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Happy birthday to me.

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Wow. I've been on Gamespot for a whole year. I can't say that I expected to be here this long. Crazy.

I'm leaving Gamespot...

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I'm hardly active on here anyway, so I guess I will keep this brief...


Nah, just kidding. Just wanted to say sorry to those who have taken the time and commented my blogs despite myself having not returned the favour. I haven't been very active the past few days, so I can avoid MGS4 spoilers (I still haven't picked it up...I was $9 short, so I just blew $90 on Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Call of Duty 3), but once all the 'OMG MGS4' blogs have died down, I shall be returning in...full force.

Keep it real, homeslice.

Tears engaging in 3...2...1...

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I really, really, really, really, really want a copy of the limited edition version MGS4. Like, really, really, really, really wanted it. No joke.

Oh the pains of pre-ordering!

Mario Kart Wii - thanks Gamespot.

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Yeah, I won a copy of it. Played a few hours of it today at my friend's house, 4-player.

Only problem is, I don't have a Wii. Well, I guess I have a good excuse now...

Thanks for the game, Gamespot AU.

I have fallen off this beautiful horse, into this translucent Haze...

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Why? WHY? WHY?!?

I have to admit, I was looking forward to Haze before it became a PS3-exclusive title (and, just so you know, I believe Sony got the exclusive rights to the game because they knew Killzone was going to be delayed - it'd make sense).

Everything seemed so awesome. The story, the design, the graphics and everything in between. It was developed by Free Radical - a company formed by some of the key people behind Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, not to mention the Timesplitters trilogy. How could something with this great foundation go so wrong?!

Quite easily, it appears, unfortunately.

Just for the record, I think I'll pick up this game after I give the demo a whirl. I enjoyed Grandia 2, Killzone, Shellshock 'nam, Gangs of London, The Getaway, GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 and a slew of other games that most reviewers didn't enjoy but which i had emmense pleasure in playing.

Keep it pants...

Err, real. Keep it real.

P.S. Points for whoever guesses where the title of this blog is from.

GTA4 - Worst game I have ever played.

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Why do people like this awful game so much? You can't even get a chainsaw and dismember people anymore. And the prostitutes should be hot and not ugly like they are in GTA4. ALL of this game is stupid and dumb.

I hate Niko too. All he does in complain in the game. "Wah, wah, wah. I had to fight in a war." - I mean, seriously, what's up with all the crying? Not to mention the graphics, which are truly awful. THIS looks worse than Oblivion!

I've played and PROGRAMMED Commodore 64 games better than GTA4. Man, I've even played Mega/Sega CD games better than GTA4. That's how truly awful this game IS. It doeSn't even deserve A 1.5 on Gamespot's scale.

Big Rigs is better than this game, jeez. Utter CrAp, to be completely honeSt.

Oh, and look for the secret Message. ;)

Great bands you don't know...yet - Part 1.

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The arrogance of the title will mean you already hate me, but hear me out! I'm tired of people going 'Today's music is crap'. I say let these fools go back to their Led Zeppelin or Metallica (don't get me wrong though, I love those bands)!

Anywho, on with the show! Err....blog!

The Wonder Years - I've only been listening to these guys for a few weeks now, but they're so incredibly awesome! Pop punk done right! You'll fall for the hooks from the first song, I promise you. The 80s references are a little annoying, like they're trying too hard to be ironic. The Wonders Years - now a great band AND a show. Winnie Cooper was the biggest babe. Top song: You're Not Salinger, Get Over It.

Bring Me the Horizon - I know a lot of people hate deathcore (death metal with breakdowns, basically) and a lot of more people have a problem with the image of this band (hell, even I do), but look past that and you'll find an extremely talented young band with plenty ahead of them. Top song: Pray for Plagues.

Botch - These guys basically invented a genre of music. Enough said. Killswitch Engage and pretty much every metalcore band ever owe these guys a lot. Top song: Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb.

Between the Buried and Me - What's with all the B's? Anyway, these guys are impossible to describe, but I'll do my best: Extremely technirpcal death metal with hardcore influences, with Pink Floyd. And keyboards. Top song: Selkies - The Endless Obsession.

Cannibal Corpse - The band everyone has heard of, but seriously, NOT enough people have heard these guys (mainly because most of their albums are banned in Australia thanks to the disgusting lyrical content and album artwork). Top song: They all sound the same, so whatever - you can get their latest album 'Kill' from JB hi-fi though, I picked it up last week, so you better do the same! Make Them Suffer.

Lamb of God - probably the biggest 'new' metal band around at the moment. The future of metal too. The Metallica of our generation. Top song: Laid to Rest.

Norma Jean - A Christian band ( I know, I know...) who are actually good. Check them out, you'll be surprised. Kinda like Botch, but more noisey. Top song: A Small Spark vs A Great Forest.

Refused - Again, another band that today's metal bands owe a lot. They're Swedish, too! Top song: New Noise.

Suicide Silence - Pretty crappy (well, average) band with some good mosh material. Top song: No Pity for a Coward.

Terror - Hardcore. Old-school thrash. not much else to say, really. Top song: Better Off Without You.

Throwdown - The same as Terror but straight-edge and more breakdowns. Their new stuff sounds exactly like Pantera. Top song: Forever.

Unearth - The best new metal band around at the moment in my opinion. Combining elements of bands like Botch and Iron Maiden. The harmonies are fantastic. If you check out one band from thislist, make it this one. Top song: Anything from The Oncoming Storm. Umm...Black Hearts Now Reign.

Until next time...umm...I'm with Jim, what DO you say after that?!

Jamaican me crazy.

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Fellow Spotters, I put to a simple questions:

What would you do if you turned up to your gaming store of choice to pick up your copy of GTA4 and you were met with the reply of "I'm sorry, we're all sold out, we do have plenty of copies of Lair and Kane and Lynch though..." ? Keep in mindno stores haveANY copies left in stock.

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