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Is System Shock 2 A Hard Game?


I just finished System Shock 2 for the PC today and it took me five consecutive days to complete it (Lost quite a lot of sleep). After defeating the final boss, I felt so exhausted and drained out because of the level of difficulty in this game. I never expected this game to be hard and long but it really is hard. Here are some of the things I find so frustrating in System Shock 2:

  1. The Enemies: It's so annoying when majority of them can kill you with a single hit and when they die, another one respawn right behind you and kill you before you could even react. I absolutely hate the cyborg ninjas and spiders because they take so many hits before they hit the ground.
  2. The Maps: I find the navigation in System Shock 2 to be so laborous and tiresome. Half the time I have no idea where to go and what to do. The mission objectives tell you to go somewhere but when you look at the map, you can't find it anywhere. For example, the objective tells me to head to the bridge but when I look at the map, I don't see any bridge. Then I wandered around aimlessly looking for this bridge but I still can't find it. About like an hour later, I finally found the bridge but it wasn't a London Bridge kinda bridge but a Command Center kinda bridge. That is so freakin' misleading!
  3. The Weapons: When it comes to an FPS game, your weapons are your friends and when you don't have them, you're screwed. In System Shock 2, you can find weapons lying around everywhere but when actually want to use them, it's either broken or jammed so you have to fixed them. It's a cool mechanic but the problem is is that the weapons are so fragile it becomes busted very easily after only a few shots. It's especially stupid when your weapon goes kaput in the heat of a battle and when you wanna switch weapons, it might be too late.

So yeah, basically I had a hard time beating this game. I've never said "O my God," s**t and f**k so many times in my life before. Every thirty seconds it's cussing, load the game, cussing, load the game and it just goes on and on and on. It was that hard. Now I'm sure most of you would think that I hate this game. Well, the truth is I'm not sure. I had a good time playing the first few levels though but once I made it to the third deck in the ship, I was so stressed out. So stressed out that I had to use cheat codes. Technically, I don't like to use cheat codes but when a game gives you limited cash, ammos and med kits, you know you're in for a deep shiiit. And of course, whenever you're stuck, it's normal to refer to walkthroughs at or something but try looking at the ones for System Shock 2. All the walkthroughs are so flimsy, short, lack contents and they assume you know all about the game. It's useless! Normally you'll feel so rewarded, relieved and happy after beating a game but in System Shock 2 case, I felt so angry, tired and dissastified.

It puzzles me that System Shock 2 gets positive reviews everywhere with perfect scores of 5/5 and 10/10 scores but I feel the urge to contradict them. I really want to love this game but somehow I just can't do it. What do these people see in the game that I don't? Is it the way I play? Is it because I didn't level up my character properly or is it something else? What do you guys think? I'm sure most of you have played it before so would you say it's a hard game? I'd love to know. Please comment in my blog and tell me your experience you had with the game. Was it hard? Was it a breeze? Tell me now!

Daikatana's Not That Bad

I was watching this particular video a little while ago about the long awaited video game that was John Romero's Daikatana. It was designed by the co-creator of everyone's beloved Doom and Wolfenstein series and it was in development for a long time. I remember reading about it in a magazine sometime in the 90's and it got me excited about the game even though I was not aware of its hype. Later on I had forgotten about it and moved on to other games. But after watching this video I thought to myself, "hey this game seems pretty cool" but little did I realize that Daikatana turned out to be a huge flop.

Curious, I started reading its reviewsand I was surprised that everybody hated the game saying that the graphics looked ugly, it had bad controls and overall was below expectation. It's hard to believe; how can a game created by a guy who brought FPS on the map would suck so bad? Maybe it's because of this infamous advertisement that reads "John Romero's About To Make You His b***h and tells everyone to suck it down. What a way to promote your game.

suck it down

Thinking I would need to see it for myself, I decided to purchase a copy from Amazon and give it a try. And guess what? I like it. Yeah, I'm literally playing Daikatana right now and it's not bad. The controls are responsive and natural, the graphics are appropriately good for its time and the level designs are pretty good. So why nobody like this game when it came out?

