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After a lenghty conversation today with a good (steam) friend of mine we looked back at that site we all used to (and most of us still do ) love : Gamespot since I ever got my first PC and mistyped " Gamestop" back in 2000 and I saw it and I was like " Woah wait what is this? " and then Gamefaqs for me (at the time ) it was the perfect combo.

Whether it would be the latest news about upcoming game releases.going on the forums,joining a shitton of groups that you almost never posted in except one that stuck with you and lets not forget rewatching the Big Rigs Review

Now more recently the excellent feedbackula,seriously? Its the dream job!

1. Reading (mostly) idiotic comments.

2. Reading them in a ridiculous way.

3. Making fun of them in one way or another.


Anyways while my stay here for many years I learned a variety of things from Music to GFX Design from RPG's To RTS.

Joking about things we now call memes before we even started calling them that.

But enough of this reminiscing BS.

So What's Up With You Dude?

As many who read most of my past blogs I took up guitar in highschool and over the years I've gotten quite the repertoire the usual Led Zep tunes (including playing every guitar part to stairway : D ) Surf Rock tunes mostly dick dale stuff, Hendrix songs my favorite to play being The Wind Cries Mary, a couple of police songs,creedence,black sabbath,pink floyd and the list goes on....

My Set Up at the moment.

Yeah all that rock is fine and all but other genres like reggea rythm playing folk (and some basic jazz )

Some other bands that some of you (may) or may not know!

1. Soda Stereo - Basically a more daring (and argentinian) Version of The Police.

Fave Album : Signos

First Thought : " An actually awesome Spanish Speaking Rock Band? No Wai "

Fun Fact : " The first argentinian rock album to be edited in compact disc "

2. Big Big Train - I dunno but it reminds me alot of Yes and Genesis.

Fave Album : The Underfall Yard

zzz...Oh My Bad Bro Keep Going...


Moving on I got called for an internship at Puerto Rico's Biggest Phone company to work on the networks and general tech stuff :D

That call was pretty awkward because the university didn't send a copy of the Insurance Policy along with my resume :|




So recently my parents finally gathered up the dough to go to orlando and its many parks and attractions :D

I did most of it...


The Disney Parks -

Epcot Pictures :

The " Ball "

That Horizon Just Screams " Tornado Warning "

Hollywood Studios :This one was very special to me and Star Wars Weekends WAS A BLAST (pew pew) I even saw Lando ^_^

Main Street of Hollywood Studios


I also went to Orlando Studios and Islands of adventure, Seaworld which I absolutely loved,Typhoon Lagoon,Blizzard Beach and other attractions at orlando.

There are way too many pics,its incredible, we had to get a 64GB memory card for the camera and we filled it up. O___O


Not really yet,just some drafts and simple stuff,the gaming scene is really starting to take off here in Puerto Rico so I'm basically in the team with what is the 1st major Gaming News Site in the country.

Getting Free stuff,free entrance to cons and events? Worth it.

Which BTW my first review is on a game called Evoland (which I gave 2.5/5 with " Like " Conclusion in my draft)

Its a weird format you basically have to review a game as a product and then express your opinion on it if you liked it on a personal level or not.

Now I have to start FEZ and I feel absolutely underwhelmed......

Now How About Some of Your Design Stuff?


Why of course!!


Some of the recent ones -







So What's on Your Side Fellow Gamespotter?

Its been quite some time since I've used any of these forums or unions or communicate with any of you at all so.

To end it feel free to add me on Steam or PS3 (BTW This Site is PDC )


This Place Still Alive?

Well finally remembered my damn password after what? 3-5 years?

As usual with my blogs even if it is this short...




Ti'll next time guys and gals.