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Life update #2

Wow, I have not blogged in almost a month! How is everyone? I'm doing pretty well, I've not been that active since I admin a facebook page but i'll try to be on more (since I have so much free time). Not much has been going on school, is alright. A couple of tests here and there but nothing that I need to worry about. Band hasn't been too stressful since well, I've not played tuba in a while ha ha. Well guys don't worry guys i'm still here

Life update #1

Hey guys, I know I've not blogged in a while but, school has been weighing on me. Anyway life has been pretty decent well, the other day I got my psp stolen so no video games for me. Other than that I've been alright, my tuba playing has gotten better and people are starting to respect me more. My grades are fabulous! I have four A'S and one B, my band teacher had to bring my grade down a bit but, it's alright. Anywho I've heard recently that Dark Souls Pc wasn't all that great with a keyboard. Meh i'll still try it. What are your thoughts on the game?

Half Life 3

Valve, one of the most notable companies in the gaming industry has yet to announce Half Life 3. Half Life is one of the games that revolutionized the modern first person shooter genre. With sci-fi weapons and a great use of physics it was truly one great game. Half Life two was released on November 16 2004, and even brought a new story to the Half Life saga. Two other episodes were released in the game The Orange Box along with two other products made by Valve. That was about five years ago and people are enraged, Half Life 3 has yet to be confirmed to be in development. This February a steam group (another product produced by Valve) protested claiming that they wanted more news from Valve. Over 30,000 people attended the protest and played Half Life two for over six hours. The group now boasts over 60,000 members and they demand news. One notable thing about Valve is that they dont tend to ever put the number three in any of their games.

It almost seems as if its a pet peeve of theirs, one of their longest running games (Counter Strike) has never had the number three in any of their games and even three games were released! There has been many theories and jokes about Half Life 3 being confirmed most of them, present a math equation whose answer is the number three. Hopefully we will eventually see a new Half Life the game that expanded our imagination beyond limits.

Saturday morning blog: Monster hunter back in action

Hey guys this may be a short blog but I just wanted to sa one thing, i'm totally back into Monster Hunter! A couple of weeks ago my freedom unite broke and I couldn't play it well theother day I just got portable 3rd and it's amazing! The new weapon mechanics that they added is phenominal, and the new felyines are awesome too.mhp3004.jpg

Thoughts on the new Metal Gear Solid trailer.

Hey guys, after watching the new trailer for MGS5 I spent about twenty seconds thinking how awesome this game will be. I was amazed the new engine that they're using is spectacular and the new gameplay mechanics seem to work well. Because it was in japanese I had no idea what the the characters were saying but I did have an idea for what was going on. Snake looked exelent I was amazed at how the new character models looke. It looked so dynamic and realistic, I was starting to believe that this wasn't a video game. I really hope the new game lives up to my expectations.MGS5-e1346353708778-620x561.jpg

Bye bye Nintendo power.

Yes everyone it is official, Nintendo powere is being cancelled at the end of the year. Many people who has grown up on Nintendo power has given young kids imagination, ideas and even dreams that they wanted to become video game developers. Because I didn't grow up solely on Nintendo I just can't understand why this is such a big deal, we do have Gameinformer right?The hearts of gamers are broken and I just can't wait to see everyon's reactions when I break the news to them. Everything must come to an end right?6a00d83452033569e200e54f4d31348834-800wi

What is the most linear rpg that you've ever played?

So I recently bought a game from the psn store. Blade dancer lineage of light, you've more than likely heard of this well the storyline is pretty bland buyt, this is not a review it's a question. My question is "what is the most linear rpg that you've ever played?" Answer in the comments.bladedancerev2.JPG

Saturday morning blog: I'm back!

Good morning everyone. After not being here for about three weeks i'm finally back on gamespot. So how is everyone? What has life been like, how's school/work? Highschool hs just started for me on the thirteenth and it seems pretty interesting. All of my old friends are there and we even have our own table. Work is pretty easy but, it was just the first week. So yeah it has been nice talking and i'll see you guys next time.

The "Dark Knight Shooting"

I know I might be late but this blog goes out to the ones who ded in the "Dark Knight" shooting. It was a horrible tragedy and it should not have come to this. I've never thought that humanity could be this cruel but I was wrong. Now I wonder what else we have hidden behind our skulls is it arson,genocide,lynching? All I have to say is this I've lost faith in humanity for the time being.


Team Fortress 2!

So I finally downloaded Team Fortress 2 from Steam and I have to say that i'm horrible at it. But it is still lots of fun! The game modes are interesting and the cartoony graphics are awesome. One downside to the game is that it is very difficult though fun it is still a pain in the butt. But I have to say good things too so please stay tuned in for my video review.Easy to play difficult to master