After finishing a few levels I can now see why it wasn't a big hit. First of all, the enemies you fight are nothing what you expect. From a creator of Doom you'd think you fight some zombies, mutants or any kind of abominations from Hell but no, all you fight in the first few levels are killer frogs and bats. Couldn't they come up with something better? Is that the best they got? Sure, you'll meet other mean adversaries along the way but what a perfect first impression. Killing frogs and bats. What a great idea.

The second problem is the overall layout of the game. Like I said before, the graphics are appropriate for its time but I find the game to be quite messy and dark at times. I'm sure that's what they were going for but in execution it doesn't turn out quite well. The last complain I have is the lack of introduction. The moment the game starts, it doesn't tell you how to interact with objects, how to open locked doors and how to take out the turrets. I died so many times in the first stage because I didn't know what to do and there were so many bats, frogs and crocodiles attacking me everywhere. It was a disaster. Shouldn't the first stage be the easiest stage in the game with some basic instructions? I know it explains everything on the manual but still, the lack of introduction sucks.

Those are my only complains so far and I still have a long way to go before coming up with the final conclusion. But after playing for a good 30 minutes, I can safely say that Daikatana is one of the most unappreciated games out there. It's got a decent storyline and interesting characters for the most part. If you happen to come across a copy of Daikatana, consider giving it a try and don't judge the game from other people's opinions.


January Update: Games and Music

2009 has been good to me for the most part and I hope 2010 will be better and a promising year for me. I missed quite a lot of good games last year which I'm very disappointed. I missed Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II, Killzone 2 and many other games that probably ends with the number two. However I did play Batman: Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil 5, Left 4 Dead 2, Ghostbusters, Cryostasis and The House of The Dead: Overkill and I had a blast playing each game.


Arkham Asylum sticks to me as not only the best game of 2009 but also the best Batman game by far. Way better than Dark Tomorrow:P. Everything about the game is so picture perfect and highly detailed from the characters to the backstory to the storyline and to the environments. It's completely seven heaven from beginning to end. I look forward to the upcoming sequel. The next game that I had a great time is Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the very sequel I've been waiting for for a long time. Ever since the last movie they made in 1989, I eagerly awaited for next movie to come up but after a dead silence or almost a decade, I began to lose hope. But when it was announced that an official sequel will be made in a video game format, I was speechless. Who would thought a beloved franchise will be making its return not as a cinematic picture but as a video game. And guess what? It was good.

I was initially skeptical with the game's choice of letting you play as neither of the Ghostbusters members but as this new rookie. The thought kept lingering in my mind but after playing the game, it wasn't that awkward after all. I bought Ghostbusters for the XBOX360, PC, DS and the PSP because I love the game so much. It's a real treat for a Ghostbusters fanatic like me.

The following game that I was glad and happy to play is Resident Evil 5. I played the PC version because I don't have my 360 with me at the moment but the experience is still the same I think. The graphics and the plot is pretty damn good as it follows the same mechanics asResident Evil 4 but like the previous game, the gameplay can get really boring later on as you are to upgrade weapons, buy new stuff, slash boxes with your knife and maintain your inventory slot over and over again. I kinda miss the old fashion Resident Evil with its fixed camera angles, item boxes and most importantly zombies. I don't understand when people complained about the fixed camera angles because it never occurred to me. I love it! The other thing that I don't understand is the racism issue with 5. I'll say it again and I'll say it clear:Resident Evil 5 is not racist!Seriously, it's not. Even the voice actress of Sheva Alomar said so. It just so happens that the viral outbreak takes place in South Africa and all its inhabitants are infected. That's it. So what's the fuss all about? Resident Evil 4 took place somewhere in the rural areas of Spain so how come you don't hear anyone complaining about a guy killing spanish people? It's all about popularity bullcrap. Just because you heard someone is talking about it you decided to join the club as well. It's ridiculous. I think the reason the public went on to an outcry with Resident Evil 5 is because of the screenshots they saw before the game was released and assumed the worst.



