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Do blogs still work around here?

It has been a very long time. I'll be honest, since the overhaul of the site and the integration with Twitter, Facebook and the like I have little to no interest to be here.

But I happened to stop by yesterday for the first time in a while and found that Link between worlds won GOTY... wow. I will have to admit I'm happy on that one and it is the first thing GameSpot and myself have agreed on in years.

I hear that lots of people don't like the difficulty, well, then after you finish play on heroic mode. Everything deals 4x the damage. It still is beatable sure, but definitely makes you actually use your gear to stay alive.

The one problem I have with the game is in the fact you can't talk about the deepest part of it without giving away the ending. And maybe 'deepest' part is the wrong word because it hints at the discussion rather than trumpets it. But it has massive applicability in our current day and age as more and more people throw away religion in the name of 'peace' and 'harmony'... low and behold we will slowly become Lorule. Some might say we already are.

I just thought I should drop a quick note, see if this works anymore. For the most part though, I'm just happy playing games and not worrying about what the internet thinks anymore. Too much negativity here. See ya.

Anyone heard of Change.org?

Change.org is a website that basically lets you either create petitions or sign others petitions to facilitate awareness of issues.

One of my most desired changes would to the site itself. I get emails about petitions that are taking off, ones I might be interested in, which I don't opt-out of because I do want to be involved to some extent. But there are times when I see a petition that I not only don't want to sign, I want to sign in the contrary, basically putting my name on the negative - I will fight this idea - side of the petition.

However Change.org doesn't have such an option. They are only helping support one side of every petition. That isn't change, that is the mob demanding change because they feel entitled to it.

Anyhow, this is my proposed petition I would like to setup - I just wanted to ask if anyone else has ever heard of the site, or would think something like this would be a good idea? Thoughts? I put the description below:
Petition: What: Allow an "against support" option to petitions. Why: I'm petitioning Change.org to allow both sides of the story to be told. Currently we only see those that support petition, but never see how many would be actively against said petition. Sure we can not sign a petition, but that doesn't necessarily show our active support against a petition. I feel like we should have the right to sign our name contrary to the petition at hand as much as we have the ability to sign in support of said petition. This also extends to the value those that are having a petition against them. Those individuals / entities deserve the right to know how many people are against the petition. For example, they deserve the right to know that while 50,000 people supported the petition 250,000 are actively against it. Right now Change.org only tells one side of the story. All of us will still have the ability to ignore the petitions if we don't feel strongly one way or the other. Change.org has the responsibility to step up and let both sides of a petition show through.

Interesting comment by the youth in my neighborhood

I wanted to write a bigger post on this, but until I do, I figured I should ask people if they have seen something similar to this. The kids in my neighborhood, ages 10-14 or so are basically abandoning traditional gaming. My oldest, who has been saving up for a 3DS for 8 months now told us he would like to get a tablet instead. As I stared at him in disbelief, not calling him stupid but thinking it, everyone in his group of friends (and people I know he doesn't spend much time with) all agreed. "on a tablet you get all the cool games like Minecraft and Angry Birds. Oh I can also have all my books on it" As I tried to explain to them it is not the true PC edition of Minecraft on those they would say, "but it will get updates eventually, and who cares. It will have enough" Ugg, hopefully it is just a phase. I use my tablet to game plenty, but a "buy this or that but not both" decision would never have a tablet winning when it comes to games. Huh, at least all I'm worried about is how he plays games... could be a lot worse things to worry about this day and age. I'll count my blessings on this one.

I've made a horrible mistake...

So, everyone that reads my blog from time to time knows I play Minecraft. Pretty fun I might say, very relaxing, get materials, build stuff, do whatever right... So I made the horrible mistake of reading about Terraria (not pronounced Terra-ria, which could be confused as "runny Terra" as my wife thought). So it plays four player, split screen local multiplayer co-op on the X360 - My kids, who are addicted to Minecraft on the X360, needed a game I wanted to play with them. I see Minecraft on the X360 is the 'undeveloped' Minecraft, the Minecraft that isn't all there, so I only play it on the PC. Which meant I didn't really game with my kids all that much because the two games that support local-multiplayer are kind of gone the way of 'overplayed' (Castle Crashers, Minecraft). Enter Terraria. It has been called the '2D Minecraft', which I guess at a basic level could be true. I found a closer description though to be a 2D Sandbox 'metroid-vania' that allows crafting / building / exploration similar to Minecraft. Did anyone ever play the indie game "Miner Dig Deep"? If you did, take that game and put it on octane, with Minecraft and Metroid mixed in... Interested? You should be. Yeah... bad things happen when you combine the endlessness of Minecraft with the awesomeness of 2D Metroidvania's... Basically you lose a weekend or two, forget to go to sleep, etc. I will admit, it took a little bit to get into. How you craft one thing to the next is horribly explained, and the Wiki and such doesn't help newcomers at all. The cool stuff is all way too advanced to build right away, so it still feels very overwhelming as I'm still looking for my first 10 bars of Demon stone to make an advanced weapon.

