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You lose.

Look at me. I'm a Greatest Game Villain Competition Crusher. I beat all of you. I...will bask in all of my glory.

Stuck in Pandora

I think I'm stuck in mah avatar because I just CAN'T GET THE MOVIE OUT OF MY HEAD!!1!1

I saw the movie yesterday with two friends in 3D, and I just have to say that it was a hell of an experience. The film had a stronger effect on me than Dances With Wolvesdid, even though it does more (rips off of it) than borrow ideas from it. Pandora is beautiful; the effects and CGI looked nearly flawless to us, and the 3D aspect only helped further immerse me into Jake Sully's struggle.

I really felt for the characters' struggle. The Na'vi are a peaceful, one-with-nature people who are connected by a network of memories, their ancestor's voices, and traditions. (Though the plot is not particularly strong, it all seemed so surreal.) The human mercs that have touched on Pandora, however...ah, well, they're the typical, destructive, greedy humans we see in most other films who only want the resources that the Nai'vi people are living on. As Stephen Lang (Col. Quatrich) states in an interview, the emotions "ratchet up" as you notice every organism on Pandora rising up against the human threat. It certainly makes you question how united we could be if we only tried. Or if aliens attacked. (Which...is pure fantasy because we all know aliens most likely do not exist. At least, not practically or virtually to us.)

The animals of Pandora are varied, and much more unforgiving, to say the least. They are mainly based off of RL animals and prehistoric influences, but hey--who's to say that you've ever seen such hungry animals in such breathtaking CGI-3D-awesometasticness?

Mhmm--you HAVE to see it. It's not some simple Sci-Fi film with action; there are so many layers to Avatar to cut through. You may find an anti-American theme or you may simply find the main characters' causes to be somehow compelling. You start to breathe what Pandorans breathe after you spend 2 hrs and 30 minutes with them on-screen. You start to yearn for more of beautiful Pandora after a while. Ehhh, more like right after you walk out of the theater. Am I to blame? No, since I had the chance to cry with the Na'vi; I witnessed battle with the Na'vi! I AM PART OF THE PPLZ!!1!1

Go see now. kthxbye :D

A Chronicling of My History With Fake Video Games

When I turned six my mother gave me a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Silver. Or Gold. Or Silver-Gold.

The cartridge of the game was black, while the art on it (on the silver sticker) included the sexy, beastly lugia--wings spread and all. However, the Pokemon seal near the left corner of the sticker said "silver/gold" instead of just..."silver."

That cursed thing wouldn't even save. Basically, it was a fake version of Silver, and the cartridge wasn't even colored gray. The Pokemon seal didn't specify the version name, either. OK, that's alright...it's just one game. I had to appreciate what my mother had bought for me. Sure, it was from the little video games shop in the San Gabriel Valley Superstore, and it didn't quite work properly--but there were many birthdays ahead and even more presents I could look forward to.

And soon as I was able to blink I was nine, and everyone around me had a PS2. My uncle had one. My best friend Daniel had one. As expected, I asked for a video game console--not just another portable gaming device. My father came home one day with a big box; on the font was a picture of a PS.

And the words "PikaGame" were engraved on the flip-up cover (dunno the technical term for it, but it 's flipped open to reveal game cartridge slots). At that point I had one thought and one thought only: Why the hell do all of the fake games I get have something to do with Pokemon?

It turned out that the game cartridge slots were too big for PlayStation games, and the machine already had "ten million" games "in one." The scumbag makers of the machine failed in that department as well, since those "ten million" games on the list of games were re-worded copies of the games that were built in.

My dad said he got the thing for $30 bucks, and that there was no need to fret over buying somethin as expensive as a PS2.

Finally, when I was eleven, I received from my parents a real console. I came home one day to ask my parents about getting a 360 at launch, to which they frowned upon and never replied. A week later, in the car, my dad told me he had a surprise. From the trunk of his car he hauled out a box containing--

A PlayStation (PS, not even a PS2) bundled with a Lil' Romeo game. The hell? There are video games for lame mainstream rap artists too?? I know, I know...this has nothing to do with fake consoles and my hate for them...

But anyway, when my bewilderment was evident he said: "What's the matter, isn't it the same as an XBOX? See? There's no need for one now, the seller told me he'd give it to me for fifteen dollars!"

Yes, folks, this is a true story. We were not poor.

No more games and graphics lectures, please.

Face it: we're living with a generation of gamers who value graphics as much as game play. These gamers include PC gamers who will *try* to settle for the best graphical settings in a game. This generation also includes console players who also expect the most from their own gaming consoles. I mean, both these groups of gamers have a right to be obsessive about good graphics. They bought their damn machines, for crying out loud.