There are two things I like and dislike about Resident Evil 5. The positive side is the (SPOILER ALERT!) final demise ofAlbert Wesker. When he died in the game I was like "yeah, finally! It's about goddamn time that sonnafa b***h dies." Don't get me wrong, I like Albert Wesker but when an antagonist slips away more than three games in his career, it gets pretty silly and you just grow tired of seeing him getting away repeatedly. On the negative side, it was sad to seeExcella Gionne, Wesker's partner in crime, gets killed in the game. I thought she was a great antagonist for the Resident Evil franchise with her evil looks and devilish talking but unfortunately she died too soon. I was hoping for Capcom to use her as a replacement for Wesker but sadly, they don't see it my way. Oh, well.


Another great game I had fun with is Overkill. It is called the best game in the series by fans and the worst by the other party. If you asked me, I love Overkill. The plot and the humor is well done and I love watching the cutscenes. I even have all the cutscenes in my iPhone right now and watch them whenever I feel bored. That says it all. The performances for each character is well done especiallyAgent G,Isaac Washington andPapa Caesar. Their constant swearing and hatred towards each other is priceless and some of their quotes like "what does a brother have to do to pacify a b***h still lingers in my mind to this day. I love that stuff.

HoTD Overkill

If there's one game I wished I could play isBrutal Legend. I only played the demo in a gaming convention and I wished I could play more. My disappointment with the game is that it's not been made available for the PC. Previous Tim Schafer games have all got games for the PC fanboys so I was surprised that Brutal Legend didn't have any PC port. Hopefully there shall be one someday.Other than that, I really don't have any regrets of missing other games likeDragon Age andDemon's Souls since I'm not a fan of RPG and Online play.t;/p>

Now for some updates on music. Aside from video games, the next thing I love in life is music. Though I focus my attention more on Heavy Metal and Rock, I'm generally a universal listener and listen to all kinds of music. I stop listening to radio for a few years now because I really don't have much love for today's music. Today's music has evolved into something really commercialized and too mainstream which hurts me in some ways. Music nowadays has evolved into new age R&B, strange mix of alternative pop and rock, clubbing and god knows what else. Majority of the new songs don't leave an impression on me anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love pop music and I like R&B in some angles but today's music lack soul, melody, body and control. There's no love to them anymore.It's all about fame, boobs and fortune.I dig good beats but when it comes to today's R&B and clubbing music, they feel so empty.

I also don't watch music videos on TV nowadays because it's all dominated by clubbing scenes and soft porn materials which has become extremely excessive and very misleading. I miss the old music videos where it's about stories, dancing, humors and fun. That is why I now stop listening to the new stuff and begin listening to the old stuff. I literally start listening to a lot of music which I grew up with and slowly make my way back to the basics. As a guy who grew up in the 80's and 90's, I started listening back to good ol' music that these decades have to offer including pop music. Yeah, other than Metal, I also listen to pop music like boy bands stuff. Yeah, it might not be cool for some people but whatever man. I don't care, I grew up with that s**t. I also listen to old influential artists like AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Twisted Sister, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Megadeth, Motorhead and more. For dessert, that would be hip-hop and R&B like RUN-DMC, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Beastie Boys and a whole lot more. Basically, I'm going all the way back rather than forward and it feels good.

Bob Dylan

So that's my honest opinion about today's music. If you love them to bits, good for you. But if you hate 'em, then sign me up. But having said that, I do like one or two of them. I hate to admit but Lady Gaga is pretty cool. Sure, her music is very clubby and such but there are some pop elements in them which I dig so overall, Lady Gaga just barely makes it out of my hate list. Nothing else to add except I also hate emo!Speaking of music, I enjoy video game soundtrack and I have a whole bunch of them in my iTunes right now. My favourites are Metal Gear stuff, Biohazard/ Resident Evil stuff and SIlent Hill stuff.Akira Yamaoka is the bomb but I'm disappointed that he officially left Konami in December of last year. What a tragic news. What will ever happen to the Silent Hill series now?

