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Books I'm Reading: Graphic Novels


Been reading a lot of Comic Book/ Graphic Novels and enjoying reading them and here are some i am reading them. I?m back enjoy reading graphic novels i am discovering some new stuff so that is good and i don?t just read the super hero stuff which is great but the non super hero stuff is always awesome. so here is what i have been reading -

The Ultimates - This is a great series this is really a modern version of the avengers and a mature take on the avengers. And updates all the characters to the modern world and starting with thor is this kind of hippie character Also you have Antman And wasp are in this but antman hits his wife wasp and gets really messed up in parts. I have only read the first book and its great and the you have the ultimates version of the skrulls and you have the hulk issue and some great stuff with the modern stuff, Just an awesome series and have already ordered the 2nd book.

Uncanny X-Force - I have read 2 books in this series and i am really liking it, its a team in the marvel universe and they don?t don?t always get on it makes it interesting with wolverine leading this team it is just awesome. Deadpool does add something to the team. This is a very cool series and really looking foward to read more of this series.

Captain America: Winter Solider - I have been meaning to read more captain america and reading i just loved the story but the character you also the character winter solider in this story and what an awesome character i really want to read more on him now.

The Boys - This has been a series i have been reading from the start this series is who it is gory and and full of sex to do with ?superheroes in the series' universe are corrupted by their celebrity status and often engage in reckless behavior, compromising the safety of the world. For this reason, a superpowered CIA squad, known informally as "The Boys", is charged with monitoring the superhero community.? i love the book because it takes the superhero genre over the top and its so fun to read.

American Vampire - I have been meaning to read this for a while and just sounded awesome and it looked like a great vampire story and after reading i got to say i loved it and i was not expecting to love it. With stephen kings name on it and you get why because this is an awesome story and a great take on a vampire on story and it maybe a slow burn but there is this one character called Skinner Sweet who makes this book worth reading he is awesome but he has this great origin story in this book a must read book.

House Of M - A very good event from the marvel universe ? in which the mutant superhero Scarlet Witch suffered a mental breakdown and tried to alter the fabric of reality to recreate her lost children. Scarlet Witch's father, Magneto, and her twin brother, Quicksilver, played major roles in the series.? I really liked this book a lot and i loved the focus on wolverine and seeing in this event how mutants are loved and it is a very interesting take if this was a real future. Its interesting what has changed for people and some great action stuff and they find out this isnt reality is great to see and there plan to get back to reality and dr. stange?s role in the book this is a great book.

Y The Last Man - I finally finished this series and loved it, it has a very interesting end but overall the whole series is just awesome about the last man on earth with his pet monkey some great stuff in this series.

Criminal - Ed Brubaker has become one of my fav writers and i have only read the first volume of this book and its so good i really want to read the other volumes and its something different because its not a superhero story. It is a great story but it is a slow burn and its very interesting read and the art looks really good.

Batman: Court Of Owls - With the dark knight rises coming out soon i want to read more batman so i got this book and i found it really interesting and goes into the past of the waynes which is really interesting. And has robin and nightwing in the story whih is always good and some interesting stuff happens. Also i wanted to read more of bane i got Batman: Knightfall which i have heard inspires the dark night rises and is when bane famously brok batman?s back (will that happen in the film ?) and is the most famous bane story and i think nolan read this book and the trailer makes it looks like he has and i can?t wait to read it but its like 600+ pages,

I have a big pile of unread graphic novels so im working my way through that because of the new spider-man film i ordered some book on the character and some more captain america to read some big marvel events like civil war and a book that has thanos in it. I have never read invincible but have wanted to so i got a thick book on this series so it should be interesting and some wolverine and more so i got a lot of graphic novels to read.

- Roy (Read At My Blog)

Prometheus: Letdown Of The year ?


(i don?t try to spoil it but i might so be warned and i didn?t see it 3D.)

