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Supernatural Season 6...? hmmm I don't know

So I'm sure as every Supernatural fan knows, it has been confirmed that there will in fact be another season of Supernatural. But how exactly will it play out without Eric Kripke running the show and the demise (highly implied) of the devil? I am very skeptical and I'm not sure that I want a season 6. I really do not want this show to lose its prestige over a lackluster season but who knows, I may (and hope) that I will be proven wrong.

A Goofy Movie is a great movie!

I watched A Goofy Movie for the first time in like forever and like it better then when I watched it back when i was like 8. It's just a great movie and the songs are actually pretty cool. Ive been listening to 'Stand Out' like the whole day and its awesome! You guys should all watch it again (see it if u haven't already) cause you will probably like it more then the last time!

My Movie Ratings

You guys might think that I am not rating my movies high enough so to clear up any confusion, this is what my ratings mean:

5 stars: One of the BEST movies ever!

4.5 stars: An awesome, must-see movie!

4 stars: A great movie that most people will enjoy!

3.5 stars: An above average movie that will satisfy.

3 stars: A good movie.

2.5 stars: An ok movie that is still watchable.

2 stars: A mediocre movie that kind of drags on.

1.5 stars: A poor and boring movie.

1 star: A bad movie! Skip it.

.5 star: A HORRIBLE movie! Do not watch!