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Great News!!!

Jcpenny didn't call back and im glad but wal-mart did and I went to an interview with them today for guess what department electronics. HAHAHA Yes! It was really cool I went there and everyone was very friendly and nice unlike jcpennys and when I did the interview there were three people a guy that works in electronics the department manager and the zone regional manager (the guy who runs multiple departments) I was pretty nervous but they kept asking me questions and I answered them the best I can during one of them I let them know I play video games and the managers looked at one another and I looked at the other guy this real tall black guy he was really cool. He just smiled at me and said "your a gamer?" and I replied yes and he looked at the other managers with a look like I like this kid. lol So they kept asking me questions and gave me a tour it was really cool. They told me they will call back tomorrow and tell me how I did. They called today! HAHAHA not even a day later and now I go in tomorrow for a second interview. It is so awesome. I will also get a 10% discount on you guessed it video games. And on the app I put I can work any hours they said that's great because that means I can move up more in the company. Today went great!

Got the job, But still not working

I got the job at JCpennys they called a few days after the interview and they told me that had a position for me and that they can hire me they are just waiting on my background check. It has been quite a few days now and still no word. If I dont get a call from them today or tomorrow I will need to appy at another place my friend say he might get me a job working with him. Or I might try to appy at a koles, big lots, or a puplix that is near me. Still haven't got the blu ray lens cleaner for my PS3 but when I get it I will (and if it works) I will post a blog review on brutal legend. I think ill start doing that after I get a job and start buying more games. lol

PS3 stopped working, Money problems, and Getting a job

About 6 months I want to say my PS3 kicked the bucket. It now freezes after ten minutes of playing a PS3 game or a blu ray movie. The sound also cuts out before it freezes. Which makes me thing it could be a blu ray lens problem. I had my birthday on the 24th of october. (I turned 18.) I had a small little party with a few friends two both gave me 20 dollars so I was happy about that. But I didn't want anything for my birthday times are tough and I know food is more important than games. So I tried to give my mom the money but she wouldn't take it and she told me to get a game. I couldn't get any games because my PS3 crapped out on me. But my friend moved in and he let me use his PS3.

So I got brutal legend and traded in two games LBP & Lair. (I'll regret buying Lair until the day I die.) I got $13.00 for LBP and a grand total of $1.80 for Lair and that was with the special and a charge card or whatever there called. (How can a PS3 game be so cheap?) Anyways I got brutal legend played it and it was awesome great game. I played for about 3 days I want to say then I was I think 2 missions away from beating the game. Then my friends PS3 started to have the same problems as mine and now it is in the same situation. So I tired to email sony but all they kept saying was the same thing over and over. "There seems to be a problem with the system and you will have to send it in." Translation "We don't want to admit we messed up, give us $150.00." Now two PS3s with a blu ray lens messed up is unlikely I read online that is may be dust in the system and you are suppose to clean the inside every four months I haven't cleaned it in about two years. So I am getting a blu ray lens cleaner tomorrow and going to test it out. Hopefully it works if not I have to send it into sony. But with what money?

Good news I filled out around 10 job applications and I have a interview with JCpenny today at noon. Hopefully I can get the job then have enough money to fix my PS3 (If it is broke.) and help my mom with bills my mom says she need around $500.00 so I'm going be giving her that and hopefully things can start to get alright. One wrench in this plan I might not be able to work for JCpenny until after the 20th. Why? Because we don't have enough money to get me a hair cut I have a huge fro now doesn't look good and an ID and maybe take my drivers test I also have to get some work clothes because right now I got T-shirts and jeans. (Doesn't look professional) So its pretty much trying to get everything rolling after everything gets stable I play on finishing up high school quick and then start taking ****s at a collage near me and just start the big book called life all I can do now is take it one page at a time...

I hope soon that I can get these games I have been looking at.

Ratchet & Clank

Uncharted 2

Tekken 6

Assassin's Creed 2

WWE 2010

Fallout GOTY

Fallout 3 Platinum Trophy

After many many hours I have finally done it. I got the Platinium Trophy for Fallout 3. :DIt took forever the trophies weren't hard to get the main challenge was time. For instances 9 of the trophies are this get to level 8 with good bad neutral karma the same with level 14 and 20 and that takes awhile. The hardest trophy was the last one I got hack 50 terminals it woulda been easyier with more in the game. Now im not gunna lie fallout it one amazing game. But after the fifth play trough it gets very boring. It is basically the same thing every time.You can be badgood or neutral. Now in oblivion you can be bad good an assassin a knight a ranger a mage the list goes on.I like the features of fallout there really cool but the making custom weapons coulda been better they made itout like I can be magiver and make a weapon out of a plunger a teddy bear and some string and make some kind of morning star.

But its not like that first I have to find schematics then I have to find four random items then I have to take it to a workbench and make it. :| Vats is nice and cool but just plane shooting is kinda of bad but skill pretty good I love the energy weapons in the game they are very fun to use. So im 100% done with fallout 3 and im most likely never gunna play it until the DLC comes to PS3. And dont say it wont remember fallout 3 was made by betesda *cough* knights of thenine shriving ilse's *cough*sorry im fighting a cold.And now im working ofGTA IV now trying to get the Platinium Trophy for that. 8)

I recently succeeded in my ultimate plan. "Get Garrett A PS3 Fund!" You see my friend garret had an Xbox 360 and me and my friend charles and aaron have PS3 and he wanted one so we got him one. He decided to trade in his Xbox 360 and his Xbox games and my friend david traded in his 360 games to help I trade 1/3 of my PS2 games. So we got a PS3 80gb and he got army of two and RE5.

I also got RE5. And the game is very good. I am on the 3rd level I think and it is sweet bosses are fun to fight and the shooting it pretty good be better to find ammo better that is the hardest thing to find in the game. XD But it seems to be a very good game and I can't wait to finish it.

Games on my list to get.
Red alert 3 for PS3
Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
Burnout Paradise

Punisher Is Back Baby

Alright everyone it has been awhile sense I have been online but I'm back. Now I was just recently banned but I talked with Jody from gamespot and she saw that it wasn't my fault so she unbanned my account. So thank you Jody! I am 17 now and I'm in my last year of high school. Soon to go off to college. Now what's up? I see there are a lot of people on my friends list so if you read this respond because I am thinking about clearing it. Anyone got any unions? I am looking for one to post it but I can't seem to find any so if you in one or know of one tell me. That sums it up so hopefully I hear from all of you peace!

Brad Martin