We have been playing for a weekend, probably a good 20 hours and are yet to fight a boss because we are still amassing everything we need to build and upgrade stuff so we can actually take on a boss. And when I say 'we' I really mean "me" because once my kids made a grappling hook they built an elevated obstacle course that you had to grapple through like bionic commando and if you fell you died. They spent a good hour trying to get around the course without dying and another good hour racing each other... Maybe they were smarted than me as I only made a super efficient mine to get down from the surface to the core. It took a bit to realize how to switch cursor modes for building (we skipped the tutorial because we just wanted to dive in and play all 3 of us at the same time). The moving things into and out of chests is clunky... but by golly, it is a pretty sweet game. For the days you just want to be lazy you can get in and build, mine, collect resources, for the days you want to kill stuff you can go and kill stuff. You want to adventure? Go find a cave or two and explore... the caves can go on for a very long time. You find all sorts of stuff in them - and basically get lost in them. Luckily the game comes with a map, so you won't get permanently screwed. Your character grows with you as you play. You can find Heart containers (similar to Zelda), new weapons, materials to craft you own armor. Amass wealth to buy stuff off of merchants and NPC's as you play. You have "Piggy Banks", the Minecraft equivalent of an Ender Chest. If you want to play another world guess what? All that stuff on you carries along. Which gives you more chances to earn cool things and find one off hidden goodies.

This works really well with playing with my kids. We can play a shared world with each other and once they go to bed I can play my own world if I choose... or when I'm busy and they want to play they can play their own worlds. When we get together again the wealth comes with you back to the shared map. It is great. No worries about them flubbing up your well crafted world while you are missing. I was thinking about putting the game up on my Linux cloud server next to my Minecraft installation, but alas, it is native to only Windows (and X360). I would get running using virtual machines and such, but I would rather play it than setup all this stuff for right now. If you haven't played Terraria, or thought it was just kind of Minecraft in 2D. It will play that way as you start out, but as you progress further it clearly turns into a Metroidvania game with Minecraft elements instead. It usually is super cheap on Steam, so take a look sometime. Once again, E3 with all its amazing-ness is easily trumped by a $15 XBLA game... go figure.

