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so I finished playing Skyrim.. I liked it, but I seriously think it has a lot of irritating things.

First it's filled with bugs.

second I hate how it ended coming back to the world to continue the fetching quests, a little gratitude would've been fine. Only the guards noticed that you saved the world. Of course they forget that a second later and ask if: "someone stole your sweetroll?"

Third: the story should've been more defined like at least some background to the dragonborn, we know nothing about him or why did he come to Skyrim.

Other than that it's an amazing game really. I voted for it in every round in the last best game poll that happened in Gamespot. I'm so happy it won.

DIVINITY 2, Great Game but...

I finally finished the game, took me long enough I know, this game was amazing. Those who haven't played it should really give it a try.

It's a game like gothic 3 and Venetica. I really like it when the hero changes into a dragon. It really fell amazing to control the dragon.

But when I finished the game Igot disappointed. The ending really sucks. I can't believe the hero've tricked the whole time. After all the effort he got trapped in a crystal and Evil won!?...

You don't even fight Demian, now I understand what they mean by: "when you see a man called Demian, run!"

I said what with that warning!, in the end when you defeat him he'd be the one running, but looks like you can't defeat him, disappointing, really!

those who have played the game, what do you think, doesn't the ending suck?

Online games

Now, don't you think it would be interesting if we could play online games here?

I mean like Texas HoldEm Poker on facebook

I think that would make the users spend 24/7 here


I was watching this film yesterday, I liked it very much, and I'll get the new part "the new moon" I soon as I can, It's the best film ever, anyone know it ?

I tell you ifyou haven't watched it yet, you should:)

no reviews until the next year

I haven't write any review yet, last week I tried to review one of sonic games, but the problem is my language .

English is my second language so I can't speak English very well .
now I take some lessons and maybe I will be enable to write reviews next year .

all time greatest game hero

unfortunately I was to busy ,and I didn't sign in for a time ..so I wasn't able to create a bracket ..but if I could I would choose cloud as the winner ..I vote for him anyway , he got 50.4% in this round of the votes and I wish to him to be the winner

I'm so angry

I visit this site every day and another though I'm still in level 7 for three weeks ..
I've rated a lot of games and search for another.. and posted two blogs ..but that's useless..
so I'm so angry

L change the world

I saw death note movie :(L change the world recently .. it's a cool movie and the guy who acts L is very beautiful ..he has emo hair .. It's the last film I saw within two weeks .. I was so busy , I finished my exams but I'm still have some lessons ..honestly I don't study so hard ..but I think I'll go to the next year successfully.. because my lessons is very easy.. and about my games I'm still waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.. also I want to get a sonic game ..
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