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annoying stuff that shoudnt be in video games

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streetpass mii plaza(3DS) duplicate puzzle peaces in the puzzle swap minigame

new super mario bros(DS) unessasaryy deadly water in world 4

mario kart DS(DS) the fact u only start with one ballon in ballon battle while everyone else starts with 3 ballons.and if u lose all of ur ballons u dont respawn u just lose instantly

i cant think of anythin else at the moment if u have anything u want to add just post in the comments

got new ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i got a new ps3 at best buy after my old one broke,it was an bb exclusive bundle,the 'ultamite entertainment bundle'

that came with:a 320 gb ps3 slim. uncharted 2: game of the year edition(with over 35$ of download able content already on disc). modnation racers. the karate kid an blu-ray(with bouns theme in the disc). a blu-ray ps3 remote and all the standerd stuff. its so frikn awsome