Sony's Press Conference

Sony E3 conference: Here was my feelings as it plays out - If someone actually comments on a particular part, maybe I'll put more effort into describing how I feel beyond the first reaction. Wow, 15 minutes late... And then what is their explosion out of the gate? Talk about Vita?! wow... what a massive choke. While I'm typing this the stream crashes... Guess I better switch to a different feed. GT feed it is. Looks like Vita is the companion device for PS4. Seeming I don't own one, looks like I'm already out of the loop. Next up PS3 news. I can see what they are doing here. They don't want to knock my socks off and then let me down by talking about this old stuff. I'll hold out. They talk some of the games: Last Of Us: looks like The Walking Dead with more gameplay in it. Hum... a game called the puppeteer? looked lame. another one - didn't have time to watch. and now to a game with F* Bombs in the trailer and really stiff acting. It has a bad-ass girl in it. Unluckily the voice talent is Juno (Ellen Paige), so I'll I can see is a pregnant teen running around the whole time: Beyond two souls. Meh. Grand Turismo 6 - yeah, another car collecting game! oh wait, I don't really care about these anymore. Batman: Arkham Origins - I never even finished the other batman games. GTA 5: Nope. I don't need GTA, never will. ---------- Slight aside - Why do I pay attention to Video games anymore? Seriously at least something should have made me excited by now... Instead I'm bored. I don't even see anything fancy to share with my kids / family. Gaming truly is way different than what I want it to be. ---------- On to PS4... finally. And to present the hardware is a squeaky gross looking guy. Sorry, this is a guy that just shouldn't be allowed to speak in a big setting like this. ...and presentation - A black box... LOL!!!!!!!! It is a slanted VCR! Good one guys! They took the Xbone, slanted it, and stood it on end like a Wii. Wow. blown away or something. Sony Entertainment Pictures/Movies/Publishing guy to the stage - Here it is, the promise of the best entertainment for everyone. He names a few music brands I hate. He mentions some TV that I actually like (Community). Some movies that are lame or gone way to far (Spiderman, Resident Evil). He promises exclusives to the gamers... What content? He is completely empty in details. Good waste of time there - did little but tell me again I don't really care about the brand behind the brand here. Video Unlimited - Ability to rent TV and such - wow. Streaming netflix... goodie. My Wii does that. Redbox instant - maybe useful. Saves me driving to the dollar box at the gas station 4 times a year. Flixster: For watching more movies. Hum... Back to the PS4 and gaming... here we go maybe... Enter someone to talk about games. Oh Shit... talk about social media and the games those sorts of asswhipes play. And how we can get games like those to the PS4. I guess the fact I don't talk about it all the time must mean I'm not interested. Point taken. And an exclusive game - Finally! 45 minutes in... Guns and Knights looking dudes. And Zeplins? and horse carriages? WTF? and trains... and Zombies type people. "The Order 1886" - Um... I don't even know what to say here. Seems odd, but at least different. Still lots of guns. All gaming is these days is guns guns guns. 4 more titles and details: Killzone - Shadow Fall. Meh. Drive Club - A racing game. You know when PC's first came to life it was all flight simulators. Car simulators are the console equivalent. Infamous - Second son. again... there is NOTHING interesting to keep people interested in gaming. If you didn't love this gen there is NOTHING to look forward to with next gen. It is all the same stuff! Knack - The colorful game in the bunch. The promise of story telling and emotion are promised - enter The Dark Sorcerer - Some satanic worship and yelling. Cool graphics. Kind of funny cut scene. Is this a game? I guess so. Now to Indies... New person to talk to us and some Supergiant Games people (the people that made Bastion). Game reveal: Transistor - Odd art style. Really big sword. I like the music. Looks like another bastion type game. They come out and talk a bunch of other indie games - I don't know if it is exclusive or not. The only thing I'm sure of is the fact I can play these on PS4. Some of them look really cool. I really liked the 2D space shooter one at the end. "Exclusive Console Debut" - looks like there are some cool games in there. Diablo III talk - Really, someone still talks about this game? wow. Still though, as a 4 player split screen event, might be worth it.

Squenix takes the stage. Versus XIII - On to a trailer. Hum. again floating planes and such, Swords and guns. Knights people. The blend of Technology and 'today' look and feel looks interesting, yet odd. Looks like another 3rd person action game. The graphics look dated already. Looks like it should have been on the PS3. LOL. I wonder if they can get people to buy a whole new console based on a game that didn't come out for the last console they bought to play it on... Oh it is rebranded to FF XV now. That should make people happier about last gens disappointment. And now a Kingdom Hearts reveal. Finally, something geared for playing in front of my kids. On to an Asscreed 30 trailer. Oh good. It has been a while since I had a chance to play with some AssCreed. I mean a good 3-6 months or so. But there are pirates now! It has all the same elements from all the others. Look how stealthily he sloshes through all the plants and water. Best... Assassin... Ever... lol. Then onto a Ship fight! Lol... the game crashes at the end! Nailed it!!! guy quickly exits the stage and Watch Dogs steps up to hopefully take away from the moment. Watch Dogs - This actually looks interesting - it slowly bleeds out of me. Stealth in a car... it is probably the guy driving down the wrong side of the road you twats! and onto a car chase. Looks like you get to hack cameras all the time and setup places to sneak around with. Searching for mobile player? Hum, you have to play with other people to play the game? I hope that isn't true gameplay expectations. It looked really fun until then. Not exclusive though - so whatever. Not a selling point of a console. Now switch over to goofy sports titles. Lets show off Lebron... I hate big sports stars. Onto Elder Scrolls... Online... Play Online with my friends. Hum... If there is one thing I have always wanted to do while playing an elders scrolls game is have some griefer screw it up for me. Mad Max - Wow, out of no where comes a game from the movies from the 80's. I don't know which is worse, a movie tie in game, or a movie tie in for a game from 3 decades ago.

On to the close...

- No restrictions on Used games

- Finally! Disc based games. You buy it you own it. People are still cheering for this one.

