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GOTY choice

Well Gamespot, you did it again. I'm not particularly happy with the choice for GOTY. I agree Demon's Souls was a super good game. Uncharted 2 truly deserved the title because barely anything has ever been as good. If MGS 4 was on this poll, then it would probably get 90% of the votes. I just wanted to say that I hope you guys aren't just trying to be eccentric.

Guitar Hero franchise, overboard?

In my humble opinion, the Guitar Hero series has gone overoard with it's release of DJ Hero. If you look back to earlier years, you will notice that the first couple of Guitar Hero games were unrivaled and quite a force to be reckoned with. Then when Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock was released the developer was happy with what they accomplished... however they didn't think and did not expect Rock Band to come out in November. Rock Band completely dwarfed all the Guitar Hero games. The developer then hurriedly forged Guitar Hero 4: World Tour to fight against the Rock Band onslaught. Rock Band 2 came out with little to offer and so did Guitar hero 5. Now with the recent release of The Beatles: Rock Band, the people over at "Guitar Hero Studios" are desperately mimicking every move trying their best to stay at the top of the game. With their new release of DJ Hero, thy have officially blown the franchise over and dissapointed many fans like me. This was a horrible move on their part, partly because all the pop songs should be left for games like Sing It. What I'm saying is I don't want to even hear about something like Orchestra Hero. If you think the franchise has gone overboard or not please post a comment saying yes or no and also describing the reason.

Who likes Halo?

Hey guys if you see this blog please comment if you like any of the halo series at all, I want to hear from you, and also why you like it.

Unrealistic Games

I find that sometimes when I play video games, some can seem very realistic, but in reality they are completely make-belief. I'm not saying these kinds of games are bad, in fact I enjoy most of the ones I play. One really amusing thing about these games is that companies can take something as real as baseball, and make the mechanics of the game work much differently then they are supposed to. Take for example The Bigs 2. This game has just about every single traditional element of a sports game, but 2 kgames can make these simple things into completely ridiculous things. So are these games worth the time to make, and to play? Yes they are if you don't mind a little bit of these things.

My thoughts on the Wii

I would just like to say I love Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And I will eventually write more reviews. P.S. The hannah montana ratings were accidental please ignore them. Thanks.

Modern Video Gaming.

I find that these days are composed of video games that are very complex. And that adults(I mean by people who are in the thirty to forty age range) not trying to insult anyone who actually is into games. But some are obsessive with the old simple ages of gaming. And that brings back the times we all used to sit down and play a good manly(womanly) match of a game such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Halo: Combat Evolved, blah, blah, blah. You get it dont you? And exchange friendly high fives that leave your hand just throbbing for rematch. Just like when Jeff used to be here. We have to move on. And carry on our almighty wisdom of video games of all kinds. Therefore we must acknowledge every game out there and give it a try. For who knows, we just might find an old copy of soulcalibur lying around under your stack of NES games. That is why we must continue this legendary tradition(If you allow me to call it) for generations... all the way to the billionth game generation and beyond. So help me and let's spread the game mania and let's continue what Jeff Gerstmann and all the other game legends started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!