My First Thoughts:

This has been a movie i have been excited for since we heard they were making another movie in the alien universe that wasn't another AVP movie. I was excited to see another movie in the alien universe and how it all started was good new and we got this big letdown but at least it was interesting. I was really hyped and then the reviews came out and said it was bad and i thought whatever and then i saw it and i have to agree the big problems with this movie was the story and the script and thats what the reviews were say and after seeing this movie this could have been a epic sci-fi movie but we got a letdown that was interesting in the alien universe. The big problems with this movie it doesnt answer the questions it asks and you just hate it for it there is not just one question it doesnt answer there are lot and thats what destroys it in the end and with the story as well which could have been better and with them wanting to do promethus 2 ??? they better not get the guy who wrote lost. The movie starts with asking question like who the hell is this alien thing and i got to say the better parts of this movie is the directing how good it looks. You see 2 people are looking for the hints to out creators and goes off to find them and rushing this part of the movie is something i disliked and really doesnt make sense they say something like this is an invitation or something and suddnley your on ship with people on the missions and sounds like they didn't even know what the mission was before i just don't get that, they could have set that up way better of the movie. You get introduced to the crew of this ship starting with the android played by Fassbender and who is awesome and maybe the best actor in the cast and you see him doing all this stuff on ship before waking up rest of the crew, but in the whole movie is awesome but some of things he does are not explained and would be so much better if they were. Idris Elba plays the captain he is the guy who drives the ship and he is awesome but i have always loved this actor since i saw him in the wire but has been great in other stuff like luther and even the new ghost rider film but in this this he does a great job and i love what his character does at the end. Charlize Theron plays Meredith Vickers who really is the boss and has twist that really didn?t need to do and like her a lot and she is one of the better actress out there and she is awesome as the mega ass in this movie and has some great moment like when someone is infected and there is this big standoff. Noomi Rapace is the lead actress in this movie and i just don?t buy some of her moments in this character and tried to hard to try and make her like ripley. you had the aliens or whatever they were called and i found them very interesting i wished they exlpored them more and gave us more answers and then there were these other alien things that i really didn?t understand but yeah.

The movie had some interesting moments besides the bad things and some of the interesting stuff was the aliens and exploring who they are and i just wished they explored that more and gave us the answers we wanted. I loved the scenes when they first explore the area in the caves or whatever you want to call the area, it was interesting and liked seeing and what these things were and when you have 2 people alone down and some interesting stuff happen and i liked that but what the hell was up with the black goo ? The scenes on the ship were great and seeing the characters talk and that were interesting but i find Idris and theron?s character interaction were awesome something i liked a lot. But i found the movie more interesting even though everything didn?t get explained and i find that just a bad thing and what was wrong with this film. when stuff was getting messed up that was interesting people getting infected and dying and the added with that tension music was good but i founf the baby is an alien thing straight from the other movies but i liked how they didnt but just felt to much the same. The big action scene at the end was awesome even though she just ripped out an alien out from her i could not understand her running full on even with this injury and the death to one of the characters at the end which involves one of them crush was not a great way to go out for this character well thats what i thought. And a birth of a certain alien right at the end i thought was just there for fan service and didn?t like it or hate it but if they did more with i would have loved that scene and with one character going off with a hea of another character to find the answers really fustrated me so it like we have to wait another movie to get the answers which just pisses e off where we should of got them in these movies.

overall: I found the movie interesting but it wasn?t what it should have been like something epic and at least as good as the first 2 alien films and this movie had a lot of problems which there were a lot to not answering the questions we wanted and i could have wrote more about this movie but there was a lot i hated and but found some of it very interesting and i wish this wasn?t part of the alien universe because of a bad script. This was just a big letdown for me which was something that sucked i just hope spider-man and the dark knight rises are not letdowns and i don?t think they will.

