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There are a few things I that I would really like to know. Its not explained well. It was fine in Dark Souls because everyone wants to know whats up day one. I assume the PvP drives this mostly. Anyway,

1. Equip Burden. I see it goes down to green and thats what you want but is that a cap? Will lowering the score after reaching Green have anymore positive benefits for your character?

2. Can you use a Luck Rune on Revenge Daggers? It has no inherent attribute bonus.

3. Whats a good dagger to use?

4. Around where do you want your luck score to be?

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Could someone please explain how the "banking" system works. Do I still have a way to save if I am trying to get the bonus? I know you lose the bonus if you spend your XP but what if you just the touch the "not bon-fires) to try and save your game? What do I have to do for the bonus? You lose it every time you die right?

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There is so much gear, so much useless gear but what do you want to equip?

Do I want elemental damage?

Stun chance?

More STR?

More CON?

Or even luck?

I don't even know what "Downed Attack Damage" is.

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I mean whats most important for a Fighter? Should I always go for a better "Letter"? What determines the "Letter" grade?

As a Fighter what do I want?

Damage? Or maybe 15% damage as Lighting?

Do I want STR or CON stat?

Increased stun time or knock down?

What stats are most important for The Fighter? d

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1. Do you want to always grow a familiar from level 1? Meaning if I find a Bone Ranger. Can I just level him up to Bone Baron or should I always start with the first form Bone Head I believe it is?

2. What does becoming more "familiar" with your familiar actually do? Is it important to get those hearts going early?

3. How important is it to make sure a familiar is "Max Level" when you transform them? For Example my Thumblemur is level 36. That means he needs 10 more levels for max. Should I keep grinding or just level him up at level 40 and lose those 6 levels?

Lastly, what stat do you suggest I increase for "healers" like Sea Niaid and Seed Sprout?

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It erased alot of peoples saved games. I have a very high level character so I am worried. I backed it up on USB but I am still worried. I am going to take a shower and hopefully someone will have more insight. I don't think I can wait any longer.

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Anyone? Gotta be a few people around........ I hope.

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Thats the only thing stopping me from playing this exciting new adventure.

Also, will all the armor be missing? Or only DLC armor?