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New TV and looking for a New Name..

New Name:
    Well im thinking of changing my name from pyroguy305 to something else.  Pyro just doesnt cut it anymore because im not really obsessed with fire..  come to think of it I never really was but whatever.  So just a heads up if i change it.

Well I got a new TV that is an early christmas present...  Its a 50'' Sony Grand Wega.  HDTV 1080i so its pretty nice and i love it.
Heres a pic.  Very niiiice.  Later guys (and gals).

Hot Chocolate, Live Vision and New TV

Ok so I havent posted in a while.  Ive been really busy lately and with what isnt so important.
    What is important (hah) is that ive recently become addicted to hot chocolate (cocoa) because i realize u can make it in the microwave. Ive been drinking at least a  cup a day for a while. :) and somhow im losing weight (thats not good im already real skinny). 
     More importantly I was talking about getting a tv for christmas to my parents and I would pay for some of it but they would pay for most of it.  I found a 50'' RCA HDTV that supports up to 1080i for around $1,300 and mi madre says we may be able to get that.  That would make me a very happy camper even though id have to pay for a good bit of it.
      Also my xbox live runs out in december and i have some money saved up from my birthday and other things so i'm thinking about buying the xbox live vision package that comes with live, headset, camera, uno, robotron, and 200 m$ points. Its like 80 bucks so its all that extra stuff for 30 bucks.  not bad.
 Well i should probably be off doing something like homework or cleaning up my room....  later days.

8k Wooooot!!!

Finally made it to 8k gamerscore.  Its exciting.  Its mostly cause of Gun which is a fun game with good achievements, I will put up a review when I beat the game.  Hoping to get to 10k by Christmas or sooner. Peace out my homies.


These Days...

These days I have been very busy.  I have been going on trips each weekend.  Its my church's 50th anniversary this morning which I helped set up a little bit..
       Ive been having more and more work from school, which keeps me from having a job because I love my freetime and if I had a job I wouldn't have time to spend any of the money I make so theres no point. 
      The busier my life gets, the more I get into gaming...   I started a new character in Fable... I bought Doom on XBLA, I borrowed Gun from a friend and I've still to beat Dead Rising on 72 hour mode.
      A couple years back, me and some friends started making a video, (aptly named, the video) and it was supposed to be a collaboration of humorous skits and such to put together with a slightly cohesive story line.  But that failed and it came out to be about 3+ hours of us doing nothing but parts were very funny.  Well we are all at it again, only we need a video camera because my old one is broken and we are just using a friends digital camera so we can only take minute or so videos at a time.
       Well thats all for now.  Not like anyone reads this.

Bo4ts, Ipodzors, G4mez, Sk00l, 4nd Life..

Well its been a while. Not that yall care or even read this but thats neither here not there.
    Last weekend I was at the beach which was a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time on my rickety old wooden fishing boat in the Intercoastal Waterway of North Carolina.  I was literally holding it together with my arms while it was going 30mph and over plenty of wakes.  My friend and I even put plastic lawn chairs in the boat (its maybe 8ft or 10ft long) and sat in those it was ghetto marvelous.  We caught some fish and thought about throwing them at people who were fishin at the shore but couldnt catch anything.  I caught maybe 8 fish that weekend which i guess isnt bad.  We also played 18 holes of golf (my dad and me vs. his dad and him, playing best ball) and me and my dad got an 88 which is pretty good considering neither of us have broken 100 by ourselves.
Ok, so i have video ipod...
and not too many videos on it.  I used to have full length movies but they were pirated and thats bad.  Well i recently discovered how to put full length DVDs on the ipod from my DVD collection at home.  If you want to know how to do this then you can contact me cause im not sure about the legality of this process....  just IM me or something.  Anyway I also found a podcast for Red vs Blue and Fire Team Charlie which are both funny machinimas using halo/halo 2.  So thats pretty cool.
        Recently I bought Dead Rising but I stopped playing it and fell out of the pace and havent played it in a few days and I decided to completely beat the first Lego Star Wars (i want to buy the second one or get it for my birthday) before I do anything else with games which is going to be hard because i really want to beat the Dead Rising story... anyways thats my game situation for probably the next too weeks.
        Ok so I finally feel like I got somewhat of a grip on school but that may pass soon... i still procrastinate on my work but thats not uncommon for me..  I need time management classes so I can get some gaming in i havent done too much in the past week...  So that sucks.
        I donno what I was going to say about life except two people said it best...  Alexandre Dumas wrote at the end of his novel The Count of Monte Cristo "...wait and hope."  He said more but that was the gist and i think thats a good idea when things get you down...  Also Bob Marley said, "Don't worry, be happy now".  Meaning dont be happy later.  Stop what your doing and be happy now.,.. You may think whatever your doing is the most important thing (school, work, whatever) but your health is the most important and Im convinced that people that dont stress live longer...   Thats all I had to say and comment if you even read this because I'm also convinced that no one reads any of this..

