

Been to see NFG,SYG,FYS again at slam dunk :D also anyone got RDR i dont have anyone to play with on me PS3 :(

Win time

Finished a college asessment so i will pick my activity back up.

Right now i am tempted to form a metalcore band right now after seeing Only In Abstract,Bleed From Within and Bury Tomorrow last week seriously i would love to play places like Ivory Blacks and get a responsive crowd like that.Seriously one can dream but its attainable and i can just practice practice and form a band (serious).

Also going to see Coheed and Cambria in June :P and SLF in a few weeks time (st paddy's day) missed out on GD but its same night as Coheed so lolage? cause coheed are better imho.


im still here

yup its true been busy with life really :P

Went to see Purpose Failed last Friday in Glasgow in Ivory blacks and it was a legendary night barely got home spent a lil too much (as a student does) and had a great laugh barely remember coming out of wetherspoons to go to the gig even tho the venue was just round the corner haha.

Also been playing a lot off bass learned a few Tallica songs and a couple black tide ones kinda stopped plaaying a lot of punk since i got a BC rich :P

Anyway how is everyone a long time no speak :P

bleh weird rant/good news

Start of with crap see girls i hate when they lead you on and then cool it after like 2 dates that gets on my nerves so much i got uber lead on with a girl this weekend and im pretty annoyed and admits now 2 days later she's been seeing someone else for a month :S im bonafide raging and even worse cause its Christmas and its slightly ironic that the underlying current of that film Nativity which i took her to see is the same that the guy gets left by someone at the same time of year....:S thats just so uncanny for any matter.

On the other note i bought a BC Rich Virgo bass Special Edition and it sounds good and its a good weight to the other situation right now :P

Also will be hitting up Spoons in Falkirk or G-mouth if anyone fellow scots wish to tear it up haha xD

Long time no blog :o

Been busyespecially right now with it being Christmas time and college work :( which doesnt help just cant wait i finish up for roughly 3 weeks on Wedensday coming :D awesome.Also i aint been playing games that much kinda drifted away been hitting up the pub (Wetherspoons in Falkirk :P) most weekends even tho its cold always need to hit up the beer garden cause of its awesome heaters :D

Also games are a pretty small part of me now even tho i started WoW i only play like 30min a day cause im always out with friends n all that or college nowadays :P going to see Paranormal activity tomorrow hopefully with a chick (not goin into details).And i went to see new moon and fell asleep and my mate nearly got thrown out for shouting sexy at one point needless to say a few friends were embarrased at his antics aint seen him out and about since :o.

18 woohoo!

Well im 18 and now legally able to go to the pub (done already btw xD) and its pretty awesome and its been a good weekend with a small party last night where i was so drunk i could barely walk one of my mates down to her house :P.

Was supposed to go see ash tonight but i didnt get a ticket in time :'( still im going to see Slayer and i got a local gig in my town on the 29th which should be a good laugh.

Anyway heres a rundown of what i got for my 18th

Epiphone ThunderBird

Nokia music phone (its awesome xD)

NFS Shift

Kasabian:West Ryder Paupic lunatic asylum (cant remember the name its long and strange)

Slayer tix

Paramore:Brand new eyes

Loads of money which i have already spent on a nice 32" HD telly for my room and i have been playing NFS on it and its godly xD.

But i can see my activity here decreasing even more since im more likely to be out and hi everyone! xD

Blog randomness

Friday night lol, been out and had a few beers at a mates and listened to music :P it was awesome got a good laugh.

On another note was at a gig last night and i had a great timeeven tho it was in the Town hall i had a ball and we moshed to a local indie band for pure lulz i blame a few people i was talking to who thought it was a great idea and i was like hell yeah but thats me.

Also im going to see Slayer :D im soo happy i love them a lot possibly my fav metal band alongside Opeth :P

Anyway how's everyone? also im just bout to start adding all people that added me over the past while kept putting it off LOL.

New Bass day :D

Its so awesome i bought it on wedensday and im in love with it even though its neck dives a lot :( i just cant help but love its really deep tone which is just badass for my style and it suits me down to the ground.Its an Epiphone Thunderbird and i love it cause i dunno its just pure awesome imo.Pics below comments please xD

Ash playing Locally wooooo!!!! i cannot wait :D

Going to see Ash in Falkirk Behind the wall im sooo excited its the day afteri turn 18 aswell :D, i cannot bloody believe it my luck has turned on its head that one of my fav bands is playing in a venue i have seen my friends play in :O especially Ash of all bands.

Kickass songs in games by them include Shark(GH3),Orpheus(Burnout 3),Loose control (GT1).A great band i love them to death and base myself of Mark Hamilton as a bassist :P one of the biggest influences in me buying a Epiphone Thunderbird :)

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