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I see an awful lot of people sitting back and laughing up this idea but I don't see why it is that far-fetched. People seem to think EA's collapse (if it was to ever happen) would be gradual but I doubt it. EA will fall hard and fast. I would like to point out THQ as an example. People sit back and say "they were dying for ages" except they weren't. Their collapse happened virtually overnight. It was in 2010 when their budgets began to spiral out of control that they began to feel the burn. That is when all the restructuring happened and the bad news began to show.

That was not a long term failure. THQ were perfectly fine for half of this generation. It didn't stop them going under during the final hurdle. All it really takes is one major car crash and your legs are broken forever. EA might have a lot of money but it doesn't mean it won't be burned overnight. They may have a lot of assets but if you see they have already had serious restructures before PS4 and X1 even came out. They have faced two lawsuits over BF4, Titanfall is obviously going to flop hard. Saying the pre-orders indicate nothing is foolishness. It gives an insight to how much interest there really is in the game. Just because MS and EA are hyping it to the moon doesn't mean it will sell well. Marketing it like this only makes the burn harder when it fails.

So if they post another loss in April that will match last year when Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 flopped. Dead Space 3 itself is proof. A game can still be insanely popular and flop due to people calling you out on your practices. Popularity doesn't mean EA are immune and that people will ignore calling them on their BS.

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The internet talks about how awesome it is going to be just because of some flashy trailer. Meanwhile the masses simply won't care. Seriously you think FFXV and KH3 will be good just because they are on PS4? LOL SE have completely forgotten what made the series compelling. Its game over for FF. Lightning Returns shows that.

A bunch of brainwashed forum posters does not equal mass market success. Final Fantasy is a shadow of its former self and a platform shift won't change that. Watch as the masses give it the finger as they have realized the truth that Final Fantasy is garbage now and nobody cares besides a bunch of blind nostalgic fanboys who still believe anything SE tell them.

XIII-2 will make this right. We promise. Ok Lightning Returns then...... but we still have Versus. Now its XV. Yes you have XV but when the XIII trilogy and XIV sucked hard why will this be different? No chance this game will be profitable after how long its been in DH. As for Kingdom Hearts 3 you just haven't seen Square Enix screw it up yet. It will still suck. These flopping will finally lead to the death of this company and I can't wait until all the fanboys wake up and see what flops these two games are. lol flashy trailers = win amirite SE defense force? BTW what did great graphics do to FFXIII again?

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I can get Neptunia DLC completely free. A company making a game that niche with a stupidly small budget can give DLC for free yet companies like EA "need" the money they lose on used games? You expect me to believe that? They don't NEED the money. They WANT the money. Big difference.

If these rumors are true about the next Xbox then people won't buy it. I believe people putting up with RROD all these years and paying online charges has convinced the bigwigs at Redmond that they can get away with everything they throw at people. Well I have some news for them, there are other consoles on the market. What boggles my mind is that MS is this cocky after just one successful generation. One generation does not make them a major competitor in the long run of things (as Sega proved). Nintendo are still here and Sony have one of the strongest console brands in history. Microsoft is still a new comer. And TBH these rumors just show it. It shows major inexpirience (not only in the console market but) as a hardware manufacturer.

For the record = I had to buy Neptunia used because it was virtually impossible to buy new. But because I like it I bought the sequels new. Sorry not even the blindest fanboy on earth can defend this. If you are defending it you are being paid. If you are saying "rumors" you are living in denial.

There is only one reason an official Microsoft employee would defend such a tactic in the defensive way they did. Its a feature they will use. The fact that a lot of people expected PS4 to show up much later and Sony spilled the beans February, yet Microsoft (funnily enough) remain silent, only means they are holding something in fear of a significant backlash.

A prototype exists which has this BS feature. At this point it is obvious. Well Microsoft aren't going to get away with it. The reader of this will buy a PS4 and they know it. In fact it only adds more confirmation to the rumors of it being casual focused. They would be taking advantage of consumers who don't know any better.

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PC fans = still requesting UMVC3 and banging their drums about the delays of games that aren't getting equal treatment.

360 fans = worried they are being neglected with exclusive content and being given DLC to a "rubbish" RE game. Timed DLC for 6 doesn't count. SF X T disc locked content fiasco.

PS3 fans = see above fiasco.

Vita fans = looks like no support beyond ports of two games.

Wii fans = what happened to those two games they were working on?

3DS fans = upset over MML3 cancellation and annoyed about no localization of EX Troopers.

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I'm seeing the word entitlement popping up like some sort of insult lately. Its being thrown around to the point where the word "trolling" has been outclassed for losing meaning. You make one single complaint and that translates to entitlement. You probably can't even complain if there was no goomba in the next Mario because your a self entitled ogre. But just what is "entitlement"? I have some news for the media, and any forum poster who uses this word. Without us you are nothing.

If we feel we are being ripped off by DLC then we have a right to voice our opinions and stand up to this greed. I would argue that the companies dictating what we can have for a FULL RETAIL price and then charge £16 for more than 25% of a roster is the very definition of entitlement! Self entitled company greed. Its not enough that games have risen by £10 since last time. They want more. Sorry but DLC thats locked on disc or day 1 DLC is bull.

I've been wanting to write about this ever since seeing that CVG article from who knows when. Well think about it for a minute journalists. Companies continue to lock more and more DLC away from us charging higher and higher prices until it gets out of hand. If that content was available to us since before DLC came along why can't it be now? It doesn't make us "entitled" by standing up to this. It makes us realistic. We know full well we are being shafted and they can give us all that content for free. I bet forum posters who post the word actually work for the companies posting it as some sort of weapon to use but too bad. Its backfired. Its just plain greed.

Note to CVG and any other website using this line in the wrong context: we stand up and vote with our wallets and the companies don't get their cash. Companies go under and the industry dies. Without this industry, you have no job. Problem journalists?

Stop trying to treat us like we are 2. We know our rights as consumers and we stand up for them. If that makes us entitled then what does it make the comapnies who have the cheek and nerve to con us?

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Don't know if I want it on the 3DS, I'm more excited for WiiU version.iceyyyy

BUT.... you can take it on your holidays! :D

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I never knew this.

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So lets see if I have this right? Because the system is being outsold by DS and PSP it is failing? Also, I think 3DS blows DS and GBA out of the park. The games are WAY better and its not even been out a year. But you are entitled to your opinion. Your logic about 3DS failing is flawed though.

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It dosent need a price drop. People keep demanding it because of vita but sony is taking a huge loss on each unit at that price. They only made it that low because they know its the only way they can possibly compete with the 3DS after the failure that was the psp. The thing is though that in the end that does end up affecting the quality of games that hit the system. If they arent making money off the system its hard to entice devs and pubs to make great games for it.Gen007

That is very true. Quite frankly I can't see the hype behind the Vita. It only has two games that interest me. I really wanted a PSP but was never motivated to get one. When I finally got one I could see why everyone hated it. It simply doesn't have enough on there to keep you interested in it. Literally all the games I want on it are announced for 3DS now. The reason I don't count Soul Calibur is cause it sucked on PSP.

Of course that doesn't mean its a bad system. I'm sure whoever is getting one will have fun. I guess I just don't see the appeal in it.

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Namco's VP of marketing says dropping the price of 3DS could be a hinderance to the 3DS more than help. He states by keeping the price at a premium level it allows developers to bring premium products to market. He also thinks 3DS would go down in value if a price drop would happen.

Personally I think some of the games will force your hand but a small drop at Christmas couldn't hurt ;)