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New news

It`s been a long time since I wrote a blog, so here is what happened:

-I got a Platinum trophy in both Dead Space and Assassin`s Creed 2 =D And working on Red Dead Redemption

-Got my PS2 back so it`s time for nostalgia XP

-I`m not sure what to buy, Little Big Planet or Assassin`s Creed Brotherhood. ANy suggestions?

And yes, this is a short blog, but meh, probably the only person who reads this is Nunchuk =P

Need some advice

I was thinking of buying another PS3 game, but I'm doubting which one to buy. So post your opinions ^^ Here are the ones I'm thinking about but if you have any other suggestion just say it n.n And by the way, should I buy them new or pre-owned?

Here they are:

-Dragon Age Origins

-Fallout 3

-Metal Gear Solid 4




-Little Big Planet

-God of War 3

-Red Dead Redemption

-Resident Evil 5



That's all for now ^^ Thanks for reading/posting

Are you nostalgic?

Today I started thinking, "do most people tend to use only the newest console, or maybe there others who still enjoy playing the old ones?" I am sure there are, but I just wanted to know your opinion about it ^^ So don`t hesitate on commenting.way Anything you post if of great value =D

I know it`s a short and useless blog, but I like short and useless things =D n.n

Got PS3! =DD

Yup, what you read =D It`s mine! At last, I have the slim edition with 120gb memory. With it I also bought Assassin`s Creed 2 so soon I`ll be writing a review about it. Although I don'twrite many reviews =P But I will this time! =DD

My PS2 is broken again.... u.u

So, as the title says, it is broken for the second time in 2 weeks, i hope it doesn`t happen again although with my luck I`m sure it will. As soon as it is fixed I`m starting P3 no matter what happens!

Top 5 most annoying women (coming soon)

Although there is only one person who actually follows my blogs and reviews, I`m still doing this. When i find the last woman that is missing on my list there will be a top 5 most annoying women. Yay!

PD: Misturu won`t be on that list

E.T for Atari

As the topic says, i am going to talk about THAT game. The game that almost screws up everything, you might think i should do a review about the game or that this blog is pointless (it is, but i am still going to do it), i won`t make a review because i haven`t played it. I just saw some gameplay videosand read a few reviews, but seriously, what the hell were they thinking when they made it? They only had 6 weeks to do it, it was obvious the game was going to be a total failure! An making 5000 copies?! (If i am mistaken in my numbers, please forgive me and correct me ^^) The game its so.... I can`t describe how bad it is! Of course you may all know how bad it is, i just did this because: a) I am bored b) I felt like doing it c).......

How TV decayed so much

So last week i was watching TV, i dont have a TV service so i only got the basic channels, and i realized how crappy it has became. I mean, there are 3 types of programmes: News, a "great" programme showing almost naked women dancing and lots of other programmes that the only subject they talk about is about those dancing semi-naked women. Anime channels (Animax) almost show no animes! TV has decayed so much it cant go back now. So the only use i will give my TV is for gaming =D