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[QUOTE="TigerSpiderman"]No one actually chooses to be in these religions. Your parents influence your decisions early in life. Or a state of which you belong to (where it is pretty much considered family to a person anyway.)

True. Even if you got rid of your parent influence you cannot simply change your religion. I don't think it matters a lot though, since for a lot of people: what your religion is totally different from what you believe.
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If yes, do you like them?

I think they're great singers and should have more fans.

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There's not a slightest relate I know. So what do you think?

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[QUOTE="GazaAli"]Ali :Means "lofty, sublime" in Arabic. Ali was a cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and the fourth caliph to rule the Muslim world. His followers were the original Shiite Muslims, who regard him as the first rightful caliph.Fightingfan
Why are all you guys named Ali, or Muhammad?

lol!! Mine is Amber. You all know what that means so no need to explain.
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I don't think he was in love with her they danced together and she said she loves him then he said: you do? But I thought we were friends only. Then realized something is going on and stopped dancing. I think he liked Winry though, blushed sometimes around her and so. But I'm certain he didn't like rose, perhaps he felt pity for her since she was raped and had a baby.
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no i don't. I tried one on the internet though scored 139!! I think you should've asked what did you get? That's would've been funny
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There's many things that I would like to see in TES:6. I'm not unhappy with what they gave, but there were some things that needed some improvements, and at least some more features. Being a Bounty Hunter would be a great idea, or joining the guards. Just add more things! Give us something to do other than dungeon crawl after the main quest. I've spent at least 60 hours, and haven't touched the main quest. I think that more and new armors should be added. Give more marriage options as well, and divorces! lol. Having to adopt kids wasn't a bad idea, but leaving out some things that Fable was able to do on a game they produced in 3 months. I'd even accept a black out screen, but give a change, the wife or husband surely needs love. Even Bethesda said that marriage was easy because of how dangerous Skyrim is. So where's the romance? Maybe even add romantic quests, like where you need a spouse to do, or only triggers when you have a spouse. I can see many things that could be done. But one I would really love to have, is Battle scars. If I get slashed at by an Axe, I'd like to see some kind of dent, or scratch. Just leaving no scratches as if I could take an arrow to the chest like I've never been hit. Also, more character customisation. You did good on this one, but I feel it could have been much better. Maybe add a voice for the main character? I just see so much more room for improvement, there's so much more that I could list, but that's all I'm going to say for now. Tyler_Spade
there's a quest in Hearthfire DLC that becomes available when you have spouse. It's something like getting your love ones back? when the bandit kidnaps the spouse. But it's radiant I think, which makes it boring. But you're right in assassin's creed brotherhood there's a whole series of quests about his romantic life. But the problem in TES is that they give you a infinite freedom to choose your character's story so they don't get to make a romantic quests that may conflicts with your character's story. It's cool to be able to build a character really, but at least give him some background, like tell us why he was crossing the boarder to go to Skyrim, give us some clue about his life before. But I guess they can't do that because you have the freedom to choose the race as well. So the story will differs from a race to another. I'd say there's no need to be able to choose a race. It's Skyrim just make him a Nord already. I know some people would like to play with another races but that makes the whole game unable to create a story. If you like a different race you can play with it in the next game. like: Morrowind=Dunmer and Oblivion=Imperial. Everyone wishes to play the war between the Thalmor and the empire. And some are waiting for a DLC when you get to play it. But there isn't going to be one, because the game don't know if you're elf or nord or imperial. So they can't make a war questline to fight against the thalmor what if you're a high elf and want to be with the thalmor? And they can't do a questline for both sides, sure they can get away with it in the civil war because it's not that important. But a war between mer and men should have a defined winner and will be written in the next game lore. So we don't get to play just know the winner's name in the next game.

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An ancient dragon was beating me and my companion, We were in a small vellage on the east (can't remember the name) so the dragon was strong, he can kill me with one fire-breath, I used a lot of potions. and the dragon was flying. I can't shoot it since im no archer the arrows won't do any damage, i had a little experience with destruction but the damn dragon won't stay still and let me hit him, so I dragonrended him and tried to kill him with swords, he kept eating me, and i loaded the game manytimes, before i decided it's useless. he killed all the guards and no one was able to kill him. i called Odaviing and went up a hill to watch the fight, but then something strange happened: he picked me with his claws and threw me, so I died. I didn't even know dragons can do that. I reloaded and ran away but it chased me and then appeared another red spot and a frost breath came down at me. A damn frost dragon decided to show up as if the ancient wasn't enough, well I had to set the game easy before i could kill them, but it was funny how i absorbed their souls while they were lying dead beside each others. And another strange thing I saw: a dragon fighting a giant. the giant won but since i like dragons and hate giants i had to take revenge on him.
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And before you ask why, it's because she's a vampire and I'm a vampire hunter. I wanted to play as a good person kill undead and I didn't even join the theives guild and I destroyed the brotherhood. So she's a vampire, she hunts people, drink blood. And I can't kill her?

I kept hoping the dawnguard would give you a quest to kill her eventually like the blades did (SPOILER!!) when they ordered you to kill Parthunaax which is your friend and the reason you were able to defeat Alduin. But no, no quest, no option. I can't believe the blades gave you a quest that you can't turn down and the dawnguard just welcomed Serana.

And how come she's forced in your party the whole time? You should at least be able to leave her and go your quest alone. Instead having to listen to her chatter all the time!

What do you people think?

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I like Miridia because she hates the undead.