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Final Fantasy XIII Lighnting Returns thoughts

Is SE obessed with lighnting ?


So instead of taking Final Fantasy Versus XIII and going all out now that the 2nd game of FFXIII ended.... they are going to focus on a sequel for the game no one really REALLy cares for (I didn't say hated)..... instead of what everyone wants....

NOT ONLY THAT? But are they also going to TAKE elements that would probably make FF versus XIII unique.... and GIVE IT TO LIGHTNING RETURNS?

Honestly its REALLY ridiculous how the THIRD FF13 is already coming out and FF13 Versus is still stashed away somewhere in one of Square Enix's employee's dark and deep where the sun dont shine it is something i'm looking forward since the debate.

I would actually be hugely pissed if Versus was moved to PS4. Im not buying a next gen console until theres, at least, twenty games for the system that I absolutely must have.

Last thing people have every right to moan about Versus, the game has been in production for too long. Just like other people have been moaning about KH3 and other games that are possibly in development hell, or cancelled, like Shenmue 3

With that said i am off now...

Fresh Start

First of all long time no see...

I decided to make a new Fresh start to my blog it used to be messy now its much better

  • Where i have been ?

PS3, Trophy hunting, College, Animes, other fourms/sties and such as....

  • Why did i decided to return ?

Basically i miss this stie + people that i have met before

  • Hows Gamespot to me now ?

its the same nothing new

  • Anything else to say ?

lots but thats enough for now...


Good Day