- Roy (Read At My Blog)

Max Payne 3 Thoughts


I loved me Max Payne 3 and i have to say i wasnt the biggest fan of the first 2 games. What i really enjoyed that i loved the story and one of the best stories and its has a feel from a movie but 2 movies that i have loved and them movies are man on fire and the 2 elite squad movies and i have that feel when i played this game. I loved the story the most and i have to say i loved the effects on the screen like the words on the screen and the filter on screen is something i loved and i loved max giving his thoughts on stuff something else i loved. The gameplay is something i didnt love but enjoyed and thought it was fun but the story was so awesome i just loved this game and this game is not an easy game and i really liked that chanllage and i like how you go back and fourth in locations and this game does look good but like i said the story was the standout in this game. Each moment in this game is great and has some amazing moments that reminded me of them 2 movies and the characters really had depth and really enjoyed the story being told and i didn't care when it took the controller from me but to see how max changes by the end with a shaved head and all bloody by the end of this game and you see max payne change and it seeing him at start drunk passed out on the floor of his place and you seeing him going after the people who got him involved makes for a very awesome story. I think my favorite moment of this game and i have a lot is the hotel part of the game and find out some people are doing some sick stuff it is near the end so i don't want to say to much. The ending to me was the best ending and i thought they could have done something else with that but oh well still an amazing game.

overall This is an awesome game and got to say i really like the music. there is so much to like about this game and i enjoyed a lot even though i wasn't the biggest fan of the first 2 games. I am a big fan of rockstar games so any game they make these days i will have it preordered and get excited for it. Next up for them is GTA5 and i can't wait but Max Payne 3 was just awesome game but didnt play the MP because i couldnt get on but the story was awesome and it was just a great game.

- Roy (Read At My Blog)

E3 2012: Highlights


So we had E3 again this year and i stayed up in early of the morning and going without sleep and watched the confrences and i watched them lives. I don't think they were the best or worst and MS was the worst one this year but still wasn't as bad as last year but out of every one there were highlights but a lot of crap. For me sony was the best one but Ubisoft had a great one as well. 360 really dissapointed me in not bringing any new 360 exclusive ip and the big N did not sell me on the wii u for lots of reason and was really werid on not giving the price and date away and its meant to be coming out this year. Also they spent to long on Nintendoland and that game looks boring and showing games we have already played and are just old i know you want third party N but don't show old games from third party. wii u had some cool looking games but not enough i will buy day one. Poloygon and joystiq gave all the info i wanted and i loved Polygons live streams as well.

My Highlights From E3:

Watch Dogs - Now this game was very interesting and as new IP it looks awesome if it is on next gen or current gen i am excited. Some the stuff they showed you could do was awesome and i can just imagine what else you can do.

Assassins Creed 3 - The stuff they showed at ubi was awesome and very excited and it looks better then all the games in the series but it looks like there will be more stuff to do in this game. and you had the boat stuff which just looked awesome and something fun to play with if it controls good.

Playstation All Stars - This game looks like it can be tons of fun and seeing drake and big daddy was awesome and seeing big daddy in there was shocking but awesome and you can tell there will be some third party characters and also on the vita.

God Of War Accession - Seeing no single player pre E3 was a good thing and here they showed no MP but the game just looks awesome the graphics look great but it looks like it still the same god of war and really fun like the other games.

Assassins Creed 3: Liberation - I heard rummors this was coming and i liked what i saw i really liked and having a different character and its like a full on a adventure in the series so im excited to get my hands on it.

Beyond: Two Souls - QD new game and it looks awesome and having ellen page in the cast doesnt hurt but it looks more action packed then heavy rain but the game looks very interesting and it looks like cage is telling a story he want to tell.

The Last Of Us - This was the best thing at E3 the gameplay was awesome i just want this game it looked so awesome so brutal but scary in the way you have to make sure you kill them people and this game is just going to be awesome by that gameplay.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - So im hearing its really burnout paradise 2 and that is awesome because i loved that game and the trailer at EA confrence (best thing to come from that confrence) was this and this game just looks so much fun and awesome just like burnout paradise.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth - Matt nd Trey were the best thing about the MS show and were funny as well but the trailer was awesome and showed off what it will look like and just looks like the tv show and you have the characters there so i am excited for this.

