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That time once again

Today I turned 22 years old. Crazy to think that my birthday has come this quick. It feels like I just turned 21 not to long ago. But now I am 22, old, and still enjoying videos games just like when I first started playing them. ;)


Games I am currently playing:


Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)

Battlefield 3 "With friends" (PC)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat (PC)


Call of Juarez Gunslinger (PC)


All very fun "I haven't tried out Call of Juarez Gunslinger yet" but I did play the demo at one point and it was really fun.

RIP Gamespot and Farewell (My last goodbye)

With the new Gamespot update coming whenever and all the changes that are going to take effect, I have decided to call it quits for good this time. I have been with Gamespot for 8 years and that has been 8 years of hard work to get to level 56. I am not willing to accept a reset. It has taken me this long and I will not be slapped in the face by Gamespot's stupidity. I am also sad to see Gamespot Unions going, even though I didn't do all that much in the Unions I joined, they will always still be apart of me. It's over for me, it's been a great 8 years, I have met some great people off Gamespot, people who I still talk to on a daily basis. Some years had their ups and downs. But this being the biggest down. I am leaving for good.


Goodbye everybody. See you some where else.



I hate the Steam Summer Sale

Why you may ask? Because the prices are rediculious lol. I just bought Just Cause 1 for $0.27 and Just Cause 2 for $3.00. Before that I spent a total of $3.75 for Postal 2 Complete and McPixel and also went ahead and got the Borderlands 2 Season Pass + The Psycho Pack which came to $14.75. It's driving me mad! I am officially done with spending money on Steam for now. My wallet needs to be fed for next week as I am going out of town and will need money for gas and food. Sorry Steam our relationship must end tonight. :D

Quick Blog/Gaming Rant

Here is a quick blog to share whats up.


I have been really busy with life and haven't been able to play many games lately. The most recent game I played was the new SimCity. I was really excited about it and I knew what I was getting myself into with the always online DRM. But my experience with SimCity was so bad I returned it back to Amazon. Thankfully enough they were more then glad to help me out with the return and I will be receiving all my money back for EA's monstrosity they call SimCity (2013). Where do I begin!?!?!


For one the always online DRM wasn't necessary, it was just another way for EA to control us gamer's, and the pirates? But really... If companies concentrate on making a great product instead of a standard non-linear product. People would buy it. Sure it will still be pirated because there are those people who can't either shell out $60 for a new game every time or the people who just don't want to pay for games (hate them!). But seriously, companies should work on making the best product with a fair price. Honestly $60 is to steap. Call me old fashioned, but I grew up with games when they cost $50 new. There was no DLC, we had something we called expansion packs that had loads more content then what companies are now calling "DLC". Stop holding back content from us for your selfish greed!


Okay so that went a bit all over the place. But this isn't just about SimCity, it's about games in general. I for one am going to be choosing my games very wisely now. Since I can't afford $60 games every time something new comes out. (No I do not pirate and I do not support piracy. I despise pirates!!!)


Companies say that development has gotten more expensive. Let's go back to the basics then.

Stop worrying about graphics so much and concentrate about the gameplay. Look at Minecraft. It's not graphically complicated, but yet it's a major success because of it's gameplay. I would rather buy a game that is fun, over a game that is graphicly intense.

I am gonna stick with my 3 favorite companies.


Rockstar Games




All make very quality games, and don't release products every year but on a good timely schedulle. Unlike say EA or Activision. I remember waiting years and years for an amazing game, and when it finally came out, it was everything I thought it was going to be. Let's go back to those times. They were fun. You got hyped up for an awesome game, and then get to enjoy it.


Alright this blog/rant went all over the place. But it covers what I have been wanting to say for awhile.


Take care every one. And I am wanting to see what you guys have to say about this.


Please leave practical comments. Don't start a war. That wasn't the point of this blog/rant. The point was to state my opinion. So let's keep it calm and professional please. :)

Thank you! :D

Top 5 Games + Game of the Year 2012 (That I have Played)


5. Diablo 3

If you've been a fan of Diablo since the start, you might be a little disapointed. As Diablo 3 changes a lot since Diablo 2. The questing is different, it's more going from point A to point B. There is no more mana potions, portal scrolls, and identify scrolls. The PVP has also changed, no more people randomly joining your game and making you hostile. Coming sometime eventually Blizzard will be adding the PVP arena's. There is even a freaking auction house now! All and all though, I enjoyed Diablo 3. Sure it doesn't feel like Diablo 2, but I still liked playing it with friends. The loot is still impressive and finding items is some what easier. Item drops are now bound to each player instead of everyone grabbing the same loot. The graphics style is charming and great to look at. And finally the game will make you want to keep playing as the story is enjoyable and you will be surprised what happens.


4. Halo 4

Master Chief is back! And he's better then ever. Halo 4 doesn't disappoint. The story is great and the single player will keep you entertained through out. The visuals are extremely impressive on the 360 and pushes it to it's limits. The multiplayer is probably the best I've seen in years. I like the new features 343 added, like a perk like system and air drops. Getting your friends together locally or on Xbox Live is a lot of fun. Maps are big and full of rich detail and pretty spacious to explore. If you're a Halo fan and been needing an excuse to get an Xbox 360, or to get back into Halo, Halo 4 is the game for you. You don't want to miss this epic adventure.


3. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a very fun and thrilling + charming MMO. It redefines MMO's (besides the original) by letting you buy the game and then just play. No monthly fees, no insane setup. You just install it, create your account, and then play. No hassle what so ever. Guild Wars 2 is my favorite MMO besides World of Warcraft, I love the graphics style in it and I absolutely love that there is never ending content to make you feel very immersed into this living world. There is never nothing you can't do, There will always be a quest or event for you to do, and if you want take a break from that, you could always do some small platforming mini games to explore and impress yourself with the amazing and mind blowing scenery. If you've been on the verge about getting Guild Wars 2, ignore the hate and buy it! I truely recomend it for any fan of MMO's or someone who is looking for a game that will last you for years.


2. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

I have been a fan of Counter-Strike since it was a mod for Half-Life. When I heard Valve was releasing a new Counter-Strike I was super excited! The reason this game makes #2 on my list is it's Counter-Strike, nothing more, nothing less. Valve took CS:GO back to the original roots of Counter-Strike. The aiming and hitboxes are 100x better then when Valve released it's patch to Counter-Strike Source that changed the way the guns fealt for me and of course adding in the useless achivements. Valve released some new game modes and maps which makes the game feel fresh and new. Some of the older maps that have been tweaked still feel like their original counter parts, but also improving them with some new places to hide, a new route to take and so one. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a breath of fresh air over the normal FPS's, it's a game that is actually tactical and you have to work as a team to achive victory. If you're looking for a new FPS to play, Counter-Strike Global Offensive would be the game to play, or if you're a Counter-Strike veteran and wanting an excuse to play some CS again, then pick up Counter-Strike Global Offensive. You wont be disapointed!


1. Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

Nothing can't be said about Dark Souls that hasn't already been said... It's by far the best RPG I have ever played and it deserves my #1 slot as (Best game of the year) I will warn you though, this game is HARD! You will die A LOT! That is a fact. Dying has always been a bad thing in video games, but in Dark Souls it's nothing more then a gameplay mechanic. You will die... A LOT! But it's apart of the game and that will only make you want to change your strategy. Sure Dark Souls has a steep learning curve, but once you start playing you wont want to stop. Enemies may seem harmless but you will soon find out that they are really deadly, even in the second area you will venture to. The areas are big and the visuals + scenery are beautiful. The bosses are HARD!!! But all is rewarding when taking them down, trust me it is worth the time patience and frustration you will go through. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing "Victory Achived" on screen when defeating a really hard boss. Final verdict is... Go and buy Dark Souls you wont be disapointed. Though I do warn you as the PC controls aren't perfect and you will need a 3rd party mod to make it playable. Get a controller and have a blast.

There you have it folks. My top 5 best games of 2012 leading up to my Game of the Year. Hope you enjoyed as I have enjoyed playing all of them.

Merry Christmas Too All! (2012)

Merry Christmas Gamespot!

This year I will be having a pretty quiet Christmas as it will only be my parents and myself this year. We celebrated Christmas with my brother his wife and kids and my sister on December 7th, 8th and 9th. It was a lot of fun but it wont be the same like it use to when we were a lot younger. Sneaking out of our beds to see what Santa had left for us, waiting for our parents to get up, fix us breakfast. Those were the days and boy do I miss them.

I hope everything is well for all my fellow Gamespot friends. I've been pretty good, crazy weather we've been having lately with the high winds on the pacfic side of the states. It's been snowing on and off and for as much snow as we get the next few days it is gone. I am hoping I can get a White Christmas like last year. It's a lot of fun and when you have no where to go it makes it that more exciting. Curl up in a blanket with some hot chocolate, just back, relax and watch some movies.

What did everyone ask for Christmas?

My list was very short this year. I only asked for World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria and Battlefield 3 Premium Edition (Amazon Black Friday sale had it for $30. And it was the cheapest way to upgrade to premium)

Anymore I could go without the gifts, just being able to have my family over is the best gift of all.

Hope you all have a great Christmas! And an even better New Year!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Users of Gamespot! 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Gamespotters!!!

Another year for celebration, family, and amazing food!

What are you guys thankful for?

I'm thankful for family, friends, and being together.

Well well, we meet again Mr.Turkey. It is yet again another Thanksgiving, it's pretty small this year sadly. Having moved away from most of my family tightens things up. Right now it will be my Parents and my sister this year. But we still have thistechnology called a phone. ;)

I guess an update to my life so far has been working on videos, college and playing games. Not much to really say, I've been busy, haven't blogged in quite awhile as I only feel like blogging when I have something to say. =/

I have thought about getting back into video game reviews, I've always found that fun. :)


So whats up with all these early Black Friday sales? I thought it was called "Black Friday" Not the darkest week before Black Friday. :P

Have an amazing Thanksgiving guys! And remember to stuff your face and play good games ^_^

Rank 54 - Simon Says Bleed

Finally rank 54! Only 10 more levels till I get to one of my favorite numbers and to me one of the best consoles ever created.

Take care everyone!

And happy gaming. =)

Dear Gamespot:

Please trash Fuse as I can't check my updates without having to wait 15 minutes for the page to "try" and load. The same goes for my profile, it takes FOREVER to load. It's very frustrating and doesn't make me feel very good about Gamespot anymore. =(

Who needs a worthless social network anyway. That's what we have Gamespot Unions for and friends lists. =/

It's also annoying seeing every little bit of activity anyone is doing. I just want to see my updates on games I am following. I don't care about what other people commented on. It's just afrustrating mess.

Thank you,

[A concerned and loyal Gamespot user.]