- Full games don't need to be connected online to play. (Disc based games)

- Single player games will play without an internet connection. And it won't stop working if it doesn't authenticate in 24 hours. Some crap to share facebook stuff and other lame social media.

PS Plus members ($5 a month) required for online multiplayer. I wonder if anyone noticed this... This is the XBL gold account. $5 a month. ($60 a year). Same as the Xbox.

Destiny gameplay reveal - "Earth many years from now" - Multiplayer game - fancy I guess. Lets slog through the graphics as we walk very boringly along here... It is like the gameplay is scripted and not live... either that or it sucks. Looks like you can cast elements onto your weapon types. Kind of like Boarderlands. Different classes. Lots of upgrade options and such. Looks like it takes elements of Borderlands and expands on them a bit. Looks interesting actually. It looks like there are a lot of online only events and such though... (They try to make chat back and forth as they play the game... like this really happens... more like everyone would be calling my mom gay or something instead) Now they try to get me interested in the story. Hum...

------- Still not done, lets talk "cloud" All access service in 2014 to the US. Provides PS4, PS3, Vita - They can play PS3 games. Streamed games... So, what does PS3 people want with this? Why not just get the game on the PS3? Hum, not sold. Maybe okay for me though as I will be able to play PS3 games I missed? hum. And now the price: - $399 is the price! - $100 off the Xbone. and it is over.

Well, at least it is a next gen console, without all the next gen BS. The only thing I think people will have a fit over is the PS Plus requirement to play online. Meh, who plays online? Not me. Looks like PS truly is where I will land eventually - that is if new types of games keep coming.

What have I been up to? Fire Emblem and More

I haven't been around much. Other than the few cases where I come read the news, spout off a snarky comment and then leave again I haven't done much online. I mentioned a blog back that I recently bought myself a 3DS XL. I'm happy to say that I'm still working myself through Fire Emblem on it. I do a mission or two a night 4-5 times a week. The problem is that random missions pop-up every day to keep you coming back to the game - so I clean those up and if I still have time I try to do one actual story mission. I've already clocked in 30+ hours on the game and I'm half-way. If you stuck to the storyline I'm sure I would be done by now, but alas, that isn't what I'm doing. That brings the grand total, per hour, for the 3DS to $8 and reducing every day. I've also played some other things, but maybe for an hour or 2 before heading back to Fire Emblem. Totally worth it for me. I also started playing Pikmin 2 on the Wii again. I never finished it way back when, so here I am trying to finish it out. One of the reasons I love the game are the controls, but at the same time the controls are why I hate the Wii. I have kids. Kids that like to walk in front of the TV... Wii controls that use the pointer don't work so well in that environment. I'm already up to 40% of the debt paid off (game progression) and counting. I haven't been on Steam much, just long enough today to notice that Nate gave me a code to Proteus. Thanks as always! I also have been playing some Minecraft - as always - I'm actually playing with a neighbor of mine. It makes it a bit more fun. Trying to top his tower height or his impressiveness of the landscape. I built a Iron farm... and I plan on building an aircraft carrier in the ocean or something weird like that. If I ever get to finishing it maybe I'll post it. Don't wait up though... it is going to take forever. Hum... Other than that I have been working a lot. My co-worker Sr. Dev Manager got fired... so I have had to carry the slack. It makes for a very busy day (and lots of times, night) job. The pay is good though so I don't worry too much. Things are always looking up in the workplace. How about that Xbone? Yeah, I'm tired of talking about it too. I might go full on casual one of these days. Don't hate me for it, but man it is hard to play all the games I want to play, so I'm pretty content with playing the few i really want to play and leave it at that. Here's hoping that someday I get a bit more time to try out some of the other stuff out there that I want to sink my time into... but with the job and family I don't know, I don't want to trade it for video games. See you around!

Gaming news from GS...

So 10 of the top 20 news stories right now are EA related. They must pay a lot for advertising on this site. It really is unfortunate because I know there is a lot more going on in the world of games beyond EA... Can anyone suggest real gaming sites that aren't just GS clones (AAA talk or EA / Activision bought)? I know it is probably hard to come up with because I am on a AAA hell hole of a gaming site and all, with the main course being EA all the time, but I seriously need a change from this.

B-day tomorrow... what did I get myself?