Rayman Legends - i read it could be exclusive to the wii-u and i hope it isnt because it does look awesome and so much fun and i loved origins on the vita and if it does come to the vita i will be getting legends for the vita aswell.

Tomb Raider - Looks really good and i am excited for it after that trailer and they really doing what uncharted did well but i don't know if they can do it that good but they will try and it looks good but also brutal lara gets bashed around in that trailer so should be an exciting game.

- Roy (Read At My Blog)

Game Of Thrones: Blackwater


Spoilers Ahead!!!!

Game of Thrones is a show i have to watch each week when its one and the latest eps was one of my favourites and had so many awesome moments. All this season has been leading up to this and i can't wait for the season final. This week was about the battle of blackwater and directed by Neil Marshall and it was just awesome.

Moments I loved:

The Hound - He is just became super awesome his little " f uck the king speech" which was just awesome and made his awesome and just walking away from it and then going toSansa room and speaking with was also a great moment and i think this was my favourite ep of hers everything she did in this ep was great and i really liked her in it. its going to be interesting what the hound does now.

the water on fire / the battle - A great show seeing the ship explode and seeing the the lake on fire and that green firs does give it a good effect while watching and then seeing the battle which was awesome and the best battle in the show and something i just loved watching this ep.

Tyrion in battle and everything else he does - Everything he does is amazing but the speech he gives when the king is gone and need to life the spirits of the soldiers and then leading them to the battlefield and then seeing him fight with an axe was awesome and cutting the leg off but seeing him getting hurt was very interesting. i have heard how it is different in the books so it will be interesting how they will deal with that in the show.

Cersei getting drunk - We didn't have fighting 100% of the time but we did cut to where to women were and seeing cersei get more drunk the longer the ep goes on was great and talking to sansa about many things but to me she would rather fight. Also in the room you had someone who would kill them if the castle did get stormed and the shot with her on the throne with her son i think and about to give poison to him but i won't say anymore.

joffery - we dont see much of him but i was hoping he would get his head chopped off but didn't happen but there was an awesome moment that involved sansa kissing a sword and him trying to tell the hound go and fight but like the wimp he is he ran from that battle and cersei didnt want him to die.

the most awesome episode yet and i can't wait for the last episode now this had everything that was awesome and it shows when an awesome director is directing but was a great battle to see on screen and this show just get better and better, the final should be awesome and it will be interesting hat happens to some of these characters.

Also check out the cast of kings podcast an awesome game of thrones podcast that i really like and should be listened to.

- Roy (Check Out My Blog)

Future Of Marvel Movies And The Marvel MMO


Been thinking about the future of marvel movies and what will we get after the avengers we know we will get avengers 2 with thanos involves somehow in that movie but we will get iron man 3 and thor 2 next year and captain captain america 2 in 2014 and some other movies that have not been announced so what marvel character i want to get there own movies and what ones i think will get there own movies. I'm very excited about the future of marvel movies which include avengers 2 but what other characters we could see in the avengers 2.

We know in the iron man 3 film the story will be blending the extremis story arc from the comics and we don't what thor 2 or captain america 2 will have but with captain america i would love to see the winter solider story to take place which involves bucky and would be awesome to see and winter solider later on could join the avengers. For thor 2 i would love to see Beta Ray Bill in it which is just awesome and in the avengers 2 i know we are getting thanos and i know we can't have the skrulls since they are part of fox but i would love to see death which make sense in the thanos story arc and would love to see loki come back and only if it for 5 mins i would just love that. I didn't metion the hulk and i still think there won't be another solo movie anytime soon but if they did i would love to see red hulk.

