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It's been a while, hasn't it?

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Hey there...for the two of you reading this. I haven't made a new blog post in a while, and if you hadn't guessed....I don't really plan to. However, I'm still active on the site, and I have posted some reviews here and there.

- Peace!

Mortal Kombat review

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Haven't done anything big in a while, so check out my Mortal Kombat review! Hope you like it!

Propaganda Games closing: why I actually care

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Yesterday, another unfortunate piece of news from the gaming (and job) world hit the web. Propaganda games, the Vancouver based game studio, is being shut down by its owner Disney Interactive. Propaganda was responsible for the "eh', it's not too bad" Turok reboot in 2008 and recently the movie tie-in game Tron: Evolution. Both of the whopping two games weren't amazing (Tron being pretty bad, in all honesty), so why I am concerned with the studios closing? For one, like any company, the employees. Almost 100 devs getting the pink slip is grim. But the big thing is the reason why the studio was closed. Look at it this way- you're owned by DISNEY, a multi-billion dollar international company. They cut the funding for a game that probably would have sold very well, Pirates of the Caribean: Armada of the Damned (which looked like it could have turned out pretty good). Disneys reason though, is because they want to focus on "mobile" platforms. So what about REAL games? On consoles, on the PC? With the money and funding for Propaganda I bet they could have made something really good, and original- not licensed trash.

That is all I have to say, just a little rant.

Top ten of 2011

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2010 was great, I large diversity of games and content were available for everyone. But now it's 2011- and that means another 12 months of anticipation! Here are my ten most wanted games for the next year

10.) Bulletstorm

First off- this game is crazy. In a nice twist to the shooting genre, it focuses on being ridiculous and awards the player for "killing creatively". With crude, rude humor and and few gallons of blood- Bulletstorm looks promising.

9.) Dead Space 2

The first Dead Space was a surprisingly amazing horror game. It wasn't only a great new IP, but a fresh start to a an excellent new franchise. Relying on atmosphere and an overall feeling of discomfort- it did something most games can't do to me- get me scared. The sequel looks even better, and improves upon the original in every way possible.

8.) LA Noire

It's from Rockstar games. That should be enough. But no, this isn't GTA in the 40's. New, incredible, technology for facial scanning is not only a key to make the game graphically amazing- but used as an integral part of gameplay. You, the player, will have to figure out when someone is lying or telling the truth via their facial expressions. By all means, interesting.

7.) Twisted Metal

My favorite series as a kid. It's been 10 years since a proper sequel. Twisted Metal looks more hectic and awesome than ever! I might finally buy a ps3 for this. Well, this and another certain game...

6.) Mortal Kombat

One of my favorite series is back! But wait, what about MK VS. DC in 2008? It was Ok...but not what I wanted. Mortal Kombat is reinvented and looks better than ever. More blood, more charcaters, a return to 2D ****fighitng, better online functionality and so much more!

5.) Batman: Arkham City

Arkham Asylum was the best comic book game ever. So how can you top that? How about the entire city of Arkham to explore? And Catwoman? And Two Face? And Hugo Strange? There all here- and it's looking like this game will be everything the first one was, just more (and thats not a bad thing). Plus, no Robin in sight- KEEP IT THAT WAY

4.) Uncharted 3

It's the sequel to Uncharted 2: "A million game of the years" Among Thieves. Do I have to explain this?

3.) Mass Effect 3

Another sequel I really shouldn't have to explain. The end of an epic trilogy. Earth is under attack, your previous choices will affect everything for the finale. Theres no doubt this game will be good. The real question is; how good?

2.) Gears Of War 3

To me, the first Gears of War represented what this generation of games would be. Big, brutal, beautiful, and badass. Gears 3 looks to seal the deal on the trilogy (actually, quite a few trilogies ending this year). Hopefully the awesome online won't be hampered by connection issues, and the stroy can wrap up nicely. either way, this game is going to be great.

1.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Words could not describe the joy I had when this was offiicially announced. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is the reason I bought a 360. It made me love games even more, and specifically gave me an appreciation for what a game could do. While little is known and specifics are not yet given, I know this is going to be the game I will watse the most hours on, and absolutely cherish for years to come.