But don't DONT DONT ever tell them "game play > graphics".

Why? It's a given. I firmly believe that any modern human being can understand that. Without game play you have no game; isn't that ridiculously obvious? lol, isn't it???

I know, I know....this blog really doesn't hold much importance. It's a blog that stems from annoyances from within in me. I personally value graphics a lot because this is pretty much THE generation of gaming, where good graphics are a requirement to me. Some people say "well why is it a requirement?" And I say: "Why not?" We have HD, water cooling, and Core i7s, people!! Is all of tis not enough reason to expect the best graphics?

I was perusing through the several topics that have been made on the Modern Warfare 2 PC board. A user asked if his PC could possibly run the game at the highest settings. Scrolling down a bit, I saw a post that read similarly to: "OMG y canT y0u jUsT PL4Y th3 DaM GaM3. WHatS wR0NG w/ THiS generAt1on??!!"

Basically, another (who evidently had more experience in playing older games than the TC) user had complained about the TC's bigger focus on graphics rather than gameplay. First of all, he probably does care about playing the game (WHO SAID HE DOESN'T? WHY IS HE ASKING ABOUT GRAPHICS IN THE FIRST PLACE?), so don't tell it to everyone like he has no interest in the game play and mechanics. That comment was also an example of elitism, which we all know does no good. People may not be like you and me, who enjoyed Pokemon Yellow and Galaga.

Anyway, I scrolled down even further and saw people posting and reminding the TC of how important game play was as opposed to graphics. My second point: How does the simple question of "can I run it" become an invitation for lectures?? I mean, no one stopped the wave of lecturing comments.

This brings me to my last point. Gamers who may value the tech. aspects of games still want fun games. Let me say that again: they want fungames. Have you ever met anyone who wouldn't buy a good game because of its sheer ugliness on-screen?? Sure, you might meet the occasional gamer who is ignorant and never researches games and generally dislikes any games that don't look like his favorite games (which may be the few games that he has ever played), though this does not make this unknowing person a "graphics whore." He/she is just ignorant and is by no means an experienced gamer. Most of these people don't even post on forums, so who cares anyway?

I'm telling you guys, you're making the label "graphics whore" worse than it is (I'm not pointing at anyone, but you know who you are.). No, no...I'm not mad at you. Just answer a person's questions about graphics or point it out that they don't have to have the absolute best. Just don't mention how game play is important; the question was about graphics in the first place.

I Inquire: What games have you played this summer?

School for me starts in 13 days, a day short of two weeks. Every time I walk down that aisle in a store and see back-to-school savings signs, I feel like murdering something. So here goes MY list of games I have finally gotten a hold of this summer:

Mirror's Edge


Overlord 2

Diablo 2

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

STALKER: Clear Sky

Saint's Row 2


FEAR 2: Project Origin


Sims 3

Runes of Magic (free mmo)

Dream of Mirror Online (free mmo)

Anarchy Online

...all for mah PC. I haven't touched my 360 since the last day of May, and even on that day I couldn't get much done on XBOX Live. Then again, I also haven't finished a single game on that list except for FEAR 2...

With the summer heat dying down I have been left to finish up my summer English assignments. They have been quite interesting so far, to say the least...it's not every summer holiday that a teacher gives you three well-known books consisting of less than 300 pages to read. It's so tough that I'm enjoying it.

Sometimes, when I'm not reading I'm playing FEAR (MY CURRENT OBSESSION). I don't know why I didn't get it earlier; I'm so absorbed into it I hear voices and gunfire when I slip into bed (TRUE).

So far everything's playing out like a typical end-of-summer routine. The pressure of normal life hasn't settled in yet, but I already want to avoid talking about school. I'm not in a hurry to finish unfinished business before school starts (besides my summer assignments), and I'm still trying out new games.

I uh...was moderated.

NOOO! Ugh. I was at 98% the last time I checked and when I logged on this morning, I was at a big fat 25%. I have been defeated. I'll be at level 30 forever!! I shall shake my fist angrily at you, Gamespot, and walk away.

Funny, I don't even know which review of mine they deleted. It said something about me trolling or insulting someone. You know who you are, you soft-hearted, warm-blooded sentimental lug!! I don't know what you were so offended about as my reviews are completely clean and largely unbiased. I do not target insults at any race or cultural groups or individuals for that matter. Seriously, folks, have I ever insulted anyone here? (Well, I might have back in 2006, though that's a secret between me myself and...I.)

