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I'd start over. That ring is PRECIOUS. You're not that far into the game anyway right?
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Use a shield with 100% physical protection. You should be able to block his combo if you lower your shield to let your stamina regenerate in between hits. Watch out for is his sword spin move which will break your guard (unless you're using a greatshield with ridiculously high stability). Roll away if you suspect he's about to do the sword spin.
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Too late for the tail, man. Obsidian Greatsword isn't even good. Just let it go.
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(unless you're using a laptop)

yeah I'm using a laptop

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on the topic of HDMI, do i need Sony's one or can I use a cheap no-brand one which sells for like £1?

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sorry my bad, i meant to say 196 quid

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Hi, i've never owned a gaming console before although i've rented a ps2 from my friends in the past.:)

i found the ps3 160gb model selling on Amzon UK for 196 quid. Is this a good deal? I mean will the price go down in the near future?

Also, any recommendation on an hd tv would be muchappreciated! I'm looking for a really small tv set so that it'd fit ina tiny room i rented. Small size but good resolution is a combination that's hard to come by i guess?

thanks alot!

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PLease tell me if it's a good upgrade or not

my system:

Gigabyte GA EP35 DS3L

XFX Geforece 9800GTX

Core2 Duo E8400

2 Gb RAM DDR2-800

windowsXP I don't know what version

Everything at stock. Upgrade to :

VIsta whatever version

4gb of ram

WOuld this increase framrates? Vista probably give bad framerates but DAMn I just want DX10!

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nothing is locked. My cpu is also the e8400 too!!! The fan's so low, isn't it? so you just throw it away and use another one eh? Good idea.


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my boxed intel cpu fan seems to be too low. I can't push the posts into the holes on the motherboard no matter how hard I push. I bent the motherboard until I hear cracking noise! and I stopped

Is this a stupid problem? Has it ever happen before? Help!