For years we have been hearing about ant-man and in the comics antman also know as giant man with wasp are the co creators of the avengers so if they bring ant man into the avengers it will be interesting how they use him there. Also wit Edgar Wright writing the script and going to direct the ant man movie could be something amazing. I would love to see a ant an movie or at least be in the avengers 2 that would be awesome to see ant man with the avengers. But i would love to see a shield movie involving nick fury, hawkeye and black widow which i would just love to see and hope they do next.

The Guardins of the galaxy is one everyone is talking about and one of the next films that they will do because they have a story arc with thanos so they make sense while they will and should be in there somewhere and i would like to see them but also i would love to see dr strange becuase he has a great origin and is involved in the galaxy universe.

I see black panther hasn't been metioned but he should be there but i think maybe we wait until after the 2nd avengers movie because there is already a lot going going but it would be awesome to see black panther and i know we won't be seeing x-men in the avengers any time soon but i do hope marvel can get them characters back from the big studio's because i would love to see spider-man in the avengers because i love some his stuff in the books and he is the joker of the group and would be awesome and i have read they can use quicksilver and scarlet witch who are realted to one x-men so it will be interesting if they use them. We could use some of the c list and d list characters like luke cage and iron fist which would be interesting i would love to see them in a team up movie.

Some character i would love to see on the avengers that are not being metion like the ones i have already written about I would love to see Vision in there in one of the avenger films and if got his own film that would be awesome. ms Marvel is another female character i would love to see in the avengers 2 and would be just awesome if she got her own film. Nova is a fav of mine and he should be there somewhere and i would love it even as cameo i would die if i saw that.

I saw the video for the marvel mmo and im excited for and im not a mmo person but i will play this because it in the marvel world and the characters they have shown off and i would love to play in this world and the video just looks good and the game sounds like it should be fun. this and dust a 2 of the mmo games i am excited for.

I am loving marvels animation shows at the moment and the avengers being my favotite because the characters in season 2 have been awesome like having red hulk and winter solider in there is just awesome. i have been watching ulitmate spiderman as well and thats a great show. i hope marvel does animated movies like dc one day because dc does makes them awesome and i would love the see an animated movie of civil war would be awesome and dc have dark knight returns which should be awesome but i would love to see marvel do some animated movies with some of there stories and even with of there c list characters. I am loving the avengers because how the bringing in not well known characters in that show and they are doing the skrull story are and i would love to see the civil war story in if they do another season i just love the avengers cartoon.

Just some of my thoughts.

- Roy (read at my blog)

Best Episode Of Community: Digital Estate Planning


Community season 3 finished on a high and so awesome and we are getting season 4 but the only bad thing about season 4 Dan Hammond is not coming back and i have some real problems about that and i don't think season 4 will be any good since hammond was the vision behind that show. So i don't know about season 4 but i will say season 3 had one of my favorite episodes and that was one of the last 3 eps of season 3 and it had a video game theme. The Episode is calledDigital Estate Planning and what an episode its about Pierce to get his estate he has to play this video game and 90% of the episode is in video game forum and has a bad ass breaking bad actor also so all awesome here.

Why i loved this episode is because how awesome the video game is and they had the balls to make the episode 90% video game and i really want them to make this video game. Seeing the main characters as 8 bit video game characters is really awesome and the themes from other video games is all over this episode and makes it more awesome. I love how the breaking bad character is the bad guy in the episode and this episode is really funny. When the characters get to the town in the game is some of the best stuff in the episode, Abed is just awesome like always and finds a girlfriend in the game and add them kill people not on purpose, hippies and pearce doesnt know how to control his character this episode is so funny but so awesome and with my love of gaming this has everything i love about this show. this would be the only that could do something like that and i just loved it.

- Roy (Read At My Blog)

Sly Cooper / The Last Of us / E3


Catching up on some news i was behind on thanks to my rss reader and first i came up on the sly cooper news which show the video and after thinking about this will be a game i am buying and i am really excited for it just to have a new sly cooper game. But it coming to the vita is very awesome news just having a choice is great but i am going to go with the ps3 copy to me it is a console game. This game just looks fun and the characters in this game is awesome. To me i thought i wouldnt be excited about this game but i am am and hoping it comes out this year.

