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Please, I need your advice

I just realized that many people have been rating my reviews as unhelpful. I'd like to respectfully ask those people why they think that my reviews are unhelpful, or they simply just don't agree with my view. If it is the ladder, I challenge you to tell me up front what you think I said was wrong. If it is the former, I plead you to give me some advices. In any case, thanks for reading my review!

Borderlands Review finally arrived! along with a review of Red Alert 3

Hi all!

My principle is to only review a game once I've finished its single player campaign and tried the multiplayer as well. For an enormous game like Borderlands, I'd have to take up some extra time to review it (also, lots of schoolwork lately).

Yesterday I finally got to finish Borderlands and wrote a review for it. You can read it by clicking on the following image:


Honestly, if the DLC for PC comes out, I would be very inclined to get it.

I also got a chance to review (actually **** about) Red Alert 3, you can see it here:

Red Alert 3

Hope you'll find it helpful. Happy late thanksgiving!!! (it's late because I've been in a house with little to no internet)

Good News and Team Fortress Review

I order Borderlands two days ago and today i recieved an email from Amazon that tells me that it will be in my hands no later than November 3rd. This is great. Expect a review for this game from me soon.

Speaking of reviews, I just finished one for an amazing game, Team Fortress 2:


click the image to go to the review


Today is the release day of PC version of Borderlands. I rushed to the closest Best Buy around after school. Alas, there was none left, and an employee told me that there are no more copies in all other Best Buys in the entire Boston area. Looks like I have to wait for a few more freaking weeks. Next time I'm gonna pre-order it.

Gearbox is going to make a lot of money.

Post- Apocalyptic Games: the New WWII Games

I just survived my very first mid-term exam as a college freshman. Although I have another one to prepare for next week, I decide to procrastinate and do one of my favorite things: talk about games.

If you visited the PC section of GS today, you might notice the announcement trailer of Metro 2033, another sci-fi shooter that takes place in a world that underwent some major disaster. The trailer reminded me about all other existing or announced games that are based around a wasteland world, and with little effort I could already name a handful: Fallout 3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Rage, Bioshock, Crimecraft, Borderlands… the list grows longer and longer. Post-apocalypse games will soon become an industry cliché, just as World War II games did back in the early 2000's.

Metro 2033 Announcement Trailer:

So what made the studios assiduously trying to make their games shine in these crowded genres? One common characteristic between Post-apocalypse and WWII games is that both of these genres have works that achieved very profoundly. In WWII games, Medal of Honor and the first Call of Duty (maybe even Return to Castle Wolfenstein) not only founded the genre, but also mark historic achievements in the history of video games with their close attention to story telling, well-made multiplayer system, and amazing graphics at the time. Gamers and developers alike were moved by just how great these games were. Over the years various studios have been trying to recreate the success these games had. Thus, a huge amount of games revolving around WWII rolled out.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assult Call of Duty

Similarly, Post apocalyptic games like Bioshock and Fallout 3 were so memorable that they made developers want to replicate the success these games have by basing their own game on a similar premise. This is why we see more and more "hybrid of Fallout 3 and X" games are rolling out into the market.


Another reason why games based on these premises are attractive is because the backgrounds themselves provide an attractive universe to base their games on. For WWII games, you generally assume the role of being a soldier/commander of the Allied forces, fighting against the wicked foes such as the Nazis or the Japanese imperial army. Like IGN staff Jason Ocampo said in his review of the new Wolfenstein, "killing Nazis never gets old." Being able to take on a heroic role against completely horrible foes is a very rewarding experience, and that is what WWII games give to their players. Come on, who didn't feel awesome when they got through the Normandy Landing sequence in the first Medal of Honor?

Post-apocalyptic worlds give gamers an equally thrilling sensation but with a little twist. In the anarchic worlds that underwent major disasters, THERE IS NO LAW. Under this circumstance, players can often take the law into their own hands, and this is a very exhilarating feeling. In games such as Fallout 3, you are able to virtually kill anyone and get away with it (if you survive the retaliation.) Granted many of these games have some sort of moral point systems installed, they still don't stop you from shooting that innocent hobo. Let's admit it, it is fun to shoot an innocent hobo for no reason, and this power to do as one pleases is why Post-apocalyptic premises are so intriguing.

Hell Yeah!!!

So how much longer will these industry clichés be around? Well, the market already started to respond to new WWII games with apathy. I know for one that Wolfenstein didn't do well, and I don't know anyone who owns a copy of Orders of War. Like Metallica, the WWII genre is a sinking ship.

P-A games, on the other hand just started to flourish around two years ago and I think it will stay that way for at least another 3-4 years. It will definitely remain for longer, because unlike WWII games, which usually are closely follows historical facts(except for Wolfenstein, lol), P-A games are all completely fictional. This allows game developers to stretch their creativity a little further, such as adding different elements (like monsters) into the games. This way the games won't be too similar to each other and will keep consumers' attention on this genre for a bit longer.

That's said, I still feel a bit disappointed when I realized that Metro 2033 would turn out to be just another Fallout 3 or Resistance. On the contrary, I can't way until Borderlands PC version gets out because it looks f**ing sweet.

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