Well, that's about it for now. Hope you all enjoy reading my long blog.


Chrotokho Creative

Arkham Asylum is Amazing

I finished playing Batman: Arkham Asylum in two days and I love every minute of it. Rocksteady and Eidos did a superb job with this game. It was definitely way better than Dark Tomorrow by a gazillion miles :lol:. I'm playing Arkham Asylum on my brand new Toshiba laptop with 4GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 230M. It's my new pride and joy :).

I will surely write a review about it but for now, I'll just say what's in my head right now. First of all, the presentation of Arkham Asylum is fantastic with its gorgeous derelict asylum and its insane inhabitants. The detailing of the characters, the furniture, the rooms is absolutely phenonemal. I was speechless throughout the entire game. The storyline is also excellent written by Paul Dini, the co-creator of my beloved Batman: The Animated Series. The way the game processes really keeps us anxious and it does a good job of keeping the suspense. The controls work really well and it feels comfortable throughout the end too from the combat sequence and the weaponry manuevers. I freakin' love the explosive gel!

The best part of Arkham Asylum for me is finding and solving the Riddler's trophies and puzzles. I ended up collecting all of them before I finished the game. Yeah, I was so determined. However, the biggest problem I had is finding the chattering teeth. I was down to only one chattering teeth and it was located in Arkham West. I searched for that miserable thing for two solid hour and I still couldn't find it- until I realized it was hidden somewhere in the junction leading to the Arkham North. Very annoying!

To me, this is the best comic book game by far. Arkham Asylum is one of the best games I've played this year and I'm definitely gonna play this game again. Of course, every game has its flaws and so does Arkham Asylum. The things I don't like about this game is that there's only a few Batman characters that make an appearance. I didn't expect to have the whole gang in one game but I want to have more. There are some pass mentions of these missing characters as you can see their respective prison cells and Clayface even makes a small cameo but still, it's not enough. I was hoping see Robin, Batgirl, Detective Harvey Bullock, Catwoman and Two-Face but sadly, they didn't make it. All in all, I'm not that disappointed because the game does a good job of having the villains' trademark weapons and tape recordings scattered all over Arkham and it's actually fun to find them.

The other thing I didn't like is that after you beat the game, it doesn't let you restart the game. You have to use another save slot to do so which I think it's not a good idea. So instead, the game gives you the option to resume your game so that you can finish collecting all the Riddler's trophies and stuff. It's a nice touch but since I've already collected all the goodies before hand, I don't see the point of me just roaming all over Arkham with nothing to sdo.

Overall, I had a blast and I'm looking forward of finishing the challange mode. If you guys haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it.

My Homecoming and Dead Space Experience

This month, I'm playing two games for the very first time; Silent Hill: Homecoming and Dead Space. I had been wanting to play these games back when they were first released but due to my travelling and work, I couldn't. And because of that, I'm playing the PC versions of Homecoming and Dead Space since both of my PS3 and XBOX360 are out of my reach at the moment. On top of that, I could only play these games on the lowest graphical settings because of my graphics card. It's an NVIDIA GeForce 8 series but it can only perform on the minimum requirement settings. What a letdown.


Anyway, let's start by talking about Silent Hill: Homecoming. When I first heard that a western company was going to develop this game, I had doubts about it because I was afraid they were unable to live up to the Silent Hill's name and in the end, I've mixed reactions with Homecoming. On the positive side, Double Helix Games did a pretty good job with the overall presentation of the game, in particular the audio side of things. Previous Silent Hill games had a very mediocre voice acting as they were mostly dry, lifeless and unconvincing. Homecoming changes this trend by making the characters more lively, more convincing and more realistic- just like Origins. When you see characters in Homecoming angry, happy or sad; you really feel their emotions greatly.

