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My Love, My Hate and All of My Sorrow

Tried to think of a good name for this one, it is the final blog. As you may not have heard, the blog feature of this site is getting the axe.

Originally I disliked blogs but they grew on me, sorry I started making them so late.

I skipped making a blog in June for the "annual I've been here x-amount of years blog" so I could come aroung to it next year but it seems that won't happen.

So this is a goodbye-blog to blogs. And alittle to some users that only come here to blog.

Do you remember your first blog?

I still remember my first one; it was about The Little Mermaid, Ariel, singing about STDs. I posted it for humor, cause it was kinda funny, but also to show how far public technology has come. Whatever, it was mostly for the humor :P

I do regret not saving some of my blogs and not reaching the 50. But I will miss wandering the site and reading blogs then commenting on them more.

To the users that this really impacts, I don't know. Not sure but does anyone know if this also applies to GS and the other sister sites? If not then I will always be there for your blogs on those sites but if so...tell me if you're going to another site to post your blogs and maybe one day I will join there if I'm not there already.

So I will go around posting on blogs this week one last time...

Thanks for letting me read your blogs and take it easy ;)

But It Is Mine!


That was a very dramatic and one of the best yells on film in my opinion. I highly reccomend watching that film, "The Crucible" if you have not seen it to know why he wanted his name so badly.

This blog is about my name. Yes, my name.

For those that haven't noticed, your profiles (this might be fixed by the time anyone reads this blog) now show your names..your full names and for some maybe location and such.

I have not looked at anyone elses profile but I am curious and it is tempting..and I think this might've happened before. :| I am actually kinda okay (not really, reasons will be mentioned) considering my name is used for both boys and girls, so enigma status not harmed. :P

Anywho, I did not get here when it first happened so, there is a chance my whole name is known. If anyone saw my name could you let me know so I know how many people know my name. I would like to give my name to people when I feel like it.


Also if this is happening to you, go to your preferences and change your name asap!

The Breeze and the Moon

I guess the last blog was actually "good", it almost made it to 100 comments. It had a better title though.

I have officially been here 6 years today. A big achievement to some, a warning sign to others :P

I guess I will give an update of me:

Its pretty much clear that this has not been the best year.One of my mentors,Master Splinter but I can call him by his real name now, Sid andmy oldest friend passed away in April and May. Thats been kinda, rough.

I decided to keep myself busy by working so I will be working alot this summer. But until Summer begins I have time to just kick-back and relax. There are some interesting movies that are out in theaters, though with the ticket prices the way they are I doubt I will see more than two of them :P

Video games have served as a pleasant distraction as well. I highly reccomend MK9 for those that were fans of the original MK games. And E3 showed some interesting stuff. I am afraid I will miss Anime Expo this year because of the job but there might be next year. :)

I also hope the next redesign for the site goes well. Has anyone sent in some suggestions to staff? I did...still no response though..just saying, seems kinda like my voice was not heard >_>

And why was Party Down canceled, it was funny. I was looking foward to that to fill in the DVR spot. Now that job will fall to True Blood. But I promise that if it has a _insert word that is synomynous with sucky_ its getting axed. Though Game of Thrones has proven interesting, I can watch that once more :D But in all seriousness, it seems everything is dying down for tv so there will not be much to watch.

How is everyone doing? I am seriously asking ;)

I will do something else with this blog later because my mind (as some may have noticed) is running as fast as a old snail..or old turtle..or rock :P

Standing On a Firm Shaky Ground

Is the title a negative to itself or not? :P

I'm not sure why I made this blog. I don't like to share personal things and I think I lost my flare for random things. At the moment I am thinking about a clown juggling melted butter, I think that would fall into random. :P

I guess I am just making this to let everyone know I am still bad at making blogs o_O

All this makes me think of a toonami video...O_O..Life lessons taught by a voice, priceless. ;):P

Like I said, bad at blogs. I'll have to come back and fix it up.

Mistakes Made While Typing Blog: 27

all spelling errors >_> :P

EDIT: Here is another video from toonami since people liked the Inspiration video. Click here