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My bad habit...

This is not an intervention or anything serious...its just that i have a terrible habit of playing games, and before i can finish it i go out and buy another game. This leaves many of the games i own unfinished and the other day i made a "To Do" list. Here we are...Finish Condemned 2, Assassins Creed 3, Lego Lotr, Dishonored, GTA4, Halo 4 Spartan Ops, Dead Space 1 and 2, Lego Star wars III, Gears of war 3 on Insane and Co-op and Fallout 3. I have sworn not to purchase another game until i finish these. I have a $60 Gamestop gift card in my wallet that really wants to be used and its killing me. Que the "Breaking The Habit" Linkin Park song now!!

Valve HATES the number 3....

I love valve to death but we all have to admit... When was the last time they released a game with a 3 at the end of it? Left 4 dead 3?? Nope we're getting a prequel. Portal 3?? Theres still a chance Team Fortress 3?? No word Half Life 3?? Announced for a while now but no word. Am i forgetting anything??

My Personal favorites from E3!!

In no order, it goes a little like this:

Borderlands 2 - One of my most anticipated games of 2012 because i just loved the first one. Borderlands 2 seems to have much more weaponry and detailed evironments than its predescesor. Ever get bored from looking out into the endless wastelands of Borderlands? Well not in Borderlands 2! September 18, 2012 is when this bad boy comes out and it could not come any sooner.

Halo 4 - Really a no brainer here. Im sure many fans of the Halo franchise were concerned with Bungie leaving the Xbox Mainstream Title to 343 industries, but fear no more. The game looks fantastic and best of all....My BR is back :) Elites hate you again but the big suprise was the new enemies. I cannot wait for this game to hit the shelves but it wont be there long untill its in my xbox. Release: November 6, 2012

Watch Dogs - This new Ip had me smiling like a little kid as i watched the gameplay. It started out by me saying "What am I watching?" and then soon formed into "Holy F*** this is mind blowing!" The fact that you have complete control of the citys electronic systems is just enough to make me want to play it. Everything from disrupting the guards cell phone to let yourself in, to changing all of the traffic lights to green so you can exterminate your target, just shows that there will be more than one way to skin a cat. Not to mention the graphics....Wow the graphics. The Gunplay is also looking flawless in its own and the "Slo mo" shooting looks amazing. Thank you Ubisoft!

The Last Of Us - Another new Ip that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time when watching. From the company that brought us the Uncharted Series, Naughty Dog is at it again with this Survival action game that is sure to please and shock many. The Game looked flawless and its as simple as that. The shooting mechanics are top notch as are the hand to hand combat sequences. The one question i did have regarding that is if the hand to hand combat sequences are controllable or just a smooth uncontrolling sequence. We will have to wait and see about it i guess but i will be keeping my eyes on this one.

TES Skyrim: Dawngard - Me being a HUGE Skyrim buff, I had to put this on the list. I agree with thier plans of a couple of huge DLCs rather than a whole bunch of small ones. Bethesda has stated that this DLC will add a strong 10-20 hours of missions to the game which tied the knot for me. Cannot wait for this :) :)

Honorable Mentions:

Assasins Creed III

God Of War: Ascension

Beyond: Two Souls

StarWars 1313

Crysis 3

Farcry 3

Forza Horizons

What i would've loved to see but didnt

GRAND THEFT AUTO 5!!!!!!!! :(

Diablo III for consoles PLEASE!!

Well im sure everyone has heard that the highly anticipated PC game Diablo III was just released the other day. Its gotten some hate because of all the bugs but i believe if Blizzard released an Console version of the game then all of the bugs would be fixed and it would be much more polished. Plus i just really want to play it :)


I want to start reviewing Music,Movies and Games more often.

I love to write reviews and other but ive been very busy so im hoping i can write some detailed reviews about new music coming out this summer(Mostly Metal/Rock?) and some movies and who knows maybe a game or six. Its like they say "Opinions are like A**holes got one and they stink." Well i guess i want my a**hole to smell alot better to some people!

Thank you Epic.

You have trully made an amazing game called Gears of war 3. And its just the Beta! Im loving this game and cant wait to see some some new maps and such!

Return of TOTS LIVE!!

Im very happy they have brought back the live show! Ill never forget the time Shaun called my name and my question for a TOTS. Very happy now:)

127 hours. And some other stuff.

Great Movie! James Franco was perfect for the part and it was just a thrilling experience overall. Sad what he had to do though. But necessary!

2nd thing is Music! Amon Amarth released their new album a few days ago and its great. War of the gods(first song on the album) is free on iTunes. Check em out if you like metal.

Last update is...KORN! I really love this band and have for some time now. Yesterday they released a Amazing sounding 14 second sample of thier new song titled "Get up". LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV8mSpyl9-U

Its has the dubstep artist Skrillex in this song! They kill it! Amazing sounding song and cant wait to hear more of it.