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2 years later....

Wow, 2 years since I last posted a blog here, within that time I feel I have all at once achieved loads and little. I graduated uni with a 2:2 in Digital Film Production which was pretty cool, one of my films was later selected to be shown for to the Queen at the grand opening at The Hive in Worcester. I finally left GAME after six years, I think the older I got the more talking to the genereal public annoyed the hell out of me, also I don't think I ever achieved anything great at the company and their 21 question assault on customers was grating. Despite this I will miss working there, the people were awesome, real freinds. I now work in a TV studio manning cameras and managing floor. 


To be honest despite having a constant interest in the gaming world I hardly play games anymore, I sold my 360 after almost an entire year without switching it on, I kept my PS3 mainly to watch movies. Occasionally the bug will catch me though, a few weeks back I had a relapse and completed Darksiders 2, Max Payne 3, the latest Hitman, Doom BFG including all it's add ons and finally Tomb Raider. Not bad but I have Far Cry 3 which I have put all of one hour in to. I still love gaming but can no longer dedicate so much of my time to it. E3 was a fantastically dramtical affair with villains and heroes emerging early on, Microsoft seem to have been taking buisness lessons from Orwells 1984 and Sony gave the fans what they wanted, not so strict DRM and the simple ability and right to share your bought content. I will be getting a PS4 I think it represents better value for money... who am I kidding, I will relapse and waste all my savings on buying all the latest next gen consoles.


To say I have almost become tottally docile with my gaming habits isn't entirely true now that I think of it. I bought a Sony Xperia Z and android gaming is fun as hell, short burts of addictive gaing goodness that is like a beatiful homage and evolution of the early days and concepts of gaming. Old skool classics like Alien Breed and R-Type are still infurtingly addictive, whilst Modern Combat is a technical marvel. I then went out and bought a moga pro controler which is a supberbly designed controller for your phone making FPS and racing games much easier to control.

Apart from all this I know try to blog mainly to my personal site, tindersky.com. The site was a much belated launch  and is currently a compedium of all my movie, games, and music reviews. However The niche in which I wan't to push the site is focusing on filming and documenting local emerging talent and creativty and creating my own short films.

Well just like all my other blogs on here, this will also disappeer into the either and noone will ever read or remark upon it. Oh well sometimes it's just good to vent.


Just a short blog to remind all the people that come here to check out my blogs (zero) that I have been giving my games a serious case of neglect even turning down a weeks worth of COD zombie invites. Am so caught up with uni it' crazy but will be done soon :-s *nerves* had a quality uni party Monday in which I fell asleep in an airing cupboard, back still aching. My mate however did have the Nintendo 3DS in cosmos black which I spent most the night on, love it and hope the rest of the games can match up to Street Fighter! This party also left me pretty brasic. So How do I wisely invest my last 10er??... by buying a copy of Mario Kart on the Wii... but wait it only cost me 7 quid! BARGAIN! it also trades in for £12 so I could make a profit. Alan Sugar eat your heart out. Though I have been so busy I have literally only been on it for an hour! *sad face*

In other new I am extremely hooked on TV show Dexter absolutely superb show! I already seen the first couple of series but have managed to sit through seasons 3 and 4 and have made it half way through 5... in a week! Amazing show. If you havn't seen it do so. The premise is about a Serial Killer who works for the police however he only goes after other killers. Would love a proper game of this but it would probably suck like those CSI games.

Anyyways im of to watch more Dexter!... after writing another page on my essay. :-/

Been awhile a few changes

Whats up world!

Been hella busy with uni latley hence the lack of blogs posted on here, though i'am pretty sure no one checks this out anyways.lol

My bro bought his mrs a wii for her b-day last year which she never used, she bought it round and I have kinda highjacked it. The wii is such a frustrating machine as it is full of potential, yes the graphics can't compare to the likes of Sony and Microsoft BUT gameplay is where it should always be at. Unfortunately I can't help but shake the feeling that they have sold out to this idea of gaming for everyone so much that they have alienated what was arguably the strongest fans in gaming. I am trying so hard to love the wii and am currently addicted to Goldeneye but games like Goldeneye are extremely few and far between hell even Goldeneye isn't without so pretty big flaws that could have been easily solved. What Goldeneye does prove however is that great games can be made on the Wii, a solid single player, brilliant online with tons of modes and a heap of extras like time trials. The one thing lacking from this game besides the wiitarded time trials that countdown through unskippable cutscenes is the use of the wii chat. BUT as I said the it does prove the wii has what it takes to produce stella games on par with the COD's of this world.

Also as I play the Wii I can't help but least things that again Nintendo could have put much more thought into, a operating system that doesn't look so... mundane, a much broader amount of control over this operating system, a stronger and more varied use of the Miis, vastly more support for accessories like Wii speak, actually communication software coming with the console as standard with chat channels available to everyone!, contemporary gaming and communication were made for each other!

Despite some of this glaring issues it is a great machine with qualities not as obvious as the XB or PS but give it a weak or two and they become apparent. I am enjoying my Wii... my brothers girlfriends Wii but feel it's time for an upgrade, hell it's fastly approaching that five year physcle that Nintendo have been pretty faithful too since the NES days. With 80 million consoles sold there is no longer the excuse that great and good looking games can not be available on the next machine. BUT Nintendo need to listen to the public, they are an extremely stubborn company who do things their way, sometimes with great success, Example an 80 million in sales Wii WIN ... at the expense of hardcore gamers and true Nintendo fans FAIL. keyword here is BALANCE. Whatever they come up with next I will be intruiged by, for now however I am looking forward to receiving my Classic Controller Pro and the eventual release of the Conduit 2. Could it be the first great Wii FPS??