However on the negative side, I was truly disappointed to find that Homecoming isn't scary at all. Silent Hill is always known for its psychological horror where they make the audience delusional and horrified with its disturbing silence, hideous creatures and deranged characters. Homecoming does have all these elements but they weren't conveyed very well. It's kinda like cooking a meal where you have all the necessary ingredients but if you don't follow the right procedure, the meal will taste awful. Silent Hill: Origins had the same problem too. It had the voice acting right but the story and the scare factor were lacking and in fact, it was the most boring Silent Hill I've ever played. Also, they isn't any soundtrack CD for Homecoming. Why not? All the other Silent Hill games (Including Origins) have them, so why not Homecoming?

Silent Hill 4: The Room

It's interesting that even though Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 and 4: The Room had not so great voice acting, the games were intensely disturbing which grows on you from time to time. I consider these games to be much more scary than these two new ones. I guess it works like this:

Konami + Independent = Not so great voice acting but great stories and very scary


Konami + Western developers = Great voice acting but poor stories and not scary

Shatterd Memories

Shattered Memories is coming out next month and it's got me worried since it's being developed by Climax Studios, the same people who made Origins. Let's just hope they get this one right but if not, please Konami, please don't let other people make anymore Silent Hill games. Just you guys.

Bottom line, despite my ramblings about the negativity in Homecoming, the game isn't that bad and it has an interesting twist at the end. I'm actually playing the game for the second time. Homecoming may lacked what its predecessor has greatly, the game is still worthy to be called a Silent Hill game. My rating: 8.0.

Issac Clarke Pwns

Next we have Dead Space and this game is freaking awesome. I was surprised. People were talking about how great it was back then but I didn't really pay much attention to it because I didn't want to be overhyped by it. Dead Space is a very interesting game and even though it borrows elements from other games such as Resident Evil 4 and Doom 3 (With it's over-the-shoulder camera angle and futuristic outer space station gone wrong plot), it did a good job of making the game look original and not simply looking like its plagiarizing. With all the madness been cramped in here, I can safely say that Dead Space is in fact more scary than Silent Hill: Homecoming. Period. I'm still playing the game and I can't wait to finish it til the end.

I really love Isaac Clarke, the main character because he's so cool looking and has all kinds of awesome weapons at his disposal. I'm even considering to buy an Isaac Clarke action figure in eBay with my refunded money that I got from the broken Memory Stick I bought last month.

That's all I have to say for now. I will be writting some new game reviews here in GameSpot so please do check 'em out when you have the time. Now will you excuse me, I have the USG Ishimura to save.


Memory Stick Busted!

I recently bought a 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo from eBay and I'm really excited about it. Now I can hold many songs and videos in to my PSP. However, after playing around with it for five minutes, my Memory Stick suddenly stops working. I was able to put some media into the card but after just barely a few minutes, the PSP can't recognize the memory stick. I thought maybe it has something to do with my portable system but when I plugged in my old 2GB Memory Stick, the PSP can read that one instead. Uh oh. Looks like my brand new memory stick is faulty. Guess I have to get a refund.

Here's another problem. I can't contact the seller. He did reply to my email but I couldn't understand a word he said because of his "Engrish" (He's from China, BTW). I then wrote to him asking to explain it the solution in more detail on how does this refund thing works and how do I get my money back. He still hasn't replied. Crap! Looks like I'm stuck with this broken Memory Stick. :cry:

Modern Warfare 2...Abysmal?

I was just browsing the reviews section for Modern Warfare 2 and I was shocked to see many users had rated the PC version as low as 1.0. What happened? It seems that the multiplayer doesn't work according to the forums and reviews. I haven't bought Modern Warfare 2 so I can't say for certain. What about the console versions? I'm sure you guys are having a blast as about now.

