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Thoughts about copyprotection

The day before yesterday (1.5.2013) my Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon finally unlocked in Steam. I had been waiting for it almost a month because i do not support piracy. I was very eager to get it started. What kind of mess i had to deal with, to get it started.
First launch, and i thought that Steam started again an endless update procedure with new game. "Starting for the firstime update bla bla" so i cancelled it. Started again, and update went fast this time. Then, i was getting a comfortable position because i thought my game would finally start, but it didn't.

Uplay was loading, and now i had to sign up in Uplay? Well tried if my Steam account worked, and it didn't. Then i figured, might aswell check by requesting pass, that if i have an Ubisoft account allready. Turns out, i did have one.
Finally after pass reset, i got into my Uplay account, and now for the first time the game was finally launching.
At FC3 main menu, "Contacting Ubisoft servers.." my reaction, "get out of here".

Finally that connection errored and i could start my game. Just wanted to get it started so i can start tweaking on graphical settings (as we play on pc, you need to make the adjustments to get optimal performance). So i Esc'ed to options, only to find out "Contacting Ubi servers".. again. Now i was like "WTF! This really is a SINGLE player you know." So why the **** my SP game need to constantly check with Ubi servers? Because of COPYPROTECTION.

These copyprotections really make more harm for legitmate paying customers than some pirates. You really think pirates can't come up with an sollution to crack something open? They do not do this "cracking up" because of need to play game. They do it because of the challenge of unlocking something.
This copyprotection shit is really annoying me nowadays. Due to that "checking servers bla bla" i had to constantly wait apporximately 1min. 1 friggin minute just to get to ingame OPTIONS. And the slow time is not because of my hardware. I have a 100m connection with no problems whatsoever.

Back in the 90's, i went to a store, got a game, went home and installed the game. After that, pure gameplay. No ****ing struggling with copyproctection.
Instead now, because of that copyproctection, i seriously considered pirating this game. Since i have this payed version that don't give a shit about me.

I mean, seriously. Didn't you people learn anything from EA's Sim City circus?
If anything, then it's that, that it should be pretty **** obvious, that you DO NOT NEED ALLWAYS ONLINE with an SINGLEPLAYER game.

Ubisoft. Please remove this ALLWAYS ONLINE Uplay from Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon because it's obviously slowing my performance and making my game experience bad. Or atleast make it as fluid as STEAM.
Steam may have some Steam drm to it, but that is it. Steam stilll allowes me to play offline. When will you people understand that you will not beat Steam in this digital marketing. Not now, not ever.

New game difficulty standard to serve everybody. Reinvented

I had this idea that game developers should reinvent the difficulty setting that each mode provides and really make it a new standard in gaming.
I think games should offer all of us difficulty we seek.
i for one want my games as difficult/realistic as they come but i also do understand someone just wanting to relax after a long hard day and not wanting the game to offer maximum difficulty but instead fun playability and therefore there is EASY for those and HARD for us who want to get that difficulty/challenge.

EASY: specifically made for the now huge grown casual gaming market, where all following is included.
Good objective indicators to locate your next objective, good indicators to hint out when you need to evade from taking heavy fire, possible on-off automatic aiming, recharging health after taking heavy fire, low challenge in general and if tough situation comes offer some player adjustment, aiming through iron sights, no need to locate keys,inventory, health or ammunition,
no inventoyry to manually activate

NORAML: Basically all from easy upped a noch and possibly some features turned to off for added challenge.

HARD: For the old-school generation of gamers who know how to and when to use your medikit inventory,
no recharging health but plain old health collectibles, no iron sights, a need to go look around for collectibles such as health, ammunition and inventory and keys, no automatic aiming, no indicators hint of when to evade when taking heavy fire,

And please try to understand as many people has already pointed out that it's not an insult to play on EASY,
afterall the games are being made for ALL of us not just newer gamers.

I'm going to give an example here.

I just only tried some Call of Duty game singeplayer campaing just to be sure what my personal thoughts about that game are.

So i started playing the game and after passing the unskipable tutorial training, i wanted my game to be on veteran/hard difficulty and when i finally got to change the difficulty, the game wanted to confirm my decision like 3 or 7 times.
If the game would have included this new difficulty standard, this would not have happened and i would have got to play the game way earlier.

See what is going on?
I, an old-school gamer who know my w,s,a,d keyboard movement from previous gaming, want to play on a difficulty i set and i shouldn't have to double confirm a game i want to play on a specific difficulty.
I think this new reinventing these three familiar difficulty settings can make playing games a whole lot joyful for everybody.

FPS games today

The situation is horrible today with FPS games for us more advanced gamers. Since games really are now made so that the game adapts to the noob console player who needs regenerating healths as well as linear level desing so the game pratically throws you all the weapons and therefore there is no need for anykind of searching for anything and all you really do in games now is just shoot behind cover and thats all. Back in the day YOU had to adapt to the game and if you couldn't even play it on easy then thats just too bad. You had to go play other games or try again if you wanted to succseed.

I just started playing F.E.A.R. (2005) on PC which i have completed on low/moderate already back in 06 but now since im playing on extreme difficulty it's unbelievably cool because you have the superpowers/reflexes but now simply of just going and running out guns all blazing instead i have to be really careful. Lean and make use of corners for cover and anything really like thrown table or i'll simply die pretty much in few seconds. So now if i want to survive and maybe go all rambo out in the fight every sec i survive is actually because of my own skill, because if you just stop in middle of the firefight you will die pretty much instantly regardless if you have full health and armor:D. So of course now the slowmo-time/reflexes really come in use and because the ammunition is not unlimited you have to go many times and backtrack to go get some ammo and stuff. Stealth now sometimes really is better option than throwing attention to self by opening loud fire.

So if anyone wants a real gaming experience i suggest playing F.E.A.R. on extreme difficulty because it has a whole other tension than playing on easy and really makes you appreciate all possible health collectibles aswell as guns.