The funny thing is my wife actually kind of tipped my hand here. She bought me a copy of Fire Emblem for the 3DS about a month or so ago. She was afraid the same thing would happen with this one that happened with them in the past - the game runs out of copies and Nintendo decides not to reprint. So when she saw a copy she bought it, knowing full well someday I'll want to play it. Having found this out, and my b-day being April 22nd, I figured it was time to be able to play that game and forked out the cash for a new Red 3DS XL. When I buy Nintendo hardware it always seems that a sale or remodel comes right around the corner, but this time I just took the plunge. Here are my thoughts: 1. The 3D is exactly what I thought it would be. The problem is when I get the right angle it does make text and stuff pop-out like I'm looking at something from the future or something, but then my head starts to hurt after a bit and I realize I need to turn it off... then I feel like I'm not getting everything out of this flat looking 3DS game... So I turn the 3D back on and tell myself to tough it out. If I go blind I'm blaming this thing. 2. I got it all running and went right to the store. One of the reason I'm a proud owner of * something * I'm not suppose to own for my DS is because I hate cart switching. Well, with the 3DS you can download most of the games and have them right on your SD card, thus avoiding one of the reasons I owned one of those *can't be named* items in the last handheld gen.

So, I went to the store in the hopes of downloading games I knew I wanted to carry with me... is it just me or is the store suck ass right now? Where are the GBA games? Oh yeah, they only gave them to the ambastards or whatever they call them. Yeah, we get it Nintendo - you screwed over your loyal fans with the price point at release. It has been over 2 years since the release and almost 2 years since the crazy price drop. Time to quit special treating the few people that like your hoo-ha in their rear and release the rest of the games to everyone for purchase. 3. The 3DS VC is worse than the Wii's VC... come on Nintendo. Can I show you how to make all these games available faster? Really, you should be charging a good $.99 for all these classic games, as is, and just release everything you can already. At that price every time I get an itch to play a classic game I know you would get my money instead of me playing it elsewhere... 4. I did find a couple of games on sale... One of them looked interesting so I downloaded it. $5 for a game I didn't even know existed prior to yesterday. Sales big publishers... take a hint from Steam will you and make this happen more often. It generates hype if the game is good, and hopefully more sales and word of mouth flies. And if not, you still got a few bucks out of people that wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

5. Fire Emblem is good, though the opening already has me pinned as the bad guy. Hum... I don't like to be the bad guy. I'll have to see how this unravels.

So I'm still torn on the whole purchase. Part of me thinks I got on board too early again, even though it has been out for 2 years. I only have a handful of games I want to play on it, Fire Emblem, the new Zelda LttP sequel... there are others I'll try out to be sure, but those two were the system sellers for me. Anyhow, what are your favorite games on the system? or what games have tempted you into looking into the system?

Two most annoying things 'gamers' say

"You haven't played it so why does your opinion matter." Sorry, that is my favorite pile of BS in the industry right now. Well, I can read and I can understand what others say about things and I also have the ability to share my opinion. And I'll tell you why my opinion matters, because I'm not a customer yet. What I'm criticizing about the game is probably the reason I haven't given the developer any money yet. Want to increase the customer base? listening to complaints is a good place to start.

"If you don't like it don't buy it" How exactly does one express their opinion in regards to a game without supporting the very game via sales? We have to read articles and draw our own conclusions. Maybe, just maybe, when people say this they are actually encouraging us to not actually spend money on the game... that usually results in my first complaint appearing more often though. Sometimes I wonder if the correct solution to the problem is to stop bashing games and get back to bashing the industry and its followers. If enough people do that, gaming will become uncool again and *crash*, the industry is back to single guys living in their basements. Some would argue that we never left that... here I am, in my basement, talking about games with my wife out of town, so I guess I'm single this week... I got to work on putting on some more weight though.

March games? Nah, how about I talk about Bioshock Infinite

So Bioshock Infinite came out this week, and despite me playing Mark of the Ninja, a few iPad games, and a bunch of other Steam games, I went and picked up Bioshock Infinite day one. Having not bought a full priced game in... hum, I think my last one was Skyrim - never really did play it - I was a bit worried about shelling out another $60 on a game. So what convinced me? 1. The reviews were one of the reasons. It seemed people only had praise for the game. They also mentioned that Elizabeth wasn't a tag along pain in the neck. I will have to say Elizabeth is a great addition to the game. You never have to protect her, and all she does is help. 2. I looked at the esrb.org description of the game and guess what? No F* bombs in the game. Interesting. It seems like the shooter genre have finally realized that swearing doesn't always have to go hand in hand with the guns. It might only be the setting and all though. As I play it though, all the swearing has been replaced with actual dialog that makes sense, and all communication with Elizabeth is well thought out and actually to the point. Good show. 3. The setting. This whole 1912, floating sky, seemed interesting. Through in a bit of story about radical 'prophets' and it seemed like an interesting gamble.

