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I've to say the antec 1200. I was doubting between the Haf and the antec too but finally decided for the antec because of 2 reasons. First reason was that it got more fans second reason was that it got airfilters, which is easily to clean imo. Both cases look nice, if you like blue led light than go for the antec if not than it's better to pick the haf.

I did Intel burn test on my OC'ed q9550 (C1- stepping) and the max temp reached to 65 C, passed without errors:), so overall it cools really good.

edit: forgot to say I OC'ed it to 4.0 Ghz on a ASUS p5q pro (471 fsb)

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I felt i needed to back you up in this because you're right. I can perfectly understand and read the hidden punctuations, because that is a skill you get when you read a lot.By the way if someonedoesn't want to put any effort to his writing than leave him be, after all is there a law which prohibits it?