There was an awesome new trailer for the last of us and i love it so much even though there is no gameplay and this just makes me so excited for E3 when we should finally get to see some gameplay from this game and if it come out this year i am excited for this game. The trailer shows the people in the world and the song in the background is so fitting for the mood of the scene and i don't think joel trusts anyone in this game can't wait for this game.

Some E3 Thoughts:

  • I just want to get lots of games from the big 3
  • i really don't care about wii u so i hope e3 makes me interested in it.
  • the last guardin finally gets a date so we get to play it.
  • The last of us gameplay and a date.
  • More characters shown on playstation battle royale
  • Quantic dreams next game
  • A lot of focus on new vita games
  • Can we get some xbox collections for the 360
  • A pokemon rpg for the wii-u
  • Finally show us agent that rockstar game
  • A final fantasy collection game for the ps3.
  • Some awesome 360 exclusives that are not kinnect games
  • A rpg avengers game ( i want a good avengers game)
  • Sucker punches next game
  • And killzone 4
  • The next batman game or another super hero game

just some things i want from E3 but most of them won't happen

- Roy (Read At My Blog)

My Top 10 Gamecube Games


Doing a top 10 gamecube games was hard to do because i didn't play a lot of gamecube games back then i played about 20 gamecube games so it was hard to do. there are mainly exclusives on this list but there is a couple or non exclusive games that i played on the gamecube so this my top 10.

10. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - I have been a fan of this series since i played one of the games on the psone and i got this gamecube and thought this was such a upgrade from the psone game and with playing a girl or a guy was cool but for harvest moon fans was really fun with the new things and looked very good on the gamecube.

9. Resident Evil: Zero - I really wanted to play this game for the story and i may have never ended up finishing it but i did like it a lot. I like how it fits into the story of the first game and with one of the characters from the first game and i do not like everything about this game but i really thought it looked good on the GC but it was fun overall but that scary.

8. Pokémon Colosseum - I have wanted a rpg pokemon game like the one on the gameboys but this wasn't like it but it was fun. It doesnt compare to the gameboy games but i had fun plus it looked on the gamecube. The pokemon battles are fun and had some of the fun from the gameboy games.

7. Super Smash Bros Melee - never been a big fan of this series but was given this game and played it and it was fun. With the big N characters and the characters are fun and really work in this game but also in the fighting world and looks good on the gamecube.

6. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes - The remake of the first game from the psone and i didn't love it as much as when i played the first game on the psone but still looks good but looks better then the psone game. still fun and i still like the story but never finished the remake.

5. Luigi's Mansion - I don't think many people like this game but it was one of the first games i played on the cube and it was fun overall. i played it in the store for the first time when i first played a gamecube and it was fun and when i got my gamecube at the end of its time it was fun and it wasn't like the best game ever but still fun.

4. X-Men Legends - This was on all consoles but i got this gamecube because it was on sale and i thought it was a great game but i also played it on the ps2 and was great on there. But this game is fun overall and does the x-men in games right and it was good and fun rpg for a comic book game.

3. Resident Evil 2 - The remakes were awesome on gamecube and the first 2 resident evil games on the psone was scary for me and this game brought the scary factors back but looking better and still had scary parts but plays really good on the gamecube.

2. Animal Crossing - The main reason i bought a gamecube because the game looked good and fun and when i got i spent months just playing this game. it was awesome how it worked on your game clock time and it was such a different came for the time and was interesting.

1. Resident Evil - I remembering picking this up in sale and was so glad because it was still scary as i remember the first game being but i think it was even more scary because it looked on the gamecube i never ended up finishing the remake but i did love it and thought it was one of the best games on the gamecube.

- Roy (Read At My Blog)