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Haha yea that would be a problem....
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The saddest moment would have to be the FFX ending when Yuna tried to run to tidus and hug him but went strait through him. Then the happiest moment had to be at the good final ending of X-2 when Yuna finally meets up with Tidus once agian! *tears of joy*
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Here is the bottom line!!! Turn on the the psone version of Final Fantasy I...ok...good, next download the Final Fantasy I game (the real one for the NES) on an emulator on ur PC. Look at the differences and shut the hell up about it! Next, I cant wait for the next DS remakes! They are gonna be great! I just hope that after they make IV,V,VI that they then remake I and II. Then It will be complete!!
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That would be cool if they remade all of the classics on the ds like they did with III and now with IV. Don't get me wrong I love the classics and own them all on the PS ONE collecter sets,(cept for III, I had to bu that for my DS) but I just think that it would be cool to see them all come to life like this in such a great way!
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My pics are on my myspace page, come and visit!!!
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Wouldnt that be cool if they made FFT online?! Every character that is on the screen would be a different person around the world! I think that would be pretty cool. Also they could let you make your own character!
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The fighting system for FFXII was taken and also evolved from FFXI's fighting system. I guess that they dont want it to be like it used to be back in the day.......I'd rather run around and get into random fights. By the way Final Fantasy VIII ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!
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Well I just started playin it like a week ago but yesterday i decided to just stop playing it. It just dosn't do justice to the other games. Mabye I just dont like MMORPGs but still it is a part of the series and I think more ppl sould treat it that way! Im just gonna own it for my collection of FF games.
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FFIII (FFVI) on the snes years ago!!!!
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hahaha I said that like 4 posts up.