My Great Epiphany and Dead Rising.

I've spent my share of time on game forums and online searching about new games.  Its gotten almost redundant.. Well, all that is about to change because I had an epiphany.  I decided I should not spend my time looking to the future of gaming but spend time in the present of gaming.  Pretty much I will not be on gamespot as much I will be spending more quality time with my Xbox 360.  :)
   Also I just bought Dead Rising.  Its a crazy good game however its pretty hard.  I havent spent too much time on it but as soon as im done with the 72 hour mode Im going to write a review.

Photoshop, 360 Games, School, and Birthday.

Well I havent written one of these in a while, so here goes.

Well, first and foremost I just recently aquired a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 and im pretty much a newb at it.  So if you have any good material I can use to get better at it that would be appreciated..  Or any links to anything... Also if you have photoshop can you track me so i can track you and ask you some questions if I have any?  thanks.

Next, I just want to say that I think its a waste to have games on your shelves that you don't play unless it is a 'collector' such as halo, fable, or something similar that you just don't want to get rid of.  Well recently I purchased Chromehounds and played it for a total of 14 hours and now it is dead to me.  The gameplay is way too slow for me, the build-your-own mech design is tedious and unrewarding.   Unless you have an extremely active squad then the online is very boring...  im gonna hate myself but i think im going to sell it.

School sucks and is taking a lot of time.  Not because I have a lot of homework just because I sit around a lot not wanting to do homework....  its a viscious cycle.

My birthday is coming (Oct. 12) up and some games that are on my list are Lego Star Wars II, Dead Rising, and Saints Row.  Anything else that you think I will want then just pm me or comment here. 

Peace out.

360 Voice

Well, I will write a longer post later (not like anyone cares) but heres something you should check out in case youve never heard of it. is a place where you add your gamertag to a list and your 360 starts writing posts about you! its cool it talks about what games you play and all.  Just if you havent seen it, go check it out.  u can read my 360's blog here

i dont know why but i cant make links.  anyways check it out.

Its Been Three Days.

Its been three days and I havent powered on my xbox 360.
I have no idea why but i just havent had the desire.  Of course I have been very busy but I never forget to make time for some serious gaming. 
    I dont know why but none of the games I have are keeping me occupied.  I play Chromehounds for at least and hour at a time but my squad isn't online much or anything.  Ive done alot in PGR3 and tried some online races but I couldnt find any games to join.  I have all the achievements for Oblivion and so im taking a break from that.  I traded in GRAW cause it wasn't very fun for me.  I beat Kameo so I will go a while before playing that again. 
    I went online to Ebay to buy a BC game.  I chose Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance.  Sadly I purchased the first one which is not BC instead of the Second one....  I also purchased Icewind Dale for PC for $3.   I have not recieved either in the mail yet.
    I donno if I just want a new game or if I should just get into one I own but I'm going to try to regain my gamer status tonight.  Maybe with some Halo 2 because I have not played that in a while.  Either that or I will be Chromehounds.
    If you have any suggestions on either, cheap games I can buy for 360 or any good BC games that cheap then please comment.  Or anything.  Thanks for reading my rambles.

Other day at EB.

Ok so school is about to start back up and ive had a great summer with my 360. The only game i bought was....

right, Kameo. I found it brand spankin new for $30 so I figured, "Why not?". and bought it. I beat it in a couple days, maybe a week but it was really fun. Good buy and I recommend it especially if you can find it for less than that..

Anyways, I figured I might want to buy another game before the summer ended and i was thinking of either Chromehounds or Dead Rising. I was also planning on trading in G.R.A.W. becuase i beat it and never really played it after that. Ive played the demo for DR and thought it was fun but somewhat shallow and my friend had been showing me Chromehounds and he loved it.

The other day, my mom got into a frenzy about me getting some AP work done and cleaning things, especially my room and closet. While cleaning, I found $25 or more of change. I rolled up $20 of quarters and $5 of dimes and headed out. Along with GRAW and the xbox game Breakdown i first went to the bank across the way from EB. I handed her the coins and she made some poor joke about not liking coins and i said that i didnt either, completely ruining her joke.

With $25 in my hand and a bounce in my step (even though i drove) i headed over to EB and gave the lady my two games. She said it would be like $39 dollars trade in value and I said fine. I then saw it.  

Chromehounds over by the wall. I walked over to it in a daze, Picked it up, bought it, raced home and started playing.

Its been a really great game so far and I havent even played it for too long. Sadly though i havent cleaned my room at all and have gotten little to no AP work done. O well.

Just an after thought, If your interested in starting a squad when my friend gets this game then message me and i will track you untill then. Cheers.