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THIS is Important!

At lego.cuusoo.com, I have seen that some projects need a boost (Just like Simon Pegg did for the Shaun of the dead winchester set.)

So now, Here's a list of the sets I found that NEED a big Boost:

  • Back to the Future(BTTF) - DeLorean Time Machine (from m.togami)
  • Exo Suit (from PeterReid)
  • Piano (from Hidaka)
  • LEGO Mobile Designer for iPhone/Nintendo 3DS (from Frankie)
  • Angry Birds - Red (from chiukeung)
  • STAR WARS DARK BUCKET (from haru)
  • The Legend of Zelda LEGO (from MINGLES)
  • Space Marines! (from NickRoyer)
  • EVE Online Ships - Rifter (from czar)

Thanks to your help, ANY of these projets will reach 10,000 supporters, needed for the LEGO Review for a chance to be an official LEGO product (NO KIDDIN'.)

For further help, contact friends by sending messages to 'em


- rabbids4eva

Theme Hospital is on GOG.com!

"You might not think that a hospital sim could be so funny, but remember: laughter is the best medicine!

Welcome to the GOG.com clinic! As a treatment for typical symptoms of moderngameboringus--lack of creativity, no sense of humor, and mindless repetition--we recommend a wonderful insta-cure: Theme Hospital for a co-pay of only $5.99!

Theme Hospital is a hospital management simulation. You need to fill the empty building with all sorts of hospital equipment, starting from desks and file cabinets, to ultra-sophisticated diagnostic machinery like DNA fixer or Head Inflator: you know, equipment every hospital needs. Then you hire all necessary staff members like doctors, nurses, handymen, or receptionists, and once everything's set up, treat patients as they come in suffering from a variety of humourous illnesses, including Hairyitis, Bloaty Head, and even Slack Tongue (caused by over-discussion of soap operas!).

Theme Hospital is all about the little details: staff personalities, patients vomiting, doctors chilling in the staff room, and fantastic comedic cutscenes. Your hospital requires not only the best staff and equipment but pool tables, soda machines, radiators, and plants to keep your patients and doctors alike happy. Fans of micromanagement will be pleased, but so will fans of fun!

Do what it takes to make the world a better place: pick up Theme Hospital for $5.99 on GOG.com today!" - GOG.com

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Vote Now for the Best PSOne EU Classic of 2011

There are games to vote everyone!

Better spread the news before the end of the year!


Tomb Raider Chronicles

Atari Anniversary Edition Redux

Crash 2

Twisted Metal (1995)

LOK: Soul Reaver

Resident Evil: Director's Cut

Final Fantasy VI

Parasite Eve II

TEKKEN (1995)

GEX Franchise

Fear Effect

Mickey's Wild Adventure

Rally Cross

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain


Silent Hill

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

Spread the news

(Entry Deadline: 31 December 2011)

Steam Gifting News!

"There are those who say it's much better to give than to receive. For the rest of us, the greatest gift is gifts. And now it's easier than ever to receive gifts, or even, if you must, give them. In your inventory you'll find a new "Pending Gifts" tab where you can view gifts offered to you and gifts you've offered to your friends. You can accept a gift to add to your game library or store in your inventory for later on both the web and in the Steam client."

"And to ensure you don't miss a gift, a new item in your inventory, or a friend invite, there's now a notification flag at the top of the Steam client that lets you know you have things to act on and quick links to get you there."