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Blog #42 - 5 Harsh Facts of Life

1. Dreams don't come true unless you firmly strike yourself over the head until you think they did.
2. Upon hitting the "Sign in" button, you have sacrificed your life to the internet.
3. In a world ruled by Bill Cosby, the pledge of allegiance would be "Zop-zop-zoobity-bop".
4. The most dangerous place and time in the world in Walmart on Black Friday.
5. You were sorry enough to read this blog.

I just felt like making a new blog. Have a nice day.:D

Blog #41 - Fox News attacks CoD: Modern Warfare 2

It seems like every year, Fox News goes out of their way to have a huge fit about violent video games. One day it's Left 4 Dead, next it's Resident Evil 5. What I don't think that Fox News gets is, 1, that it's a video game and anybody with enough sense to divide reality and fiction won't get transformed into terrorists, and 2, IT'S RATED M FOR A REASON. Last year, I believe, they did a report on Minors buying M-Rated games. Instead of doing a report on selling them to minors in the first place, they went out and bashed the ESRB, saying that the 4 most violence-influencing games are Metal Gear Sold 4, Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty, and Left 4 Dead. (I think that's what they were.) Again, the games are Rated M for a reason.

I don't even think they did their research, because you don't really play as a terrorist, you play as a CIA agent working with terrorists to take them out, because Activision feels like giving the world a chance to bask in patriotism. (IN VIDEO GAME FORM, NO LESS!) Doesn't anybody realize that Fox was kind of supporting George W. Bush's attack on Iraq? Oh. So REAL people dying and REAL people being subjects to terrorism is okay, but it seems to be more safe tothrowa huge b*tch-fitabout video games than real-life wars.The PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii have parental control levels, so you can stop any M-Rated games from being played on the consoles.

Fox does this every year! Every time a game is "too violent", they feel the need to relentlessly attack it without doing their research on what really happens in the game. This isn't getting them any respect.

Blog #39 - Innovation and Nintendo

One tiny disclaimer before I go off on this, I do think that New Super Mario Bros. wii is a very good game. So please don't whine or piss and moan.

If you've been even remotely connected to gamespot for the past 3 months, you'll know that NSMBW is a strong achievement on the Wii. But what I ask is why. Why would Nintendo just keep scraping all they can find off of the moldy wall we know as nostalgia. Sooner or later this crap isn't going to fly when Nintendo is constantly remaking the first 4 mario games complete with chirpy 8-bit sound effects fully intact!

Nintendo,what was the point of the last 25 years of gameplay innovation if you're just going to keep retreading old ground? The same goes for your precious Legend of Zelda! You haven't created a new formula for Zelda since Ocarina of Time. Now, if you've known me for a while, than you know that I sounded like a complete fanboy in my Ocarina of Time review, but now it's starting to bore me and I'm noticing a few flaws. (Keyword, FEW.) Sometimes it's a bit difficult to place your jumps and I find myself wrestling with the camera a lot.

I played Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker before Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time and I thought the Gamecube installments were miles better! They used the same formula, but at least these ones were more refined. Super Mario Galaxy and "Ocarina of Twilight" aren't at all refined. If I had to give it a name, it would be called "50 Dollar Expansion Pack for a game that came out 14 years ago." I say this because when I played Mario Galaxy, all of 64's flaws were there with it. I had to wrestle with the camera every minute and a half and it was still difficult to place your jumps half the time.

My final point is that Nintendo should stop retreading old ground and give the gaming populace something new to beat and twiddle their thumbs waiting for the next one. If that new Zelda wii game is just another Ocarina of Time clone, than this crap WILL NOT FLY! I may have sounded like a fanboy but I wanted to get my point out there. Have a nice day. Hopefully you've been reading this long enough to be within the blast radius of this message's self-destruct bomb.

Blog #38 - MegaMan BN6 Online

I'm just saying that as of today, I will be playing BN6 Falzar online. How to do this, you ask? What you will need is an MMBN6 Gregar or Falzar ROM, a program called Hamachi, and a program called VBALink. (If you don't want to break copyright laws, you need to have the original GBA cartridge.)

1. Install Hamachi and choose a name
2. In Hamachi, register in this network:

PyrotechnicsGuy ~ MegaMan BN6 Online - Password: 215066
My Hamachi IP is

3. Open VBALink
4. In VBALink, go to options >>> Link >>>and make sure there's a check mark next to the "Wireless Adapter" option
5. In VBALink, go to options >>> Link >>> Settings >>> Make sure you set the button to the "Network" button >>> Go to Client >>> type in my Hamachi IP address. If this works, it will say "One player connected. Wait for more?" If not, click No.
6. Open your ROM in VBALink
7. Open menu and go to Comm.
8. Select WRLS ADPT
9. Select CL Option (If you don't have a multiplayer name yet, make it.)
10. Wait for us to connect and we can play online! :D

Hope this helps you. :D And if you want to play, just PM me and I'll see when I can. This also works with Pokemon Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green.

I have also completed every game in the MegaMan X collection and will be reviewing them all.

Blog #37 - The day of our turkey overlords

Today, my friends is a day that comes once a year. A day that the lords of poultry decide to let down their guards and blow their gobbling brains out. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. :DNow you have a nice day and good meals and all that good stuff. I'm watching the NBC parade and just got past the part where Kermit starts singing a song about Christmas. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I really like for the fact that it isn't exploitive and candy stores don't profit as much as they do on Christmas, Halloween, Saint Patrick's day, etc. :PIn any case, Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Dont' listen to it! :x

Blog #35 - In a sea of terrible movies...

Instead of going in-depth with these worthless pieces of garbage, I will describe my final thoughts.

Where the Wild Things are: Okay
Saw VI: Just as bad as the rest of them.
Micheal Jackson's This Is It: Pretty Good.
Men who stare at goats: Funny.

And they are making a movie adaptation of the Clas-sic multiplatform game,Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Don't belive me? LINKAGE

There, I saved a few minutes of your life.