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Now, if they'd opted for cuddling instead of fighting, they wouldn't be missing Titan class ships.

I like EVE online.

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In the immortal words of famous wordsmith "Watkin Tudor Jones", quoting him verbatim "PC Computer", which course means personal computer computer. <-- he says it right there.

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Wii U could have all its games for the whole gen at 1080P60. PS4 could have better looking games at 900P30.

Quake 1 at 4K is probably a less intensive rendering workload than Quake 4 at 1080P.

But all in all yes I've seen the same specs we all have, and it suggests a certain hierarchy. What is the real world magnitude of this hierarchy? Don't know, but I'm enjoying the stories as they come out.

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Really really tough decision for me. At the moment, they're both feeble.

What makes it harder is there's only one game between the both of them I'd care to play, and that's Forza 5. But at the same time, for the long haul I feel like the PS4 would be a better choice.

Don't really care to support either, but at the moment it seems PS4 is leading the gen.

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They're both as bad as each other.

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I say buying the console is the way to go, not creating a petition.

At the same time, this petition has some merit. They're trying to show Sega that the genre is lacking on PC, they've got some excellent titles, and the engine is already running on Windows. The petition is a suggestion to port these games over, suggesting there are consumers on the platform waiting to part with the folding.

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I would have preferred 16 player split screen.

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And to think, I was planning on getting an R9 290. Thank you TC.

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At this stage I'd recommend PC over PS4 unless you were very excited about many of the up-and-coming PS4 exclusives.

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It looks good when you mod it so it runs 60FPS and 1080p.

Absolutely, that's my favourite way to play it, especially 60fps.

In general, I like the overall aesthetic of the game.

In that recent sale I picked it up for my Lem60 as well. Sure I'm missing out on about 80% of the pixels per second versus the PC version, but it's acceptable.