In other news still attempting to complete Dead Space 2 on the 360, fantastic game, brilliant grpahics, story and one game out of many where I have often been actually scared! Stand out moment so far takes place on a train. Next I finally give in and buught COD black Op's it's brilliant thats undeniable but I'am bored of the same old same old to be honest, still zombies is fantastic! Apart from this just been busy with uni, a few weeks to go then I have to grow up :-s


Back to Uni

Xmas was ace and new Years was interesting, seemed to compile all the injuries I missed throughout 2010 into a couple of days, two bruised eyes thanks to sparring with my bro and then the same bro smashing my head of the kitchen door whilst carrying my drunk ass back home ( was my b-day 30th). Then wen to Newquay which was hella fun, for the first time ever we didn't go in fancy dress... only to find out that everyone dresses up for newyears over there :-/. Whilst there saw a punching machine and what should have been some harmless fun turned into a all night competition in which I think I re-broke my hand and still can bend my arm properly some big dude bust the punch machine, we quit then. Almost had my new years kiss, until my mate took me away to look for my bro and mates who I thought were in trouble only to find that everyone was fine. My mates a dick!

Finally went back home and played some video games, more specifically Bad Company 2. I am hooked on it at the mo. Oh and also bought my bro a copy of Army of Two 2 for Xmas, was after a great co-op game and despite a few short comings it is fantastic, need to hurry up with it though! Anyways no newgames for awhile to many uni deadlines *sad face*


Xmas Holls!

And how am I spending most of mine? ... At work selling games instead of playing them. Oh and when i'm not at work I an just chill... after completing some uni work which is deadlined within a few weeks. Argh and all I wanna do is play BaD Company 2 online, Vietnam is out in a day or 2 and looks ace!

12/12/10 AKA almost xmas!

Crazy day at work today a sure sign that christmas is just around the corner and with so many great games to!

unfortunatley I am to broke to buy anything and have still not played Black Op's, Brotherhood or Hot pursuit also I have been sobusy with uni that i STILL havn't completed Reach, times are hard *sad face*. On the bright side get paid soon and will be treating myself to a game, not sure which yet. I'm intrigued by the online play of Brotherhood and welcome the change I mean is there really that much difference between top shooters, really? I am also VERY excited by the Dues Ex 3 trailer, I never completed the first couple but wish I did, my dad loved em and highly recomends them. People have been coming in to store and have been highly impressed with the trailer so a lot of positive buzz surrounding it.

I also can't wait for Bad Company 2 Vietnam! Although I spent 240 ms points on what I thought was the game the other night but now have no idea what I have downloaded as no new maps are on there. It could have been a theme but it did not say that whilst I was downloading so it's all a little suspect. On a positive note most people seem to agree with me that BC2 is the best war game out at the mo. Why? Great weapons, upgrades and perks, huge maps, vehichles and being able to blow the sh*t out of everything.

I was also super excited to see the Duke Nukem Forever advert on the back of the Borderlands leaflet yesterday! Which also reminded me that I STILL have to complete that game!

Bought Crackdown 2 for bro for xmas but he doesn't like it so i've kept it and I am sorry to say that I am not very impressed. GTA is the best sandbox game simply because the targeting although from perfect rarley targets the guy at the back of the crowed instead of the dude shooting you in the face. Crackdown also seems very shallow and I feel no connection to any of the charecters what so ever which is making it especialy hard to push on with it.

Anyways I have written enough, Ima hop on my Xbox for a bit... after doing some Uni work :-/

Tired and weary

First things first RIP to Leslie Nielsen a movie legend! "I am serious... and don't call me Shurley"

Just thought Id post an update on here, feeling have a cold so was probably a very bad idea going training yesterday, muscles are killing and I can't breathe. Also we are pretty much snowed in. Not all is bad however as this has given me sometime to finally play some games and with some pretty swish deals on XB live at the mo I have been entertained. Downloaded Splosion Man which is quality, then downloaded Alien Breed Ep 2, which is also quality and more my cup of tea, despite there bieng a lack of checkpoints at times, annoying when 50 aliens decide to spring up on you. Also I bought my bro a copy of Crackdown 2 for xmas, however he deced he did not like the game so I have claimed it as my own, not a bad game but as Sand Box games go, it's no GTA, little narrative means little connection to the characters and the controls are a little iffy, when someone is standing in front of me poppin hot lead into my face, that who I want to aim at! Still only cost a few quid and is crazy fun.

Part from all that I have occasionally attempted some uni work. Even Filmed at the Worcester Royal Infirmary a feww days back and somehow got into a conversation about Lord of The Rings with the quite attractive interviewee, good times!


General blog

Thought I would actually star up a blog on here. When I blog it will mostly be random hijinks but occasionaly I may come out with something deep. I have my moments, although not many of them.

Just completed Wolfenstein 360, pretty cool game, pretty easy game that has sent me on a nostalgic FPS trip. Might go download Quake 1 from somewhere, or even finally finish Duke Nukem 3D before Duke Nukem Forever comes out. Something kinda funny and Ironic in that. Also side note, I tottaly forgot how hard old skool games like Doom and Duke Nukem can be!

Side side note. What the heck is up with the fire button on the 360 port of Doom, half the time I die cuz the dude keeps firing randomaly! If anyone has answers, leme know!