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My 15 favorite games (revised)

Once again I have made changes to my fav. game list and expanded it to 10.

1. Bioshock PC (still my favorite)

2. Burnout Paradise: the ultimate box PC

3. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door GC(IMO an instant classic)

4. Metroid Prime GC

5.Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC :shock:

6. Super Smash Bros. Melee GC

7. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (best looking Wii game evar!)

8. Worms 4: Mayhem

9. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

10. Deus Ex PC

11. Left for Dead 2

12. Portal

13. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

14. Trackmania Nations Forever (look it up its free)

15. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

I'm Back!!!!

Hey every1 I'm back after a 1.5 year hiatus....:shock:

Don't ask y tho

I'll be on more often now:D

For reasons i cannot explain, I gave up my title of the leader of the First Person Shooter* Union in which I created.

Wooohooo snow day

I got another snow day:D,the third one so far, and so I'm off from school

It snowed about 5.5 inches and now it's sleeting terribly

it's supposed to rain ALL DAY now:shock:

I absolutely DESPISE school:evil:

my 5 favorite games (revised)

I made a few mistakes the first time

so i'll made a different list

5=Mirrors Edge(im lucky I have a good PC to run it)

4=Splinter Cell

3=Need for Speed Most Wanted

2=Metroid Prime


Anybody have a game they like thats on this list?

late Merry Christmas (updated)

The only reason why I didn't post on Christmas day was 'cuz I was busy for about 2 hours trying to make the software for my new webcam to work;every time I tried to download it a message came up saying something like "setup cant continue because you are not connected to the internet or the server is not available. connect to the internet and try again.":xI literally tried everything,but nothing worked at all.With that said, i'll probably spend alot of time trying to fix it.

a few things I got for Xmas=

NFS Undercover for PC

RRR TV party for Wii

Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000

A bunch of DVDs=

Indy Jones and The Kingdom of the Crstal Skull 2 disk Special Edition Blu-Ray

The Dark Knight Blu-Ray

A book

if you wondering why there is nothing really there,I have some HUGE Christmas party coming up were Ill get many more things, Ill edit the post and add to it. Merry Christmas to everybody at GS!

another new user icon/

So, I decided I needed a new user icon, I got tired of my old one8), I found a Xenomorph (I hope I spelt it right) and used that as my icon instead. Anybody like it more than my old one?

my 5 most wanted games so far

5=NFS Undercover (even if the reviews aren't good)

4=Mirrors Edge PC (2 bad itz not released yet)

3=Guitar Hero World Tour

2=Rock Band 2(one or the other)

1=Burn0ut Paradise PC(bikes!):D

(i cant wait until February!):(

Burn0ut Paradise?

0h n0...

Anyb0dy kn0w the Burn0ut Paradise PC versi0n

Ive l00ked everywere 0nline, but I c0uldn't find the PC versi0n

the 0nly thing I f0und was Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

is there such a thing as the PC versi0n al0ne?:?

new emblem

Got a new emblem from watching the Gears of War 2 gameplay marathon

"it's a bloodbath out there":D

nice picture:)

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