Playing Games on My Mac and iPhone

The games for the Mac are utterly ridiculously expensive. However, I managed to get a bargain from a gaming store and got myself Doom 3, Quake 4 and American McGee's Alice. Yeah, there are old games but I enjoy playing past games since I'm away from home and don't get to play my 360, PS3 and Wii for the time being. It's a bit of coincidence to play id Games on my Mac but the truth is, there isn't a lot of good games for the Mac not counting Lego Star Wars, Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero. Speaking of Alice, I heard there's a sequel coming up soon. It's about time American start making new games commercially.

Duke Nukem 3d iPhone

I've stacked a lot of games on my iPhone and I'm craving for more. Recent downloads are Eliminate Pro, Doom and Wolfenstien RPG- but the one that I'm totally focusing right now is Duke Nukem 3D. Since Duke Nukem: Forever is in an unknown state (As usual), perhaps it's a best time to relive the glory DOS game moment where it all begins. I didn't play the game back when it was first released on the PC so having a chance to experience it on the iPhone has been great. The game is a blast but I find it a little troublesome when the frame rate becomes slow making the gameplay not that fun later on. I hope an update will arrive sooner or later.

Doom ****c

Doom is another fun game. I've been waiting for it at the App Store for a very long time and I'm happy that it's finally out now. The game runs really smoothly and the pacing on gameplay is exactly how you remembered playing it years ago. The only complain I have with this game is the saving feature because it often saves the game whenever it wants, so if you happen to be in a tight spot and die, it takes you back exactly where you died. Or something like that. But other than that, Doom is a must for iPhone users.

Eliminate Pro

Eliminate Pro is an original FPS game for the iPhone. It sort of a cross between Counter-Strike and Halo, where you "eliminate" as many foes as you can but in a Sci-Fi world. It can be a addictive game and plus it's free. Yeah, surprisingly Eliminate Pro is a free App and it caught me by surprise. However, like any other free stuff, there's a catch to it. Every time you enter a match, you will slowly lose some Energy Cells from your self and if it reaches to zero, you are unable to participate in anymore matches. In order to recharge your Energy Cells, you have to go to the iTunes Store and pay a sum of money in exchange for the Cells. Now that sounds like a scam now, doesn't it? Luckily, you have the alternate choice of waiting for the Cells to recharge on its own after waiting for a few hours.

The other thing I find it not to my liking are the controls. Moving around is fine but when I want to aim and shoot, it's not that stable. The gun keeps fidgeting around making it difficult for me to shoot at the enemy properly. I'm not sure if it's the game's flaw or my lousy reflexes but it is kind of a pain to experience it. Bottom line, Eliminate Pro is a fun and original game but having to pay real cash for some recharging crap may not be a good reason to get it just yet.

DOA BlackJack Kasumi

Another game that's worth mentioning is DOA: BlackJack~ Kasumi Version. It's basically your average BlackJack game but with Kasumi as your card dealer. She will cut the cards while juggling her bouncy assets in front of you. It's as weird and cool as it gets. With the amount of money you accumulate from winning, you can use it to purchase some pictures of Kasumi and get new costumes for her to wear. The one that she's wearing in this picture requires a lot of dough to unlock it. It was a lot of work but it's worth it in the end 8).

There are many more games that I would to like to share it in here but maybe next time. I'm mostly busy with my work but I do my best to play as many games as possible during my spare time. If you're also an iPhone user and have downloaded some games, do recommend me some good ones.

Catch ya later!

-Psykhophear aka Psycho_Path

My iPhone Games Craze

It's been a very long time since I last posted my blog here at GameSpot. Within those time I was pursuing other interests and doing various works outside of Gamespot. But now I have quite the free time I thought I'd post a blog here which I wrote on my own personal website which by all means please do check it out. Catch you all later and be safe.

I'm hooked with my iPhone these past few months playing around with all kinds of apps and stuff. It has become my new plaything at the moment (Sorry PSP). There are so many good apps available and some really bad ones but I would like to share with you first my favourite iPhone games:

10. Bejeweled 2-A straightforward puzzle game but really addictive, especially if you aim to get a higher score.

9. Enigmo-A very quirky brainteaser filled with lots of frustration and fun. Nothing punishing about this game which is a good thing. Did I mention it's totally revolutionary?