So there you go. My ten games of 2011. I'm sure there will be even more to be and go crazy over. Discuss, comment rant, I don't care! Happy new year- and happy gaming!

Big Blog coming soon, and other updates

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Hey people. It's me again.

2010 is almost out of the way, and I'm feeling really good about the holidays this year. I'm done with my first semester of College, and now have a month home- I can catch up on some gaming too!

With annual "best of Rewards" I will probably make one myself within the next week- look out for it! On top of thaat I'm hoping to get Assassins Creed Brotherhood and some other games this year.

Happy Holidays!

The real driving...dissapointment?

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Of course I'm talking about Gran Turismo 5

Seriously, people waited 5 years for this? Mark 2010 as "the year of dissapointments" with GT5 and Final Fantasy XIII for that factor.

Some people are pathetic...

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So everyone's probably enjoying Call Of Duty: Black Ops. You've heard of it right?

Being as how CallOfDuty is labeled as becoming a "milked" franchise and, since it's owned by Activision, viewed as "bad".

I'll cut to the chase though, people p*ss and moan about the Call Of Duty games without playing it, and if you don't like it- which is fine, you don't view it fairly. I bring this up because I'm looking at the user reviews, and it's sad. People obviously havent even played the game before slapping a big 1.0 review score. It's stupid and pointless, do you really feel like your doing the world a favor?

Sure, Activision have become a bunch of whores but COD is fun, play it before you bash it!

Fallout problems

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So I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas like crazy lately, it's just what I wanted. If you've heard anythign about it the game is filled with bugs though. However, I hadn't experienced anything significant...until the last patch. Ever since I downloaded an update yesterday the game crashes all the time, every time I enter a building or fast travel I have to cross my fingers and hope it loads properly, otherwise the game crashes and I have to restart my xbox. It's incredibly annoying- and I like the game itself so much, but I can barely play it?

Anyone else having similiar problems?

Gametrailers rant, and an apology to you

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Hey guys, I'll cut to the chase in this blog and make it quick: I leftt gamespot for awhile and went to gametrailers. At first I liked it a lot. And just as quickly I realized that the reasons why I left gamespot for a bit, the mods/ flame wars, are worse there. Mainly the mods god. I got banned, not a warning, permanently for posting a "spoiler" for Halo: Reach...ON A VIDEO THAT SPOILED THE ENDING TO HALO: REACH. I had done nothing wrong beforehand, no trolling, no messing with other users, no obvious a-hole comments. Wow, gamespot really is the better game blogging site. Sure, I can't cuss and fuss as much but at least I won't get permanently banned by some pimple-policed douche who can pretend he has some sort of authority online.

Peace, and to all my readers/ commentors: THANK YOU!!! I'M SORRY FOR LEAVING!!! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!


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Hey people, another update style blog.

Schools awesome, I'm starting to get more settled in and love college life. I'm really enjoying my Multimedia/ Game Development class- it started off really boring but now it's getting interesting: I'm in the process of making my own website! Best of all I found out today the class will be taking a tour of Raven Studios in Madison, WI at the end of October! This is great news because: 1.) Raven makes some pretty awesome titles (including Singularity which was great but no one played it and it sold like crap!) 2.) I get to go to Madison again, which is where I grew up. 3.) I planned on working at Raven after I got my degree (I can stay in state)! When I go I'll see if I can get some pictures and info on the place if I can!

Now what game could I possibly be playing? Oh yeah. Halo: Reach!

To be honest I wasn't extremly excited for it, I wanted it but didn't get all hyped up like I did for Halo 3. Anyway it's great. May post a more detailed review up, but I think I should play it a bit more. So far I can say I love the multiplayer- it's the best the series has offered as far as quality. However, the campaign felt a little weak, including a pretty un-epic final mission (not spoiling anything though). So solo play is OK but Multiplayer is incredible, is what I can say so far.

For the future I cannot wait for Castlevania and Fallout: New Veags next month, probably picking up those on the first day.

Thats about it. Talk to you later guys.