Speaking of reviews, I need to write one. I've played well over six games or so since Zeno Clash, but I have yet to find a single gap in my time to write one.


Mmm, strawberry milkshake...

Ah, wait a minute--I hafta open up the window. It's getting really hot...

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah--summer! Ahem,

IT'S SUMMMMMEEERRRR!! It's my first week of summer vacation, and I hope you guys are enjoying summer as much as I am. I haven't been doing much lately because I've just finished reformatting my computer and getting it up and running properly again. Other than screwin around with the comp. and hangin out, I haven't been doing much. I'm dying for some summer gaming, but I can't think of what to buy. SUGGESTIONS PLZ.

Is Left 4 Dead half-baked?

I know, Valve is crazy. They're releasing a sequel to their online-only zombiefest a year after the first was released. This move was nonsensical, and very EA-like.

Or was it?

So of course I saw the trailer for L4D 2. Of course I took the time to linger on the thought of having melee weapons and a new setting. And of course, even after the announcement, I am excited for it.

Let's think for a moment. Valve, a company well known for supporting their games and patching the hour after a game is released, has announced a new L4D game before they've even started to add in the SDK for L4D 1. Seeing how many frequent updates Team Fortress 2 got in the initial several months following its release, I can say that Valve has really slacked off in terms of patching and adding in new content for L4D. Needless to say, they could probably just patch new melee weapons and new campaigns into L4D 1.

So why am I saying this when I support L4D 2? Well, to start things off, I'm not crying or whining about how this new game is totally not worth buying. Yes, Valve stated that they'd continue supporting the original game after the sequel's release, and yes--that is quite absurd, because what's the point? Yeah, it's a kick in the balls; I know.

But at the same time, I feel that before we begin to bash Valve, we should think about maybe why Valve is doing this. Is it because they have a newer and better L4D experience that simply must be separate from the original? Did they want a more story-driven game? Maybe. The guys at Valve aren't stupid, mind you. Whatever the case, $50 dollars (or $20) or not, better graphics or not, for better or for worse, an addition to L4D is coming, and it sounds improved over the original. (The comments about Valve becoming EA are kinda harsh, too.)

Let's be real here...if you don't want to pay for this, DON'T. You see, it's really, really annoying seeing someone who won't even buy the game complain on and on about it. I don't mind someone ranting once about why they won't buy it and why everyone else shouldn't buy it (for the community's sake, in other words), but for those out there who are excited for something new to L4D, we don't care for you (maybe not you, but the whiners).

With that being said, I think what they should do is relese the SDK anyway for L4D 1 and sell L4D 2 for less. Otherwise, tt should definitely be cheaper for owners of the original L4D. Having the SDK for L4D 1 would mean a better game for those who decide not to buy L4D 2.

Um, Top Games of E3 Pls?

You know what this is about, fellas. It's time for r4v3gl0ry's top games of E3 '09.

1. Splinter Cell Conviction

2. Halo: ODST and Halo Reach

3. L4D 2

4. Modern Warfare 2

5. FF13

6.MGS Rising

Splinter Cell looks pretty fun. They scrapped the shaggy look of the "new" Sam Fisher, and it doesn't look as inferior to the previous games as I thought it would be. I'm not actually excited by the new Halo games that are coming out, but I'm definitely curious. I mean, I dunno about you but I'm tired of seeing the covenant. As for L4D 2...melee weapons are right up my alley. MW2's action sequences look over-the-top, but I wish they'd branch out from the linear game play. FF13 looks plain cool. MGS Rising has potential, and that's a given since Kojima's behind it.

Star Trek, Among Other Things...

I saw the Star Trek movie today, and although I still know nothing about the Star Trek universe, I can say that it was AWESOME. I had a crummy weekend prior to today because I was forced into watching a horrible movie yesterday called Dance Flick, and I've been frustrated ever since Valve released the new update for Team Fortress 2.

1.) NEVER watch a mash-up movie. Scary Movie 1 and Scary Movie 2 might been alright, but the others (Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Dance Flick) will make you SCREAM in agony because of the sheer level of stupidity in each film. I wouldn't even call those mash-up "comedies" real films.

2.) God, I really, REALLY want the new unlockables that were released in TF2. The only problem is that Valve scrapped the old unlock system for a new one, one that basically hands out unlockable weapons almost randomly. People are joining "idle" servers and staying on them overnight, since playing in actual games won't help unlock anything.

I know, I know...my weekend wasn't really crummy at all. But you get the picture: WATCH STAR TREK!