8. Tap Tap Revenge-A Guitar Hero clone in some ways but it's really not too shabby. I discovered a lot of new songs from Tap Tap like 3OH!3's Don't Trust Me, Daft Punk's Technologic, Weezer's We Wish You A Merry Christmas, etc.

7. Spore: Origins-It may not be as good as the PC version but having to have your microscopic creature swim around in your iPhone is just out of this world. Still haven't finish this game though but I will get there eventually.

6. Silent Hill: The Escape-Pretty exciting game for the iPhone although it could use more stages, weapons and better storyline and replayability. At least you get to replay the game as an alien with a laser gun. Rad! Silent Hill begs for a sequel.

5. Resident Evil: Degeneration-I really like the Degeneration movie because I feel it handles its source material pretty well than the lousy Milla Jovovich trilogy. Although the game mechanics is a true RE4 clone, Degeneration on the iPhone is surprisingly good.

4. Duke Nukem 3D-The latest edition on my iPhone, Duke Nukem 3D is a real surprise to me cos I didn't expect for the game to be made available on the iPhone. Good port but the controls could've been better. Definitely recommended for those who are truly disappointed with Duken Nukem Forever's demise.

3. Metal Gear Solid Touch-A great 2D shooting game from Hideo Kojima himself. I was skeptical when the game first came out cos it didn't really look impressive when I saw the screenshots. But after the price went down I decided to give it a try and wow, this game's surprisingly good. Simple concept but fun like hell. Definitely not recommended if you haven't played MGS4 on the PS3.

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour-Tiger Woods rocks! And this game rocks too. PGA Tour is probably the only sports game I ever played and the iPhone version is not too shabby either. The Tour is a whole lot of fun if you're the competitive type and the feeling of having Eagles and Birdies is so beautiful. The only thing I hate about this game is the two annoying commentators. Their comments are just so cruel. If only you can shut them up.

1. Wolfenstein 3D-As original as it is, Wolfenstein 3D is still the king of FPS game. To be honest, this is my first time playing the game and it brings me such pleasure being able to play this great PC port on the go. Way to go, John Carmack!

There are other games I wish to download such as Doom, Doom: Resurrection, Tetris and more but I wanna wait a bit longer until the prices reduce, but as for Doom, it'll have to wait some more since it's not out yet. I have other games that I've downloaded and tried but I wasn't impressed with any of them at all. There areCrash Racing, Cro Mag Rally, Pac Man, Time Crisis, Flick Fishing and Space DeadBeef. The reason I bought them is because of the iPhone ads. These games were in them and you just couldn't help it but to download it yourself. Please don't get these games.

With so many games coming out, I couldn't help it but to pray that the respective developers will port the following games to the iPhone:

1. Star Wars: Dark Forces- This is the first FPS Star Wars game ever and it's truly a great game even though it was panned as a Doom clone. LucasArts just released the Monkey Island remake on the App Store. Why not this one?

2.Day of The Tentacle- Another LucasArts game but this one's an adventure game. A genuine SCUMM game at its finest.

3.Jones In The Fast Lane- A ****c PC game in the early 90's and it was a true family ****c.

4.Ghostbusters- The developers should apply the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (The Nintendo DS version) into the iPhone. That would be awesome.

5.Batman-I just had an idea of having a 2D beat-em-up Batman game like the Adventures of Batman & Robin and Batman Returns on the Super NES or Batman and Return of The Joker on the NES, so I hope someone can come up with an iPhone version where you get to beat the living daylights out of Batman's foes on the go. That would be wonderful.

6.Prisoner of Ice-One of my favourite Call of Cthulhu games. It was scary the first time I played it and it will most certainly do the same to you too.

iPhone is truly an amazing gadget. For those of you who aren't sure of what games to get for your iPhone, I'd say check out the games that I listed out on my Favourite list above. But if you don't have an iPhone, then what on earth are you waiting for? Get one now!