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Christmas/New Year/ Film Festival

I'm somewhat back. Well I just want to say happy new christmas year. This could actually turn out to be a long blog. So be prepared.

What I got for Christmas:

Money (the universal gift): That is what a usually get :P

With said money I bought:

Persona 4: I am at the part in the steaming bathhouse to save kanji. I love that there is save points are everywhere and that social links with you partners now affect battle. Misfit better make another FAQ for persona 4. Come on man stop being so lazy. :P

Fallout 3: I kind of borrowed it from a friend for like 3 weeks in November and I finally decided to give it back. Extremely addictive and awesome.

Dead Space: resident evil 4 IN SPACE (plus awesome tweaks). Like the ability to move and shoot at the same time and switching weapons in real time. I love the atmosphere of the game. Some people say that is copying stuff from Alien and Event Horizon but I really don't care. If you're going to copy(or be influenced from) a movie with aliens in space might as well copy from the best.

A new Xbox Controller: Yay. It's black and my 1 and a half-year brother likes to steal it.

Now for the New Year part.


A couple days ago I was invited to some kind of film festival. I forgot the name but I saw some previews for some awesome movies coming out next year. By the looks of it next year is going to be an awesome year for animation.

Caraline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuXZ8l4j8Ag

I saw the first 20 minutes in 3D (which was awesome). It looks amazing.By the guy who made The Night before Christmas.

Up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MSVaOfZcnU&feature=related

I saw the first 45 minutes. It was not completely finished some parts were still in storyboard. Wow. If Pixar does this right it could be one of there top films. The first ten minutes of this movie were depressing. I mean people were crying in the movie theater and this was just storyboard. I won't delve into the plot though typing it will make me feel stupid because it is absolutely crazy but it somehow works.

Watchmen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VLA0tg5yI0

Oh Hells yeah. I watched the first 20 minutes. ZOMG. It was awesome. They copied some of the angles of the comic book to even make them more alike. My only complaint is that in 20 minutes they're only on page 13. So there might be a director's cut with like 2 hours of extra footage. Which would suck. They also said the ending would not be the *thing*. It would be bigger. Which could either be awesome or suck.

Monsters vs Aliens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtdrGikcihA

I'm not sure about this one. It could go either way. Not much to talk about though except for the all star cast of seth rogen and Stephen Colbert.(playing the president.)

9: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0CnkGwEdx8

A movie by Tim Burton. I only saw the first 15 minutes and it was pretty good(not enough time to give an opinion on it). Their using CG but there trying to make it look like claymation. Whih is really cool.

There were a couple more But I don't feel like typing.

"Pierce the heavens with you're your drill!"

Just finished an epic series.

It's called Gurren Lagann(possibly greatest mecha series of all time). It is the most over the top, nonsensical, and by far craziest anime i've ever seen. I just finished the last episode and wow. That robot is the biggest freaking robot of all time. No contest. It's a fun anime don't exepect anything deep philosophicaly more emotionally. and you will see a lot of drills. I it has really good animation, addictive music ( the song won't leave >.>), and a lovable cast of charecters(which the creators had the balls to kill some off). You might find yourself hating it or loving it. There isn't really a middle ground. If you can handle a nonsensical story line than i suggest you to watch it. I also don't like the mecha designs that much but there different from you're usual mechas so I'll give them that. I also don't like mecha series in general. It's also one of those two animes that has a great dub. If you also want to know who created his it is from the guy who directed FLCL episode 5 and some others but he was not the main director. It's got heart.



Name a really bad game with good music

I hate to say it but alone in the dark has a really good OST. It's strange since the game was incriedibly bad.


What other games do you think are like this?

Suddenly Wiiware has gained respect from me

Cave Story(with bonus content) is coming.......OH HELLZ YEAH!!!

Things that will piss me off if any reviewer mentions any of the following:

1. The graphics are too old (a bit better htan 8-bit more digital looking)

2.Game too hard


Lunch box flying man FTW

Orlandum FTL

I need books NOW!!

Well You see..... I somehow stumpled myself in this super duper english reading class. In the first four weeks we are just reading. Since I usually am cheap and just read books of the internet. I don't have any. So I ended up reading Angela's ashes (recommended by the teacher or was the only book that would torture me the most). Which I swear to god if If another Baby kid @%@$ dies. I'll chuck the book at a moving car. So I need some book reccomendations. Anything over 250 pages will do. So PLEASE tell me something. Try to avoid trilogies.

If you don't read books GTFO of my blog or "I'll throw a rock at you" (pointless reference to angela's ashes.)

Cave Story is awesome

Recently I have been addicted to a freeware game called cave story. It is like fusion between mario,megaman and metroid. For those who don't know cave story is a freeware game with nes graphics. It's very fun. Though at the begining everything is very easy once it picks up it gets REALLY hard. The last level *kinda spoiler* hell is mindblowingly hard. Though that level is only unlocked is you do certain stuff in the game. The music is some of the catchiest and epic 8-bit music. I really recommend this game if your bored one day and have nothing else to do.I also give a a gold star because it is also the best freeware game I have played.

Catchy music:



Epic music:


(there were better ones(both groups) but i was too lazy to find them)

Where can you download it:


Next freeware game I shall play: The Underside (when it's finished)



Since I have the weirdtendencyto hold the right click button when pressing something. Stupid new GS decides to count it as a double post. Then I delete the other one. AND THEN there both deleted. Just telling you guys in case you have not noticed. I've givin up on this glitch. So if you see a double post IT's not my fault.

On a completely other note. I finished reading watchmen. it was amazing. It had a phenomenal ending. It just leaves you saying wow. So I decided to put the golden sticker on it as "bestgraphic novel ever". Also for you babies out there. This is one of the darkest things I've ever read. So becareful.

Rorschach FTW

Rorschach: Give me smallest finger on a man's hand. I'll produce information. Computer unnecessary.