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RPG Land, I write for them

check it out if you like my reviews on here: www.rpgland.com

my recent articles:

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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood review: http://rpgland.com/games/reviews/sonic-chronicles-the-dark-brotherhood/

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Game on

well I'm 28:36 into DDS2 now... very near the final boss, but I'm probably going to have to wait until next weekend to beat it

ive also been playing Riviera a lot :)

As for DDS2, it is simply amazing, far better than the first

Riviera is also incredibly fun

Gaming frenzy

This week is the winter vacation (here in MA they have two spring breaks :) ), and that means i will continue the tradition of beating as many games as possible in a frenzy of controllers flying around. Last year I plowed through Xenosaga II in 4 days and finished up 2 other games I was at the ends of. This year I've already beaten Shadow Hearts and I'm now 9 hours into Digital Devil Saga 2, wish me luck :).

I just finished the best book I've ever read

The Worthing Saga
by Orson Scott Card
I just finished it... it is the greatest book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The explorations into humanity combined with the memorable tales and characters is... well perception altering.
Orson Scott Card always seems to masterfully gather philosophy and stirring tales under one umbrella, but with The Worthing Saga he really outdid himself.
I simply cannot imagine a book being better than this one. It will be hard to read anything else after reading the best.

Updates on my life, both gaming and not

Games first:

I'm currently dividing my time up between Dragon Quest VIII, Magna Carta, Wild Arms: Alter Code F, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, and Shadow Hearts: Covenant

short impressions on each:
DQVIII: one of the best RPGs this gen, easily... graphically it is a triumph for the PS2, and the story, whilst being light, is superb, along with spectacular gameplay
Magna Carta: the only problem with it is the massive loading times
Wild Arms: Alter Code F: much better than I thought it would be.. though graphically lacking
DDS2: better than the original by far
Shadow Hearts: Covenant- I cant believe I passed this one up before, the game is complete ownage

as for my real life, well... girl problems abound.. work is cool though, and i got accepted+ 1/2 tuition scholarship to the college i want

The infatuation with Japanese VA and Importing...

This is an issue which constantly perplexes me.

I see on many game boards gamers not only hoping, but DEMANDING for Japanese VA to be left in place. Just in case you didn't know, I don't understand Japanese, and the sad thing is, neither do the majority of these people demanding for the "superior" Japanese VA.

Personally, I would like to be able to actually UNDERSTAND what is being said in the game, as compared to hearing random words I cannot understand in the slightest.

It really annoys me how so many "gamers" try to be elitests by claiming Japanese VA is better. Sure, sometimes it is "better", but understandable? No.

I simply find this a crazy debate to even have to have with people. Of course the developer is going to change the VA to English, the vast majority of American gamers would actually avoid games that only had Japanese VA, and leaving Japanese VA in is a strain on disc space.

Please, someone explain to me what is so great about playing a game in a language you cannot understand.

As for importing, I also find this a vexing issue. Example, I was on board for some Japanese RPG, don't even remember which one any more, and asked if it would come to the states. Someone said "Well if it doesn't, just import it, duh!"

WTF? I mean, I don't know about you, but I'd rather play a game I don't have to buy a JAPANESE SYSTEM for, and a game I can understand the storyline in is highly preferential.

Does anyone understand this lunacy?

Indigo Prophecy Owns

Hard. Fact.

There is no line between story and gameplay, everything is story, it's like watching a movie, but being able to play it. It is nothing short of incredible, highly recommended.

Today... owned...

no really..... now if only I had known that Indigo Prophecy is coming out tomorrow (friday for me), not today oh well
  • Got a certain girl's AIM, but she has a b/f... kinda bummed about that, HOWEVER
  • found a girl who seemed pretty darned interested in me, shes in one of my classes and we've been talking a ton
  • w00t
  • i was just in a good mood for some odd reason
  • don't have to work :D