So how is it panning out? Honestly, there are some really boring parts. It took me 45 minutes just to get to the part where I shoot. Every level pretty much gives you a peaceful walkthrough the area with lots of civilians in it. Then you hit the roadblock, the guards come out and you fight your way back through it. It isn't every part, but just about every part.

They also have the cliche of having to hunt in every nook and cranny to find lockpicks (once you find Elizabeth) so you can open up the hidden areas - and they don't sell any in case you miss one. So I end up carefully looking through the area, every cranny, for 30-45 minutes, turn around, shoot crap for a few minutes, and then walk through all the bodies picking everything up again.

It seems like the FPS genre has also adopted the rule that you can only ever have two weapons on hand... I also don't know what is coming, so I take a gun that is good up close and a gun that doesn't suck from far away. After every skirmish, I'm almost out of bullets... so I swap out one of the guns and hope I don't run into a fight before I can get more. It is actually kind of annoying. - Brief aside here. This is what Mass Effect 1 did right, that no other game has seemed to get right since. Ammo hunting. Mass Effect 1 didn't have any, it also had a viable reason to explain why. If you got too carried away, you could over heat your gun, but after all the bodies were piled up you moved on, no clip hunting. You want to streamline games and make them more fun and accessible? Get rid of this garbage. Also let me carry all the guns. I'll end up gravitating to the ones I like the most and probably stick with 2 or so, but I feel punished for even trying to experiment. If I pick up a gun that sucks and I get in a fight, sucks to be me because I'm probably stuck with it. There, back to Bioshock... Without giving away too much of the story - okay, none of the story - I don't know if the Bioshock team knows how to write anything different than Bioshock 1. I'll leave it at that.

I have no idea how close to the end I am because games don't use levels or progression anymore. I can't even look at achievements to determine how close I am. I can't look up a walkthrough because to understand how far I am I have to read possible plot spoilers in there... I remember the good old days - I just got achievement "finish level 6... look achievements Levels 7-10 are still locked, at least I'm 60% of the way through though." Or even older days - google: "How many levels are in game X?" - 10, okay, I'm on 6... almost there. I like to know how close I am to finishing things. Autosave is stupid. Why can't I open up the menu and click 'Save' at any time? What a lame feature to cut. Don't want someone saving during a fight, fine disable it during a fight... but as I'm wandering around let me save whenever I want! Every time I see it autosave I have to pause and think to myself, "have I had enough? If I keep playing I will possibly have to redo stuff..." I'll actually stop and quit because of this. I have other things I have to do, I can't hope another save spot turns up sooner than later.

The plasmids are lame, I never feel like I can shoot them off. You only get 1 - 2 uses of some of them before you are out of 'Salts' - plasmid power - and you can't just inject more like Bioshock 1. So I find myself never using them just in case I need them later. The upgrades for them are crazy expensive too. To the point if you buy one, you don't get to buy anything else for a long time. So I end up hording my money instead of upgrading them. Other than those little gripes, the game is okay. Bioshock 1 knocked my socks off. Bioshock Infinite is still fighting to keep my attention. Spending $60 on something sure does pressure you into keeping at it though. I'm actually kind of hoping I get it done quick while the resell value is high - I doubt I'll ever journey the sky again once I'm done unless it gets better soon. There really isn't that much interesting about the game other than they did get one thing right, Elizabeth. Solid Gold companion AI right there. Everyone would do well to ensure to follow the mold going forward in their own games. I'm also suppose to be enjoying the flying around on the sky rail things... but unfortunately, I played a little game called Metroid Prime from the GameCube era that did it a bunch. Bioshock did make it easier to get on and off, but it is still the same basic premise. I'll give you more of my thoughts once I get it done, but already I'm seeing why I don't bother with AAA games much anymore. I think a younger me would absolutely love this game... but there are so many things thrown in there to add to 'realism' and such that AAA gaming just isn't that much fun. For all the steps forward in technology, the industry sure does know how to take a 10 steps backward.