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Halo Reach Review

Will be comeing soon! I actually got a chance to play it and beat it due to some close friends so I will be posting a review of it soon.

Fight for your right to game

Right now I must ask that all the gamers over the age of 18 (legal voting age) go to videogamevoters.com

There is a bill in California threatening to pass that will place laws on the ability to buy games. This bill is supported by other states. It is feared that it will spread to the entire US. Use the above site to get an idea of what is going on and take a stand. Support our way of gaming.

Thank you,


My impressions on E3

So I managed to catch ever Confrence at E3 this year. (Tho I have not gotten my achivements for them yet.) I was impressed greatly this year. While there was really no new systems except for the Nintendo 3DS and the Xbox 360Slim, the systems seem to have alot going for them with the strive for 3D graphics. Now any one who reads my blog will know I only got my xbox about 6 months ago. I don't have many games for it ether, but this round of E3 has excited me. Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Call of Duty: Black Ops, just to name a couple, have me feeling good about the upcomeing year in the industry. I think that the industry is makeing a big come back. Flower and other games are drawing the attention of the non-hardcore gamers. With all the Wii fit games drawing the people who have just seen gameing as too lazy. I don't feel that this upcomeing year will let any one down. Be it Playstation 3 gamers, Xbox gamers, Wii gamers, or handheld gamers this will be a good year for us all.

Xbox 360!

I got myself an xbox 360!

Arcade one tho sadly so I have to find a harddrive at a resonable price.

Add me on xbox live tho!

Gamertag: bigoth866

How was your day?

Did you all have a good Christmas? or Holiday respectively.

Mine was decent. My family has had a hard time recently but I did manage to get just enough money for the holidays (as gifts) that I can get a 360 soon!

So what did you guys and gals get? Any good games or any thing?

Let me know!



So it has been so long since I have gotten to do any thing on here I know. Life has gotten hard around here (my house) lately. My mother had to go to surgary this past week. I've not gotten to get many new games or any thing so I have not had much to post on here.

I've been useing my PSP to download demos of games to try and find some good games and such but I haven't really had the money to get any. Every thing right now has been going to helping my family and such. So I guess that is all for now guys and gals! Take care and take it easy.

Okay so.....

I know I have moved away from my plan, I got games diffrent from what I put in my last blog. BUT I have ordered the resistance game and it will be here soon.

I go:

Killsone: Liberation

Untold Legends: Worriers Code

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes


Bleach: Heat the Soul

Sorry guys money has alot to so with what I get and don't get.


I got a new PSP, one of the silver ones. As well as: God of War: CoO Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Star Wars Battlefront: Renagade Squadren xD I love it lol tho I have already beat all 3 games lol