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What makes people enjoy the olympics?

Well for me its basically watching my country competeing in several events, as well as the fun of just watching the sport.

Would I stop watching when the athletes from my country have finished their events? i guess i'd stick around for longer and see the finals and chose to support whatever country i like :p

Sorry Batman, but the Joker stole the show completely.

I went to watch the Dark Knight yesterday. The movie was very very very good. Imo; lives up to the hype.The bat is back in a darker tone, theres my favourite batman villain, two face. and of course, the Joker.

Before this movie I knew very little about Heath Ledger except for the movies that he has taken part in. but during the entire movie, i felt myself more interested and curious in the Joker. He's not that whacko-crazy nut Joker that i knew from the Batman:animated series. It was like feeling the psychoness of the Joker completely seep in to you. so clear. so transparent. the Joker defines the meaning Dangrous. A bad guy who wont get beaten up to a pulp by the hero, a bad guy that has no weakness and flaws. An antagonist who I wanted to stay longer. (i even found myself licking my lips at one point =.=)...

Heath Ledger managed to be the Joker. and that Joker got me alert and intensified everytime he was on the screen.

Now when i think back about the movie. all i can think of is the Joker.

FAble 2:=.= Rant on Rant.

I've read a blog post where someone ciritizes the Fable 2 for being way too over rated.


My initial reaction was probably: wtFomMGFfs?

How on earth is fable 2 way too hyped and over-rated.ive only plaed Fable :TLC, but IMO it was one of the greatest games ive ever played.thus i clicked in hoping for some sort of justification for the authors comments.

And his/her reasons were that its graphics were weak. and too "pinnochio-ish". It then goes on as he questions how users can 'like' this type of graphics. He/she then goes on critisizing the accents of the characters, and a total rip off of our hard earned money.

ARE U KIDDING ME ? the graphics and the artwork is much of a big part in what makes Fable such a unique game! Its concept artworks are beautiful and spectacular, and its the main attractions of the game. Fable is a game situated in a more fairytale environment, meaning that the artwork just fits perfectly with it. It could/would be a cringe to see that kind of artwork, maybe in a shooter and scifi game? But what can I say, every gamer has their own prefrence towards what kind of artwork and graphic styles they prefer, but to bash fable because of its artwork, is definitely the weakest argument ever.

The gameplay and the concept of the game is still as fresh and intriguing as ever. rpg-moral based-effect the word around you in the future? I dont think any other game has managed to accomplish something as big as this, and I enjoy Molynieux's ideas on how a game can be.

Even if Molyneiux is extorting money from gamers(which I strongly disagree with), id like to say sims2 (its expansions that came after nightlife), and other games based on movies would come before him. Molyneiux comes off as far from the top of that list.

I wish more gamers are able to be more accepting towards the games that try to perceive a different direction, if not. Just appreciate it for trying to.

oh and btw. new trailer released for Fable 2, its killing me...:



longing to play a decent pc game..

but i have to fix my buggy desktop first=.=