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Happy 1 Year Anniversery!!!

Today is a very special day. I have had my SONY PlayStation 3 for exactly 1 year. It is "our" first year anniversery!!! YAY!! but wait...there's more. You know whats really strange? This past week i have been thinking on checking the date on my PS3 receipt, to see what day it was that i got it. My receipt is in a safe, because it was also the warranty (which is now void). Anyways....today i finally checked it. I swear it was like fate...on the receipt it said the date of purchase was "2/27/07" I quickly looked at my watch and saw that today was 2/27/08. I was like....what the heck? honestly...all i knew was that i got in february. thats the odds of 1 in 29 (because this month is a leap year). I don't think this was a coinsidense....but i am happy that i did check...or i would have missed out on my "anniversery."

But....my warranty is officially void...my PS3 is STILL working fine (to all the PS3 haters that talk about it "overheating SOOO much," which also brings me to say that this whole year, my PS3 has not overheated, and its still the king of all the consoles!!! My PS3 has officially been helping me SNIPE TO THE FACE for 1 year!!! yay!!! i think its anniversery gift from me will be a Dual Schock 3 controller.

On the exact day is when I found out....image the odds....



Got PS3?

Well...i do.

there are alot of good games coming out this year and the next. And people still don't have ps3's....and if they do...they don't have online...

well...tell ya what..if you have a ps3 and online...you should add me...

unless you wanna get a woopin' in games...but....yeah.

are you up to the challenge?


you're not.

but if you wanna test your luck.... r_m777 is the name.

you better remember it.

New Video


My 2nd Video. Kingdom Hearts 1 Intro. Comment if you like it. Sorry about the sign in the corner. I couldn't take it out without messing up the video.

I Guess...

I'm back. Kinda gettin tiresd of MS. Anyways...TIME TO LEVEL UP!!!! But...i've been gone for a while....anything happened that maybe I should know about?
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